A violent Turkish bombardment targets Saraqib and reports of the withdrawal of the Russian military police from Saraqib with the start of Turkish bombing operations

Map. History of Syria conflict

8 March 2021
Pro-Assad forces shelled with rocket launchers Sarmin, in the eastern countryside of Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister: Two soldiers were killed and 6 wounded in Idlib
Pro-Assad forces target with rockets and heavy artillery Qastoun, Al-Ziara, Duqmaq and Ankawi villages in the western Hama countryside
Turkish army targets Tarnabah west of Saraqeb with heavy artillery and rocket launchers
Air strikes on the axes of the city of Saraqib in the eastern Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense: Turkey has violated international law by increasing the number of troops in Idlib
Five Turkish UAVS currently over Hatay1 year ago
Five Turkish UAVS currently over Hatay
Pro-Assad forces target with artillery and high-explosive missiles ithe city of Binnish east of Idlib.
Footage of the Syrian Government Pantsir S1 (SA-22) air defense system that was destroyed by Turkish armed UAV around Saraqib earlier tonight. Radar on Pantsir was active
A violent Turkish bombardment targets Saraqib and reports of the withdrawal of the Russian military police from Saraqib with the start of Turkish bombing operations
Russian airplanes target Nairab and Sarmin, east of Idlib, with several air strikes
1 year ago
According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense statement, one soldier was killed, 9 soldiers were injured in attack in Idlib
Turkish aircraft reportedly destroyed Pansyr-S air defense system in the city of Saraqib, east of Idlib
183 reported pro-government deaths since start of Turkish offensive in Idlib (not including claimed deaths of 21 Pakistani foreign fighters) Feb 28 - 63; Feb 29 - 54; Mar 1 - 24; Mar 2 - 42. During the capture of Saraqib the Tiger Forces Taha Reg lost it's operations commander
Abu Kamal: Hezbollah claimed that the houses are located on the outskirts of the city of Albukamal and their relatives were among the ranks of ISIS and members of the Free Army and that ISIS operatives use them to attack Iranian militia centers and points
Artillery and warplanes targeting the city of Jisr Al-Shughour and its surroundings west of Idlib
Rockets with cluster ammunition targeted area of Turkish army point in Al-Mastouma camp
SANA: The Syrian army shot down a Turkish UAV east of Khan Al-Sabl town in Idlib countryside
Syrian state media: another Turkish drone shotdown east of Saraqib
Deir Ezzor: A car belonging to the Hezbollah militia exploded on Tuesday. The vehicle was loaded with ammunition and ammunition and was heading towards the Albukamal Badia, points of the Hezbollah militia. The Eastern Echo reporter confirmed that the car exploded as a result of a landmine that ISIS had planted in the area.
Video of Turkish drones targeting Syrian tanks and personnel near Maraat al-Numan
Turkish forces target with dozens of rockets and artillery shells pro-Assad forces in the city of Saraqib, east of Idlib
Dead and wounded among Turkish army soldiers when pro-Assad forces shelled Turkish base in Maarat Alia near Saraqeb, east of Idlib
A Turkish military convoy entered Idlib through the Kafrlossin border crossing
Turkish helicopters enter Syrian territory to evacuate the wounded from the Turkish forces in Nairab, east Idlib1 year ago
Turkish helicopters enter Syrian territory to evacuate the wounded from the Turkish forces in Nairab, east Idlib
Al-Mayadeen: SAA launched an operation on Afis frontline
Two Turkish army helicopters arrive at Bab Al-Hawa crossing north of Idlib to transport the injured Turkish army soldiers
1 year ago
US special envoy to Syria: we ready to supply Turkey with ammunition for the battle in Idlib
Russian warplanes target the city of Sarmin and the village of Afes in the Idlib countryside with air strikes
A number of Turkish army soldiers were injured due to artillery and missile shelling by pro-Assad forces targeting the Turkish positions near the town of Neirab in Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Rebels have destroyed a tank on Kawkabah axis in Jabal Shahshabo in the southern Idlib countryside with ATGM
1 year ago
Turkish President @RTErdogan spoke to Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan over the phone. The two leaders discussed refugee crisis and developments in Idlib as well as bilateral relations
1 year ago
The Turkish Parliament holds a closed session to discuss the attack on Turkish soldiers in Idlib and developments in the region
1 year ago
Greek Prime Minister: There is no refugee crisis, but it is an attempt by Turkey to divert attention from the Syrian file
Rebels struck a heavy machine gun with an ATGM on Shiekh Aqil front
Warplanes target the village of Tadil in the western countryside of Aleppo
Ambassador Kelly Craft: Grateful to shake the hands of the brave men and women of the whitehelmets. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to save the lives of Syrian victims of Assad's brutality. America stands with @SyriaCivilDef
Pro-Assad convoy was destroyed, south of Maarat al-Numan, after being targeted by Turkish drones
A demonstration in the Tarahin camp near the city of Qabassin, east of Aleppo, in support of the Turkish operation Spring Shield and the National Army. Photo by Sharif Al-Halabi
Images of drone being shot down over Saraqib
Reports of drone was shotdown in the sky of Neirab town in Idlib countryside
Pictures from ⁦@UN⁩ inter-agency mission that crossed from Turkey into Idlib, Syria yesterday to assess humanitarian needs
Syrian State News Agency: The army forces shot down a Turkish drone in the vicinity of Saraqeb
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: We will not stop the fight against terrorism in Idlib in order to solve the immigration crisis in Europe
Video of Turkish army strikes on Syrian army positions
1 year ago
The Kremlin: Putin and Merkel discuss developments in Idlib governorate
A civilian was killed by pro-Assad forces artillery shelling targeting the town of Badama, west of Idlib
Rebels have destroyed pro-Assad forces tank on Kafr Nabl axis in southern Idlib with ATGM
The Syrian army started the intense preparation gunfire on Efes and Neirab, north of Saraqib
Tank was destroyed by rebels firing an ATGM on Hazarin axis in southern Idlib
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces stationed in the town of Kafr Halab targeting the town of Kafr-Nuran in the western Aleppo countryside with heavy artillery
[email protected], @UNReliefChief, Amb. Jeffrey & Amb. Satterfield appear to have visited the Bab al-Hawa area, on the Turkey-Idlib border this morning. They announced $108 million of additional aid to provide food, shelter & other immediate needs
Parts of L-39 airplane falling in Deyr Sunbul in Jabal Zawiyah area
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard the town of Kafr Nuran in the western countryside of Aleppo
SAA reporter: Air defense units shot down a drone of Ibn al-Falla, northwest of Ma`rat al-Numan
The Trump administration is pleased to announce today an additional $108 million in US humanitarian assistance for the people of Syria
The medical team at the "Qaa Jose" crossing in Lebanon returns a passenger bus after it was suspected that a girl from Syria was infected with the Coronavirus
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: The Syrian government forces should withdraw behind the Turkish observation points in Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: The Turkish military operation aims to implement the Sochi Agreement
1 year ago
Kremlin: Turkey, Russia and Iran's leaders can meet to discuss the Idlib
The Syrian army tightens its control over the city of Sanamen in Daraa
1 year ago
The Kremlin: Moscow hopes to reduce the risk of a standoff with Turkey in Idlib
Pro-Assad forces artillery shelling targeting Sarmeen and Nayrab, east of Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Operation Spring Shield continued successfully throughout the night. In the last 24 hours; 1 aircraft, 1 UAV, 6 tanks, 5 howitzer / MLRS, 2 air defense missile systems, 3 armored combat vehicles, 5 armed pickups, 6 military vehicles and 1 ammunition depot were destroyed
Unknown Iranian plane EP-TQZ departed Damascus Syria
Clashes between the rebel factions and the pro-Assad forces on the Tadef front near the city of Al-Bab, east of Aleppo
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Within the scope of the Successful Spring Shield Operation, SyAF L-39 fighter jet was shotdown
An explosion is heard in Homs city
Syrian State Media SANA: Turkish forces shotdown SyAF warplane
Aircraft shotdown over southern Idlib
8 civilians were killed and dozens were wounded by missile strikes by pro-Assad forces on the 30th Street in Idlib city
SyAF warplane was hit in the Idlib countryside
Libya(LNA) has officially reopened its Embassy in Damascus, Syria. The ceremony was attended by Libyan Foreign Minister (Eastern Government) AbdulHadi Al-Huwaij
3 civilians were killed when an explosive device went off in Al-Thalatheen Street, Idlib city
Turkish artillery targets pro-Assad forces in the western countryside of Aleppo
Civilians killed and injured due to an unknown explosion in the city of Idlib.
An unknown explosion occurred in downtown Idlib.
SyAF aircrafts from Hama airport flying over mount Zawiyah
SyAAF targeting rebels positions on Kafranbel amid renewed attempts to infiltrate SAA positions in Jabal Zawiyah, clashes reported in direction of al-Bara and Kansafrah axis
Rebels have destroyed a tank at Amqiyah in the Al-Ghab Plain, west of Hama, with ATGM
Azaz: Violent clashes reported today morning on the outskirts of Marea town, Tel-Rifaat region
Opposition factions destroy a tank of the pro-Assad forces on the Afas axis in the eastern Idlib countryside
1 year ago
The European Union foreign policy official is visiting Ankara today to discuss the Syrian file
Saraqib town, and nearby villages of Turunba, Jobas, Dadikh & Kafr Dadikh were captured again by pro-Assad forces
The Turkish shelling on Ein Issa IDP camp is extending to the village of Hoshan on the M4 highway, northern Raqqa
1 year ago
Turkey announces the death of one of its soldiers in artillery shelling in Idlib, Syria. Another one wounded
Pro-Assad control the towns of Jobas and Tarnbah, west of the city of Saraqib in the Idlib countryside
Air defense responding to drone attack on Hmeimim airbase
1 year ago
Missile strikes on the outskirts of Idlib city
1 year ago
Civilian casualties as result of warplanes bombed an IDP camp in Adwan village in the western Idlib countryside.
Civilian casualties and extensive property damage as a result of raids by Russian warplanes targeting the city of Binnish, east of Idlib
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