2 August 2021
Turkish fighter jets striking targets western Tell Abiad, NE Syria
Turkish military vehicles enter the town of Tel Abiyad - @K24English correspondent
[email protected]_ehmed "Turkey doesn't have right to attack a region that live in peace. That's we call on international community to support us against attack Turkish state" She also called on countries to withdraw diplomatic representations from Turkey
Bombardment by Turkish aircraft on the 93rd Brigade military base near the city of Ain Issa
[email protected]_ehmed calls on to close the airspace and create a no fly zone to stop this attack. And to stop this Turkish violation against international law (2)
Heavy airstrikes on Tell Abiad
Airstrikes on Til Abyad and village of Gerbenav in Kobanî
1 year ago
Syrian Democratic Forces: Fierce clashes continue with Turkish forces that attempting to advance
Turkish warplanes target SDF headquarters in brigade 93 in Ain Isa city with several airstrikes
Security forces arrested an ISIS cell in Sere Kaniye/ Ras al Ain, trying to take advantage of ongoing Turkish attacks in the area
Turkish army shelling Ain Dewar village in the northern countryside of Al-Malikiyah city in Hasaka with mortars
1 year ago
Turkish prosecutor launches investigation into co-chairs of the Pro-Kurdish HDP party over comments made on the Turkish operation in Syria
Turkish army planes flying over al-Malikiyah
1 year ago
Syrian pro-Assad media: Turkish shelling targets Saida oil station in Hasakeh
1 year ago
The Turkish Defense Ministry says the army has seized a range of positions in northeastern Syria
1 year ago
The Turkish army reportedly cut the line of Resulayn-Tel Abyad. Captures Tel Arkam village in Rasulayn countryside
Hamza Brigade units on the Tel Abiad frontlines, from  last night.1 year ago
Hamza Brigade units on the Tel Abiad frontlines, from last night.
The Turkish army begins to remove parts of the border wall off Tel Fender and Drubiya village near Tal Abyad.
Turkish Army with the SNA/FSA have started the ground operation at dawn.1 year ago
Turkish Army with the SNA/FSA have started the ground operation at dawn.
1 year ago
Turkish army enters Alluk village east of Rasulayn
SDF statement: Countering Turkish ground incursion into Tal Halaf and Aluk axis
The Turkish army penetrates deep 5 km west of the city of Ras al-Ain on the Syrian-Turkish border
1 year ago
Turkish army to set up a military post eight kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border between the areas of Tal Abyad - and Suluk
Operation Shader RAF Global Express Sentinel R.1 RRR9985 departed RAF Akrotiri heading Syria/Iraq1 year ago
Operation Shader RAF Global Express Sentinel R.1 RRR9985 departed RAF Akrotiri heading Syria/Iraq
1 year ago
Turkish Armed Forces captured Tabatin and Mashrefe villages east of Tel Abyad
Turkish army and FSA have crossed the border west of Rasulayn
Turkish army begins to remove the wall near the village of Tel Halaf, west of Ras al-Ain, northwest of Al-Hasakah province
Turkish warplanes bombarding some targets inside Sarikani
Turkish army is shelling in Sari Kani (Ras al-Ayn) in northern Syria
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense says that armed forces SOF continue to advance east of Euphrates
1 year ago
A civilian named Mihemed Ehmed El-Hemadi was wounded in the Turkish bombardment of Nayif Girê village of Qamishli.
A very violent explosion has rocked the city Al-Rai near the Turkish border.
Arab League to meet on Saturday at the request of Egypt to discuss the Turkish attack on northern Syria
Turkish warplanes launch air strikes on Tell Abiad just minutes ago
Turkish army targeting western side of Tell Abiad with mortars
The Turkish Army and TFSA are attempting to storm Tal Abyad for the second time,after the failure of the first attempt
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon condemn the Turkish aggression against Syria
Turkey has submitted letter to the Security Council explaining military action in North-Eastern Syria
Turkish artillery has begun hitting YPG positions in Tel Abyad again.
ISIS carried out attack in Mansura (near Raqqa)
Pompeo denies granting by Washington a green light for Turkey to "invade Syria"
SDF: Turkish shelling hit a prison where ISIS detainees are present
Lindsey Graham:I am pleased to have reached a bipartisan agreement with Senator @ChrisVanHollen on severe sanctions against Turkey for their invasion of Syria. While the Administration refuses to act against Turkey, I expect strong bipartisan support
1 year ago
FM Çavuşoğlu: There are some Gulf countries condemning us for our anti-terror operation in Syria. You were the guys who mercilessly massacred thousands of civilians in Yemen. Turkey is more than sensitive not to harm any civilians in the process
Turkish Ministry of Defense: a total of 181 targets were hit as part of operation in Northern Syria
SDF statement: "The SDF destroyed, as part of their legitimate defense of the local population, and response to the sources of shelling against northern and eastern Syria, an outpost of the Turkish army in west of Kobane"
Mortar Pieces Falling in Cizre Katran Village, networks are down1 year ago
Mortar Pieces Falling in Cizre Katran Village, networks are down
Asked about the possibility of ISIS escapees, Trump says "Well, they're going to be escaping to Europe."
Bipartisan agreement to impose "severe sanctions against Turkey for their invasion of Syria," by Congress
SDF has targeted Turkish tank at Ras-Al-Ayn frontline
Video of clashes between SDF and Turkish-backed armed groups
U.S. Congress is considering tough sanctions on Turkey if it does not leave Syria
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi discusses the developments of the Turkish aggression on the Syria in a telephone conversation with Iraqi President Barham Saleh
SDF has opened Al-Mare front and targeted TFSA positions with heavy weapons
1 year ago
Turkish security forces warn of initiating legal proceedings against those who are making "black propaganda" against the country's operation into Syria — DHA
Turkish Defense Minister Akar and command echelon in Peace Spring Operation command center.1 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister Akar and command echelon in "Peace Spring Operation" command center.
Demonstration against the Turkish invasion, in 'Amuda
The al Bab Military Council is bombing the TFSA around al Bab
Turkish armored vehicles entered the Syrian territory from the side of the city Ras al-Ayn
1 year ago
Boris Johnson in a telephone conversation discusses with Donald Trump Turkish military action in northeastern Syria
Jordanian Foreign Minister: We demand Turkey to stop its attack and resolve issues through dialogue
Tal Abyad: Turkish army entering the city from East and West after YPG defensive points were destroyed
Heavy clashes between Turkish-backed armed groups and YPG on al-Delgash front in al-Bab countryside, Northern Aleppo
Hearing loud bangs on reuters live stream. Fires burning in Tel Abyad, very dark
Trump says he hopes Turkey's Erdogan 'will act rationally'
1 year ago
Ground attack by Turkish forces has been repelled by SDF fighters in Til Abyad. No advance as of now
UAE condemned Turkey offensive in northeast Syria, said the aggression represents a dangerous development & a blatant/unacceptable aggression against the sovereignty of an Arab state in contravention of the rules of international law
French Foreign Minister: Turkish attack on Syria threatens security efforts against ISIS
1 year ago
Several Turkish armored vehicles just entered the eastern countryside of Tel Abyad, in conjunction with heavy machine gun fire by the Turkish army on SDF militia positions in that area
SDF destroyed a Turkish armored vehicle while repelling Turkish army attack in the village of Ein Diwar, west of Dirk, in the triangle border point between Syria, Iraq and Turkey
The HRE have launched attacks on TFSA positions, targeting locations around Marea
Mustafa Bali: Vicinity of al-Chirkin prison hosting Daesh prisoners was shelled by Turkish army. The place where the most dangerous jihadists are held in
1 year ago
Turkey starts ground offensive as part of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria: Defense Ministry
SDF retaliated attacks by Turkey in Ain Diwar, Dêrik. Heavy clashes are going on in the area
Turkish army is shelling Kobane now
A new video from Qamishlo where homes in residential neighborhood of Bashiria was hit. This is where Kurds and Syriac Christians live together
The EU rejects any Turkish plan to establish a safe area in northern Syria
Tal Abyad is now under assault by the Turkish army and Turkish-backed armed groups
French Foreign Ministry: We consulted with our European allies to consider all options regarding the Turkish attack
1 year ago
Sources from Al-Hol camp report to ANHA that some ISIS women have escaped after rioting and burning tents
1 year ago
Finland stops all arms exports to Turkey
Turkish army artillery shelling YPG locations in Tal Refaat in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Clashes in Darbasiya city
Following reports of SDF mortars hitting Jarablus, Turkish artillery strike Ziyarah and Zawr Maghar villages west of Kobane
A civilian killed during Turkish shelling on Qamishli
1 year ago
Syriac Military Council, MFS point in the village of Ter Cihan in the borders of Al Qahtaniyah, Qabre Hewore had been target of Turkish strikes.
Continued attacks in Qamishli right now
Intense artillery shelling from Turkey towards Syria1 year ago
Intense artillery shelling from Turkey towards Syria
Statement from @POTUS, @hogangidley45, on Turkey invading Syria
According to ANHA; Turkish army shelling Qamislo city center
SDF are targeting the city "Karkamış" (Girgamêş) in Turkey, north of Jarablus
YPG stationed in Tel-Rifaat are targeting Turkish-backed militants in the city Jinderes, Afrin.
1 year ago
The TFSA are attempting to advance on the Arab Hassan front, west of Manbij
1 year ago
The Turkish Army has bombed Tirbespiye/Al-Qahtaniyah
Electricity is cut off from all parts of Tal Abyad city in the northern Raqqa countryside
1 year ago
Turkish F-16 fighter jet takes off from Incirlik base for operations in northeast Syria
Tell Abiad city center continues to be shot with howitzers. SDF forces respond
Syrian Democratic Forces are heavy shelling the city of Jarablus with heavy artillery, at least seven military points were destroyed
SDF is targeting Jarabulus with artillery fire
Homs: Earlier today ISIS announced the killing of 17 pro-Assad militias in an ambush north of Soukhna, eastern rural Homs. Those killed in the ambush belonged to the Palestinian 'Quds Brigade'1 year ago
Homs: Earlier today ISIS announced the killing of 17 pro-Assad militias in an ambush north of Soukhna, eastern rural Homs. Those killed in the ambush belonged to the Palestinian 'Quds Brigade'
1 year ago
There was an attack around Ulashi, west of Manbij, by the TFSA, for the first time in a while they tried to advance. The attack was repelled with several Turkish-backed fighters killed
Heavy shelling on Sere Kaniye city, Haseke
Sources at Ain Issa hospital 7 dead and 16 injuries out of air strikes at Hoshan village west of the town
Tel Halaf, west of Resulayn, is hit by a rockets and howitzers
1 year ago
An attack on Manbij was repelled by Manbij Military Council fighters, 4 Turkish-backed fighters were killed. There are clashes between TFSA and MMC in Arima, west of Manbij
Kurdish sources: Turkish aircraft bombed at a depth of 50 km inside the Syrian territory
Germany, France and Britain condemn Turkish attack northeast of Syria
Egypt calls for an emergency meeting of the Arab League to discuss developments in northeast Syria
Turkish warplanes launch raids on the town of Ain Issa in the northern Raqqa countryside
Al-Hasakah: Turkish army shells the area around Bourze dam near Al-Malikiyah city with artillery
The Netherlands summons the Turkish ambassador after the attack on Syria
Egypt condemns Turkish aggression on Syrian territory
Turkish Grads targeting 'Abu al-Sun' west of Serenkaniye1 year ago
Turkish Grads targeting 'Abu al-Sun' west of Serenkaniye
Qamishli: A six years old child were killed by the Turkish army strike in the village "See Karka", Qamishli countryside.
Video: Qamishli city in NE Syriya during the Turkish air strikes
Turkish Armed Forces artillery units are targeting the YPG positions in Tell Cihan, Hasnak & Darna axis in Darbasiyah
Traffic in Qamishlo right now
1 year ago
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in Kharab Rashak & Jaroudiyah near Turkish/Syria/Iraq border
The UN Security Council will discuss the conflict in Syria tomorrow at the request of its European members following Turkey's military operation in the region
Turkish army is shelling the vicinity of Darbasiyah district in northern Hasakah
SDF @mustefabali: We will clash against the Turks to not allow them to cross the border. We will use all our possibilities against Turkish aggression
Heavy smoke reportedly from tires being burned in Tel Abyad
Syrian democratic forces has carried out a number of raids against Turkish positions on the borders with turkey in Dêrik (Al-Malikiya) axis with middle weapons.
Italy PM Conte in a meeting with NATO SG Stoltenberg says to be worried by Turkey unilateral operation against SDF in north-eastern Syria. Conte says that such initiative will only further destabilize the area and increase the suffering of local people1 year ago
Italy PM Conte in a meeting with NATO SG Stoltenberg says to be worried by Turkey unilateral operation against SDF in north-eastern Syria. Conte says that such initiative will only further destabilize the area and increase the suffering of local people
NATO calls on Turkey to have "limited" action
1 year ago
Syrian TV says Turks have stopped shelling along the border region between Ras al-Ayn and Tell Abyad and are removing more of the cement border wall, however Turks are still targeting villages in Malikiyah district
Displacement waves from the areas that are striked
The Turkish army targets the power line that feeds the water station / Alouk / in Ras Al Ain countryside northwest of Al-Hasakah
Aftermath of Turkish air strikes in Serekaniye (Ras al-Ain)
SDF halts its operations against ISIS
Turkish artillery shelling Qamishli perimeters
Turkish airstrikes target Ras al-Ain area in northern Syria
SDF artillery is in play in several areas. Shelling across the border in retaliation
25 jets fly all over the border cities and bombardment
Mass displacement of civilians have started in the Kurdish areas targeted by Turkish forces
The European Commission calls on Turkey to exercise restraint and stop the military operation in Syria
Turkish airstrikes on Sarekaniye, Syria.
Fox News: US forces received orders from Trump not to move in northern Syria
Turkish warplanes bombarding SDF bases in the center of Sarekaniye, NE Syria
More artillery strikes on border area
Turkish warplanes bombard villages in Tal Abyad and Ras Al Ain
Turkish artillery batteries shelled Tal Abyad
SDF spokesperson: "Turkish warplanes have started to carry out airstrikes on civilian areas. There is a panic among people of the region."
Turkish warplanes hit YPG training camp in the village of Hoshan in Ayn Isa, north of Raqqa
1 year ago
Russian official: Turkish military operation is an attack on Syrian sovereignty
Airstikes targeted Khirbet al Banat & Tal Banat, west of Rasulayn. Artillery is also pounding the targets, west Rasulayn.
One of the airstike was took place in Mashrafah.1 year ago
One of the airstike was took place in Mashrafah.
SDF asks the US and international coalition to stop Turkish attacks in northeast Syria
1 year ago
Turkish media: US ambassador in Ankara summoned to brief him on the military operation in Syria
Kurdish journalist @aged_choli captured the opening salvos of Turkey NE Syria operations as he was filming in Rasal Ayn a while ago
1 year ago
Erdogan: The Turkish Armed Forces, together with the Syrian National Army, just launched #OperationPeaceSpring against PKK/YPG and Daesh militants in northern Syria. Our mission is to prevent the creation of a terror corridor across our southern border, and to bring peace to the area
Deir ez-Zur: ISIS targeted headquarters of Iranian militias around Al Bukamal city by mortar shells
French Presidential Office: President Macron met with the spokeswoman of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF, yesterday
A source at the Syrian Foreign Ministry confirms Damascus' intention to thwart the Turkish attack by all legal means
The Syrian regime says Turkey's aggressive intentions are a violation of international law
1 year ago
The Turkish foreign minister says Ankara will inform the countries concerned about the military operation in northern Syria, including the Syrian government
A member of the police force and General Security gets killed in a landmine explosion near Jarz checkpoint in Azaz countryside, north of Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces stationed at Al-Karim checkpoint target with artillery shells Shahranaz village in Shehshbo mountain in Hama western countryside
1 year ago
Helicopters have dropped several barrel bombs on the Kabana axis in the northern countryside of Latakia
1 year ago
Syrian Observatory: Turkish forces continue to evacuate villages on the border with Syria
Hassan Rouhani: "Turkey has the right to worry about its borders and we believe that it should be handled properly - "We call on the Turkish government to reconsider its decision on the military operation and to be careful and patient"
Tires are being burnt in Tel Abyad to prevent UAVs from receiving images
The SDF continues to send massive reinforcements from Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa, Tabqa, Hasake and Manbij, reports of the arrival of heavy weapons on the Turkish borders.1 year ago
The SDF continues to send massive reinforcements from Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa, Tabqa, Hasake and Manbij, reports of the arrival of heavy weapons on the Turkish borders.
A U.S. patrol of six armored vehicles headed to the city of Kobani, to prevent any possible military attack, there
ISIS claims last night attack in Raqqa saying it was a response to female ISIS prisoners in camps, they claimed operations over the city and an ambush north of Tebqa
100 vehicles shipment to the Syrian border was made by the TAF.1 year ago
100 vehicles shipment to the Syrian border was made by the TAF.
SDF: we are ready to repel any kind of attack
SDF: We call on the international community and the United Nations to confront the Turkish attack
Two civilians were injured in the center of Afrin city of Aleppo northern countryside, which was injured by an artillery shell
1 year ago
Russia warns US policies in Syria could 'ignite' whole region
Kurdish self-administration calls on civilians to arms and head to the border to confront Turkish troops
A man and a woman get killed when pro-Assad forces hit an agricultural tractor with ATGM Kornet in al-Bernas farm in Jisr al-Shughour western countryside in Idlib countryside
Kurdish self-administration announces public alert for 3 days
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry calls for dialogue between the Syrian government and the Kurds on the situation in northern Syria
Machine gun fire has ceased in Raqqa. SDF patrolling area of clashes in APCs.
There is no electricity in Raqqa now. People are scared. Net weak. There are clashes in city. ISIS is attacking targets in Raqqa. @akhbar
SDF: Large Turkish military build-up is being recorded near the border
1 year ago
Erdogan's aide: Turkish and Syrian armed groups will cross the border soon
Security source: More than 50 armed Daesh group in Raqqa are launching a coordinated attack to control AlBasel base in center of the city. AlBasel is an important area, the cells are trying to control security centers, inspection points and self-defense forces
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham:To the Turkish Government: You do NOT have a green light to enter into northern Syria. There is massive bipartisan opposition in Congress, which you should see as a red line you should not cross
Six explosions were carried out in the vicinity of Al - Basel roundabout in Raqqa near the center of the Internal Security Forces in the city
Daesh takes advantage of Imminent Turkish invasion 3x ISIS suicide bombings on our military positions in Raqqa, clashes still ongoing
US and Kurdish officials say they expect Turkey to launch an attack on northeast Syria within the next 24 hours. This comes after the administration spent the last 48 hours backpedaling Trump's initial statement Sunday night.
Local sources in Raqqa say a group of ISIS cells are currently surrounding a security headquarters in the city amid clashes with local police officers. Explosions are also heard from the nearby al-Basel square.
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