14 June 2021
HTS sources are accusing Jaysh Al-Izza in North Hama countryside of assisting Ahrar Al-Sham and Soqour Al-Sham in the infighting and are promising to dissolve Jaysh Al-Izza as how they dissolved Al-Zenki
The Coalition carried out several strikes on Ash Shafah town in the eastern Deir ez-Zur countryside, amid artillery shelling on the town by the SDF.
Bombardment with rockets and heavy artillery from the positions of the pro-Assad forces targeted the neighborhoods of Latamna, north of Hama.
Pro-Assad forces targeting rebels positions in Murek town in North Hama
HTS is conducting a campaign of arrests in Darat Izzah, west of Aleppo, in search of wanted persons from the NLF
HTS captured the villages of al-Hamidiya, Dukmak, al-Zuqum and Qulaydin in the al-Ghab plain.
Syrian transport plane has been traveling between Tehran and Damascus for several days in a row.2 year ago
Syrian transport plane has been traveling between Tehran and Damascus for several days in a row.
@obretix: Russian military police geolocated in Arima
2 year ago
Ankara, Washington discuss taking back weapons from terrorist group YPG, according to Turkish Defence Ministry
2 year ago
15-day truce agreed between HTS and NLF
2 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Akar: Manbij road map should be implemented fast, and YPG to be removed from the region
Deir Ez-Zor: flow of civilians from the ash-Shafeh village
It's propaganda
Amaq reports about IS IED attack near Manbij. Local sources confirmed that explosion happened NE Aleppo countryside
Explosion in olive field east of Manbij injures one civilian, says @mmc2016c
Iraq PM Abdel-Mahdi: I have sent nominees for unfilled cabinet positions to political blocs for approval. I have no information on a new US base in Iraq but number of foreign forces is being reduced. We are watching ISIS buildup on Syrian border carefully.
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi tells reporters he doesn't rule out involving ground forces across Syrian border in enhanced fight against ISIS.
SDF has repelled a vicious ISIS counter-attack and SDF has advanced and has reached the outskirts of Al-Abu Badran South of Al-Shaf'ah, SDF has fully captured Al-Rumaylan neighborhood and has reached Al-Ta'as neighborhood in Al-Shaf'ah
2 year ago
Bolton presented Kalin with a "non-paper" (not an official paper) that was agreed to by Pompeo, Shanahan, Dunford, Bolton and Jeffrey. Includes: "The US opposes any mistreatment of opposition forces who fought with us against ISIS." per American official
2 year ago
US National Security Advisor Bolton told Turkish officials that Erdogan's op-ed on Syria withdrawal was wrong and offensive, Reuters quotes a senior administration official
US official: US forces are not in the process of withdrawing from the Al-Tanf base in southern Syria now
SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel told The Defense Post that the Russian Military police patrols were not in areas controlled by the Manbij Military Council
2 year ago
IS claims ambush SW of Hasakah city
2 year ago
A spokesman for the Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) says Turkey may suddenly enter East Euphrates
New documents link Huawei to suspected front companies in Iran, Syria
HTS has captured Al Habit town in Southern Idlib
The new UN envoy to Syria is officially starting his mission.
2 year ago
HTS controlled the village of Al-Amqiyah in Ghab Plains, west Hama
HTS militants captured 15 members of FSA National Liberation Front (NLF), including a leader of Jaysh al-Nukhba, Marei Zayyinū, during clashes in the vicinity of the village of al-Ankawi in al-Ghab Plain West Hama
Motorcycle explosion in Raqqa The explosion of a motorcycle in Al-Nour Street in Al-Raqqa a little while ago
HTS controls Jabal Shashabo
Pompeo: Just landed in Jordan, my first stop on an 8-day Mideast tour. Looking forward to discussing the U.S. withdrawal from Syria and our continuing defeatISIS campaign. Our tactics have changed, not the mission.
Footage of SDF preparing their advance towards ISIS-held Shafa city center.2 year ago
Footage of SDF preparing their advance towards ISIS-held Shafa city center.
Jordanian FM Safadi: We agreed to return residents of the camp Rukban to their regions in Syria, perhaps in coordination with Moscow
Jordanian Foreign Minister: The Golan is an occupied Syrian region and we demand that Israel withdraw from it
2 year ago
Pompeo: The decision to withdraw US troops from Syria will not affect Jordan
Jordanian FM Safadi: ISIS defeat is a full-fledged common goal for Jordan and the United States
Jordanian Foreign Minister: We discussed with the US Secretary of State the future of the Al-Tanf border region with Syria
2 year ago
Syria news agency says 55 kg of hashish seized in Salamyieh, Hama countryside
White Helmets teams managed to pull out the bodies of Magda Tufour and her granddaughter, Reem, and were able to rescue 2 people from the same family, after their mud house was collapsed as a result of the heavy rains and floods in Albab camps in Aleppo's northern countryside.
Brutal storm has badly affected Syrian refugees in Lebanon's Bekaa. Tents damaged and destroyed; conditions freezing and uninhabitable. Evacuations from tents to temporary shelters ongoing.
2 year ago
Erdogan Spokesman: We will coordinate with everyone (regarding the military operation in the east of the Euphrates), but we will not take permission from anyone.
2 year ago
Turkish Presidency: US bases in Syria must be evacuated and handed over to local elements
2 year ago
Turkish presidential spokesman: Erdogan did not pledge to Trump to protect Kurdish militants in Syria
Video: Russian military police begin patrolling Syria's Manbij area2 year ago
Video: Russian military police begin patrolling Syria's Manbij area
2 year ago
Spokesman for the Turkish Presidency: There is no slowdown in the withdrawal of US troops from Syria
2 year ago
Spokesman for the Turkish Presidency: The US National Security Advisor told us that the implementation of the road map for Manbij should not be delayed
2 year ago
Erdogan spokesman : In Syria no civilian lives, including the Kurdish, and goods to be harmed by Turkey while delivering it's mission
2 year ago
Turkish presidential spokesman: We will not allow the U.S withdrawal from Syria to create an opportunity for the proliferation of terrorist organizations
A protest rally in Ma'ra al-Nu'man south of Idlib denounces the policies of the HTS
2 year ago
Idlib: HTS began its assault on the last bastions of the NLF and captured the villages of Abidin, Nuqayr, Termalah and Safwan.
2 year ago
SAA reinforcements from southern Rif Dimashq begun to head to Aleppo CS. Some reinforcements of the 1st and SRG reach NE Aleppo (Manbij area).
Jaish Al Nasr declares its commitment to the decision of the General Command of the National Liberation Front on alert to repel the aggression of the HTS or pro-Assad forces on any axis
HTS is heading toward Khan Sheikhun in South Idlib.
Security adviser John Bolton leading US delegations meeting request with the Turkish President Erdogan has been rejected, the delegation   leaving Turkey.2 year ago
Security adviser John Bolton leading US delegations meeting request with the Turkish President Erdogan has been rejected, the delegation leaving Turkey.
Pro-Assad militias target with rockets the surrounding of Hobit village in Idlib countryside.
Senior delegations from the US and Turkey discussed recent developments in Syria and the FETO in a closed-door meeting in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Tuesday.2 year ago
Senior delegations from the US and Turkey discussed recent developments in Syria and the FETO in a closed-door meeting in the Turkish capital of Ankara on Tuesday.
2 year ago
HTS captures 10 Ahrar militants on the axis of Karsa'a village, southern Idlib, and seizes a weapons warehouse.
U.S. SAM985 98-0001 - @SecPompeo Force One descending into Jordan
Statement on Ambassador Bolton's meeting with his Turkish counterpart Ibrahim Kalin.2 year ago
Statement on Ambassador Bolton's meeting with his Turkish counterpart Ibrahim Kalin.
2 year ago
President Erdogan: "In Syria, the lie that Turkey is aiming at the Kurds is the lowest, the most dishonest, the ugliest, the most common slander."
2 year ago
Turkish President Erdogan: We have greatly completed our preparations for the military operation in Syria and will begin soon
2 year ago
Erdogan: Despite our agreement with Trump, elements in his administration say different things
2 year ago
Erdogan: There is no difference between YPG and the PKK
Pro-Assad government forces bomb outskirts of Latamina town in Hama countryside with tank shells from it's checkpoints in al-Masasna.
2 year ago
Erdogan: Bolton's recent remarks on the situation in Syria are unacceptable
PKK/YPG militants cannot be representatives of my Kurdish brothers - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan2 year ago
"PKK/YPG militants cannot be representatives of my Kurdish brothers" - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
A child and a woman were killed and a man was injured when the roof of a house collapsed in Al-Bab, Aleppo
Idlib: Alleged footage of an HTS convoy heading to Maarat al-Nouman.
2 year ago
Erdoğan, right now, addressing to his parliamentary group. A source told that he will focus on Turkish plans in Syria and will have some comments on the current chaos in Washington over the pull out
2 year ago
Turkey to ask U.S. to hand over military bases in Syria: Hurriyet
HTS captured Abdin village after NLF left it.
U.S.-led coalition pounds village held by Islamic State group in last area controlled by militants in eastern Syria.
Trump's advisers are telling him that if the US pulls out of Syria now, ISIS will rebound in 2020, in time for the next election, laying him open to the same charges he made against Obama
HTS erects roadblocks in the streets of the city of Kafr Nabl south of Idlib
Clashes between HTS and NLF in Anakawi in the countryside of Hama
A woman injured in clashes between HTS and NLF in the town of Habit in the southern countryside of Idlib
NLF destroyed armoured vehicles of HTS on Rasha road in East Al-Ghab plains
FSA Mohammad al-Fateh Brigade Commander Mahmoud Sulayman: "The passwords of the UAE-made 'Thuraya' and the British-made 'Inmarsat' satellite phones, which were given to group commanders by the UAE and Saudi Arabia, were shared with Damascus"
Russian military police start to patrol Manbij countryside
HTS has begun the offensive in the plain of al-Ghab against the NFL. In 2 hours 5 locations taken and a lot of armor seized
HTS has moved from Jabal Al-Zawiyya towards Jabal Al-Shehshabu, and clashes with the National Liberation Front on the outskirts of the village of Tarmalah
HTS moves into Ahrar Areas. Following areas taken after Ahrar retreated it appears unclear if Clashes took place. Al Abideen, Suth Al Deir, Araniba, Al Naqeer. initial areas taken by HTS.
HTS and the people of Hazano, north Idlib, reach an agreement to join the town to be a part of the Salvation Government(HTS)
"We do expect to provide a periodic update on progress regarding percentages of equipment removed from Syria" per Pentagon spox
US ops in Syria "has an approved framework for the withdrawal of forces from Syria, and is engaged in executing that withdrawal" per Pentagon "That framework is conditions-based and will not subject troop withdrawal to an arbitrary timeline"
Alleged footage of NLF members saying that they will defend Maarat al-Nouman from HTS.
Secretary Pompeo claims Erdogan made a commitment to Trump that Turkey would ensure the protection U.S. allies Syrian Kurds/SDF/YPG.
2 year ago
Erdogan: We will remain committed to defeating the ISIS and other groups in Syria
HTS has taken a decision to capture all of Rebel-Held Idlib,and to dissolve all NLF groups,and has given Ahrar Al-Sham and Soqour Al-Sham 24 Hours to submit to HTS
2 year ago
Turkish President: US withdrawal from Syria must be carefully planned with real partners
2 year ago
President Erdoğan: It is time for all parties to join forces to end ISIS and maintain Syria's territorial integrity.
2 year ago
Erdogan: "Following the United States withdrawal from Syria, we will complete an intensive vetting process to reunite child soldiers with their families and include all fighters with no links to terrorist organizations in the new stabilization force."
From a DOD spokesperson: "The US will continue to provide support to the Coalition's operation in Syria while withdrawing troops in a strong, deliberate and coordinated manner in order to ensure US forces' safety and protection."
A video showing the moment of the explosion of ISIS landmine killing Abdul Awaid al-Ramdan from Hajin when he returned his home
A civilian was shot dead by unknown assailants in Sarmin, in the countryside of Idlib
"Abdul Auwiyed Al-Ramadhan" was killed in a landmine explosion from Daesh remnants while he was checking about his house in Hajin city east of Deir ez-Zur.
Two of the SDF fighters were injured by a landmine explosion from Daesh remnants in Hajin city in the eastern Deir ez-Zur countryside.
Idlib Faylaq al-Sham (part of NLF) says it will dissolve unit 'Fawj 111' because it refused to obey its commander.
Amaq reports about another IS attack (assassination) in Raqqa province, this time in Judayat Khabur town
HTS seized Qilah village in Afrin district from Turkey's proxy forces (Olive-Branch Forces) during clashes past days ago
YPG through a statement announced its Italian volunteer, Giovanni Francesco Asperti has died. Died in Dêrik on December 7, 2018.
White House: Trump plan to withdraw from Syria has not changed and the Department of Defense will present its plan soon
International Coalition delivered supplies and aid to SDF.2 year ago
International Coalition delivered supplies and aid to SDF.
2 year ago
[email protected]: The Failing New York Times has knowingly written a very inaccurate story on my intentions on Syria. No different from my original statements, we will be leaving at a proper pace while at the same time continuing to fight ISIS and doing all else that is prudent and necessary....
FSA Regiment 111 yesterday distanced itself from "any internal fighting" and stressed their fighters are always on alert because of their dangerous position on the frontline with the Assad government
17 killed in Daesh suicide bombing attack in Raqqa
SOHR: casualties and injuries in a suicide explosion targeted the personal affairs bureau in al- Raqqa city east of Syria
IS claims suicide attack in Raqqa city. Local sources reported that explosion took place at Al Nur street
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