17 June 2021
New convoys of the Turkish army, including dozens of armored vehicles, tanks and artillery, enter Taftanaz Military Airport and Al-Mastumah camp, northeast of Idlib1 year ago
New convoys of the Turkish army, including dozens of armored vehicles, tanks and artillery, enter Taftanaz Military Airport and Al-Mastumah camp, northeast of Idlib
The last Turkish convoy entering Syria is estimated at 330 military vehicles, including tanks and artillery
Today, 5 convoys of the Turkish army have arrived to Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish warplanes started to flight over Turkey-Syria border
Syrian Civil Defense: Our teams documented that 55+ health facilities were targeted and completely destroyed by Russian and government warplanes since 2019. This deliberate destruction of critical facilities comes at a time when they are most needed by civilians experiencing daily massacres
Hasake: US forces has raised its flag in its new base in Hasake city, Gweiran neighborhood
A military convoy of the Turkish army estimated at more than 200 military vehicles containing dozens of tanks, heavy guns, troop carriers, armored vehicles and logistical support vehicles entered this evening from the Kafr Lossen border crossing with Turkey, north of Idlib, towards Idlib
1 year ago
SAA captures the town of Karateen and Tell Karathin northeast of Saraqib in the southern Idlib countryside
SAA is continuing its progress and captured the towns of Daheria and Thuraya in the southern countryside of Aleppo
The military convoy sent by Turkish army to Idlib is the biggest in recent times. the end of the convoy is not visible.
1 year ago
Southern Aleppo countryside: SAA units control the towns of Aajz and Tal Al-Tabariz, northeast of Shaqir and towards M5
Today More than 300 Turkish military vehicles entered the Syrian territory More than 70 tanks. There are also cannons. The Anadolu Agency video
1 year ago
Southern countryside of Aleppo-Idlib Northern countryside: SAA units advanced from the southeastern side control the villages and towns of Maherim, Khwari, Hawir, Rasm Al-Ward, Hour Al-Aeiss, Abad and advance north towards the southern countryside of Aleppo
Deir al-Zour eastern countryside, Suwaeden: Unidentified persons placed explosive devices at the headquarters of the Suidan municipality, which is affiliated to the Deir Ezzor Civil Council, and detonated them without casualties, and only limited material damage to the building. There was a guard and they expelled him from the building and booby-trapped Sweden, under the control of SDF
Road accident with one truck, carrying a tank, of Turkish convoy, that entered Kafr Lusin in Idlib
1 year ago
Russian forces have established a new military post on M4, northern countryside of Raqqa, near the crossroad leading to Tal-Abyad
A Turkish military convoy of more than 100 vehicles entered Idlib
The continuation of the displacement movement from Idlib countryside due to the military and air campaign by the government forces and Russia
Parts of an an American convoy spotted in Hasakah today
Pro-Assad forces have captured Zaytan and Birnah in southern Aleppo
6 Syriac military council @SyriacMFS fighters killed as result of Turkish shelling on Tal Tamer countryside
1 year ago
Russia repatriates 26 children from Syrian refugee camp
UN Commissioner Human Rights: 1 to 5 February verified incidents in which at least 49 civilians including 14 women 17 children killed.Of these, seven in Govt areas. Last month at least 186 civilians including 33 women, 67 children killed (of these 14 killed in Govt areas) #Idlib
1 year ago
HTS announces the restoration of control of the villages of Maharim, Al-Khwari and Tal Al-Nibar in the southern countryside of Aleppo after clashes with the pro-Assad forces
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu said that the situation in Idlib will be discussed with a delegation from Russia tomorrow.
Cham Wings flight 6Q514 Najaf-Damascus was almost shot down near Damascus last wednesday after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces fired a volley of missiles at Israeli jets, as a result made an emergency landing in Khmeimim air base
Syria: drone footage showing the SVBIED detonated yesterday by HTS in Nayrab, in W. ouskirts of Saraqeb
The Turkish army established a new observation post in Military housing on the road between Sarmin and the city of Idlib
Civilian commercial flight with 172 passengers on board makes emergency landing in Khmeimim air base after Syrian air defence nearly hit it – Russian defence ministry TRT World
Lavrov: The Russian and Turkish military are trying to settle the situation on the ground in Idlib
Lavrov: Moscow is in contact with Ankara over the Syrian Idlib
Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations: The Syrian oil fields must be returned to their owners instead of stealing the wealth of the Syrians
Security source: A civilian was wounded by a car bomb in Al-Fahhama area, Damascus
Turkey has the "full support" of the United States in responding to the Syrian government's "unjustified attacks" in Idlib - US ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft addressing the UN Security Council
A Turkish convoy comprising a number of tanks and heavy vehicles moving from the military point at Taftanaz airport, north of Idlib, towards the city of Sarmin, east of Idlib, to create a new military point in it
Multiple SAA fighters wounded today when ISIS attacked their checkpoint new the T3 pumping station in southeast Homs
UNSC Delegate of France: Attacks against medical facilities and personnel are war crimes
Heavy Turkish shelling on Shahba Dam & the village of Tal-Madiq, in northern Aleppo. Tens of shells have hit the area so far
Washington envoy to UNSC: The Astana agreement cannot be trusted
US Ambassador to the UN Security Council: We condemn the violence of the Syrian government in Idlib
British Ambassador to the UN Security Council: More than 3 million people suffer from the conflict in northwestern Syria
10 dead in Idlib city, as a result of an air strike, targeting the eastern neighborhood of the city
Reporter from @annanews_info in central Saraqib, thus confirming that most of the city is under Syrian Government control
The entry of a Turkish military convoy from the Kafr Klossen border crossing, which includes heavy vehicles, tanks and armored vehicles towards the south, in conjunction with air strikes launched by Russian aircraft on the road linking the cities of Sarmin and Idlib
Syrian TV: SAA entered the city of Saraqib and began combing the city's neighborhoods
1 year ago
Climbing out from Latakia Air Base, Syria Russia Russian Air Force Tu154 RA85042
[email protected] release a damning and unprecedented condemnation of the lies peddled by WikiLeaks, Peter Hitchens and the Mail on Sunday, with the Director General saying the leakers "are not whistle-blowers" whose views are "not backed by evidence"
A video showing the shelling of residential neighborhoods in the city of Idlib by Russian warplanes
Warplanes targeting Idlib city with missiles
1 year ago
Turkish presidency: We will continue efforts to prevent the influx of refugees from Idlib and to ensure that civilians remain in their areas
1 year ago
İbrahim Kalın: "Maybe a Astana process meeting can be held in March. we are still working on it"
Video as the Syrian army shot down a drone that approached the army's points west of Aleppo
Barqoum, Aleppo targeted by airstrikes
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