2 August 2021
Turkish Air Force E-7T Peace Eagle orbiting near Adana7 month ago
Turkish Air Force E-7T Peace Eagle orbiting near Adana
Turkish forces are bombing Mushferiye, Seyda and Malik villages, Ain Issa camp and the international road M4 with heavy artillery, now
Ayn Isa and its surroundings are bombed with heavy artillery shots. Turkish army involved
Eyn Isa: Seyda, Malikiyah villages, the M4 road and the vicinity of the city of Ein Isa are bombed with heavy artillery
Children greet a US soldier atop a Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) as US troops patrol in the Syrian town of al-Jawadiyah and meet the inhabitants, in the northeastern Hasakeh province, near the border with Turkey, on December 17, 2020 @Delilsouleman / @AFPphoto
Ain Issa: Turkish Forces attacked the village of Mushefrıye at 5 o'clock in the morning today. SDF Responded to the Attacks. Conflicts Continue Violently. The Turkish army is Massively Bombing the Region.
SNA has advanced on forward positions near Al-Jahbel and Al-Musharafa east to Ain Issa last night in preparation for possible offensive
The co-chair of the Power and Communications Body in Jazira Region expressed his fears regarding the Turkish troops' lack of commitment by saying, "This repeatedly happens; they promise, then they cut the water off after a while
Residents of the town of Jil Agha in the countryside of Qamishli, northeastern Syria, fear floods that threaten to collapse two dams in the town and its surroundings
Deir Ezzor, the Sada Al-Sharqiya correspondent from Deir Ezzor said that military police patrols in the ranks of the Russian forces have arrested Imad Muhanna, one of the field commanders in the National Defense Militia in Deir Ezzor, on charges of wasting general ammunition and losing large quantities of them.
TFSA north of Ayn Issa got more ammunition and weaponry. SDF is aware of their movements
SNA forces hit SDF positions in Ayn Isa line
The convoy of Turkish army headed towards the Jabal Al-Zawiya region of southern Idlib earlier today
US Warplanes and Drones are flying over Al-Omar Base,with more SDF Reinforcements arriving there
US Warplanes and Drones are flying over Al-Conico Base,with more SDF Reinforcements arriving there
A woman was killed and another was wounded Wednesday during an armed clash that developed into the use of grenades between members of two families in the city of Suwayda
Deir Ezzor: A mass demonstration took place in the town of Abu Hamam against the Syrian Democratic Forces, calling for the release of the detainees and the accountability of the corrupt
7 month ago
Fighter jets flying in the Euphrates Shield area
37th joint patrol of Russian Military Police and Turkish forces took place in villages in the western part of Dirbêsiyê district7 month ago
37th joint patrol of Russian Military Police and Turkish forces took place in villages in the western part of Dirbêsiyê district
Syrian armed opposition groups bombed sites of the Syrian government forces in Idlib countryside, northwestern Syria, on Wednesday-Thursday night
New excavation activity noted on satellite imagery at the tunnel entrance on the North-West side of Imam Ali Base near Albukamal, Syria on the Iraq border
A government medical source said on Wednesday that the number of cases of coronavirus infections in government hospitals in Daraa governorate is increasing amid an acute shortage of health supplies
7 month ago
Kurdistan Region's Peshmerga forces and PKK-linked YPG met in Sihela, on the Region's border with Syrian Kurdistan (Northern Syria ). Peshmerga has released the 6 PKK members who tried to infiltrate into the Region
7 month ago
YPG: Our forces did not attack the Peshmerga base in any way and we respect the autonomy of the Kurdistan Region. There have been and continue to have coordination processes between Northern Syria and the Kurdistan Region in recent years
7 month ago
Raqqa: SNA is massing its forces near the city of Ain Issa in the northern countryside
Deir Ezzor: Flight of warplanes of the international coalition over the Koniko gas plant near the contact lines with pro-Assad forces in the eastern countryside
Inherent Resolve:The Coalition will continue to work side by side with the SDF to defeatDaesh. Together, we are committed to continue to strengthen cooperation across all Coalition lines of effort in order to ensure that Daesh is unable to resurge
7 month ago
Turkish troops and its armed opposition groups have stopped water flow from Alouk station, which provides the city of Hasakah and its countryside with water, since November 22
Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria is implementing a project to secure the water needs of the city of Hasakah, as well as a large area of its countryside, amid a water crisis caused by Turkish-backed forces cutting off water to the region
7 month ago
Ten NDF members killed and injured in western Al-Raqqah
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