Idlib province: HTS executed Daesh member in Jisr al-Shughur

Map. History of Syria conflict

18 May 2021
Clashes at a checkpoint near al-Shuhil (sources) thwarted attack by ISIS cell.
Reports that the Russian Military Police have withdrawn from Tal Rifaat and Shahba area, but with government forces staying in the area,also Iran is rejecting to withdraw from Nubl and Zahraa
#IS claims attack near Hawayij and in Busayrah surroundings
IS claims several attacks in Deir ez-Zur province today and yesterday-in Jurdhi area and Jamah today
Syria: Brigadier General Ahmed Sleiman died from heart attack  while attending the burial of General Darwish who died himself from a heart attack 2 days ago. He worked in Electronic Warfare Department and was from Masyaf area.2 year ago
Syria: Brigadier General Ahmed Sleiman died from heart attack while attending the burial of General Darwish who died himself from a heart attack 2 days ago. He worked in Electronic Warfare Department and was from Masyaf area.
2 year ago
Qatari FM: I discussed with my Turkish counterpart the latest developments in Syria, especially with regard to Idlib
A civilian was killed as a result of injuries sustained in artillery shelling on the town of Sarqeb east of Idlib.
IS claims suicide bombing attack targeting US convoy on Shaddadi-Hassaka road
Tel-Rifaat: an event was held in the city of Tel Refa'at, near Afrin, where pro-Assad forces raised the Syrian flag over the city, and confirmed, that SAA will protect the city from any aggressor.
Captured ISIS oil minister interrogated by Syrian Democratic Forces says ISIS stole 40 tons of gold from Mosul and took it to Syria
Syria prime minister says Egypt prevented oil tankers heading to Syria to pass through Suez in past six months
Eight people were killed, including four SDF fighters in an explosion in the Syrian city of Raqqa
Artillery bombardment of the Ansar al-Tawhid faction on the pro-Assad forces positions in Northern Hama
Two landmines and two car bombs exploded in the city of Raqqa (Basil Street), killing 9 civilians and injuring others, including women and children.
Two cars exploded in Raqqa, there are casualties
Two explosions were heard near the National hospital in the city of Raqqa
Intensive artillery shelling from the positions of the pro-Assad forces stationed in the village of Kabariyeh and the village of Abu Omar targeting the town of Al-Tamnah in the southern Idlib
Car bomb explodes in al-Noor Street, west of Raqqa city
2 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense denied rumors of return of Su-57 to Syria
A car bomb exploded near by a patrol of the International coalition in al-Shaddadi( NS), without causing any injuries
Idlib province: HTS executed Daesh member in Jisr al-Shughur
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard the cities of Morek and Ltamenah in North Hama and Hawiz village in Western Hama with artillery
A child was killed by an improvised explosive device that targeted his father from HTS Thaer al Rahal in the village of Ma'arshmarin in Idlib countryside
3 SAA soldiers were killed in an attack at Tayyibat al Imam frontline in Northern Hama
A civilian was killed and 4 others injured by a blast of two mines in Fayez Mansour Street in the city of Tabqa
Scottish YPG sniper faces fraud charges after fighting in Syria while medically discharged from British army with PTSD
Russian warplane flies over Greater Idlib amid high reconnaissance drone activity(after midnight)
2 year ago
IS claimed one attack south of Shaddadi in Hasakah today, in Hajin area SE Deir ez-Zur and around east of Karamah in Raqqa province yesterday
The general commander of SDF: We are ready to negotiate with Turkey as long as Turkey leaves Afrin and does not threaten the areas of northern Syria
Syria: SAA artillery position used to bomb Greater Idlib.
A civilian man and three others wounded including a woman, as a result of the IED blast in Fayez Mansour Street in the city of Al-Tabqa.
Syria: aftermath of last night's Russia n airstrikes on town of KafrZita in N. Hama countryside.
Pro-Assad forces shelling by artillery and mortars city of Qaalat Al-Madiq and Huwayeez in west Hama
Syrian government: Washington classification of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as terrorist organization is a "Medal of Honor"
Iraqi FM says Baghdad is working to bring Syria back into the fold at the Arab League. "The time has come for this."
Artillery shelling on the town of Jarjanaz, village of Marshmarin and the outskirts of the town of Talmans in the southern countryside of Idlib.
An artillery shelling targeting the town of Kfar Zeita in the northern Hama.
2 year ago
Putin: There is certainly progress with regard to the Sochi agreement on Idlib
2 year ago
Erdoğan: "We have taken the steps we have to take in Idlib now. There's no way we're coming back."
2 year ago
Erdogan: "We have expressed that we will not tolerate the threat to the security of our country in northern Syria and a structure that would pose a threat to the territorial integrity of Syria."
Deir Ez-Zor: A civilian injured by a landmine explosion left behind by the ISIS near Al-Attal roundabout in the vicinity of Al-Shuhail city in the eastern countryside
Pompeo: The Revolutionary Guard supports the regime in Syria
Image showing remnants of cluster incubator was fired by Syrian government forces on Kafrouma village in Idlib suburbs, Apr 7. Syria
Iranian militia checkpoint was targeted with machine guns by unknown gunmen in Abu Kamal, Deir ez-Zur
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Haweez village in western Hama with mortar shells
7 air raids on KafrZita last night. The father was killed, all members of the family were wounded, and their belongings remained under the rubble. @MGhorab3 report on the Russian shelling of the countryside of Hama
2 year ago
Russian President Putin: "Russia and Turkey as guarantors of Astana process strive to reduce the tension in Syria"
2 year ago
[email protected]: "Coalition forces supported SDF with aerial observation. The SDF understand well the threat posed by Daesh and are performing commendably in maintaining the security of the detainees."
2 year ago
Erdoğan with Putin: we are taking very important steps, especially in Syria
2 year ago
Erdogan met Putin in Kremlin
12 civilians, including 10 children, were injured by a ballistic missile fired by the pro-Assad forces on the city of Jisr al-Shughour in the western Idlib.
Targeting the city of Jist Al-Ashghur west of Idlib with long-range missiles
A rocket attack was launched by the pro-Assad forces on the city of Jisr al-Shughour west of Idlib.
Rocket from the Russian battleships in the Mediterranean Sea Hits the city of Jisr Shughour, west of Idlib
Jisr Ash-Shughur city is being targeted by long-range missiles
Rockets originating from Russian warships target the city of Jisr al-Shujour in western Idlib countryside.
Rocket of unknown source, from the Mediterranean side, hit the Ramousa area in​ ​Aleppo. Ramousa: It is a military barracks of the Assad forces
Soldiers of the FSA "National Army" exercises "air landing" exercises in preparation for the battle of East Euphrates
Syrian Observatory: Armored vehicles belonging to the Anti-ISIS coalition is deployed for the first time at the airport Kobani east of the Euphrates
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747-281 EP-FAB departed T4 Air base2 year ago
Iranian Fars Air Qeshm Boeing 747-281 EP-FAB departed T4 Air base
Raqqa: intensive flights of the warplanes in the skies of the city of Raqqa
Artillery shelling from pro-Assad forces positions targeting the city of Latamna in the northern Hama
The death toll of the rocket attack on the town of Sarqeb in rural Idlib yesterday rises to five killed as woman has succumbed of her wounds
Raqqa: The media center of the Syrian Democratic Forces said, that the Internal security force, have captured six sleeper cells in Raqqa, which are responsible for the bombings, targeting and attacking civilians, in the city of Raqqa
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