25 July 2021
Turkey arrests 9 suspects of deadly Jan. 2 terror attack in northern Syria's Rasulayn district, says Interior Ministry
6 month ago
During the past two days, pro-Assad forces brought military reinforcements to the city of Kafr Zita, north of Hama: The reinforcements included dozens of heavy military vehicles, including tanks, artillery and military vehicles, accompanied by hundreds of militants, and they spread at the entrances to the city without knowing the reasons
The Syrian Civil Defense: 3 children were injured in Kafr Nabudah camp in the Aqrabat area, north of Idlib, as a result of the collapse of their tent built from the block after the heavy rain
3 Daesh fighters were arrested in a raid by SDF counterterrorism units backed by @coalition in al-Shahil, Deir al-Zour on Jan 18
6 month ago
Members of the National Defense militia were killed, east of Homs
6 month ago
The Syrian Civil Defense teams announce their response to 169 camps that have been damaged in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo due to the torrential rains Civil Defense: The number of tents that have been totally damaged is more than 280, and the number of tents that have been partially damaged is more than 2,400 tents
The Turkish state of Anlıurfa announces the seizure of an explosive device weighing 78 kilograms made of mortar shells in the Tal Abyad region in northern Syria. The state: The competent teams destroyed the device due to the risk of transporting it, and the local authorities are launching an investigation in this regard.
Explosion in Qamishli tonight came from a fragmentation grenade that was thrown at a car. No casualties
SDF forces stationed in the 93rd Brigade target the SNA-controlled areas north of Ain-Issa with an artillery shell
Reinforcements of the Liwa Fatemiyoun and the Iraqi Hezbollah arrived from the western and eastern countryside of Deir_ez_Zor to the road between Palmyra and Deir ez-Zor in the Syrian desert
Al-Shuhail: Unidentified persons targeted a point belonging to the SDF at the Kua Saud with an RPG shell, followed by firing by the SDF, without causing any casualties. On the other hand, the international coalition warplanes were heard flying at low altitudes over the eastern countryside towards the Euphrates River
6 month ago
E. Syria: today an ISIS mine/IED killed one fighter & wounded 3 more on road East of Ithriya (E. Hama)
Pakistan: Counter-terrorism Department (CTD) press release detailing the arrest of a student of NED University (in Karachi city) who was arrested for financing ISIS in Syria via cryptocurrency6 month ago
Pakistan: Counter-terrorism Department (CTD) press release detailing the arrest of a student of NED University (in Karachi city) who was arrested for financing ISIS in Syria via cryptocurrency
South Syria: Daraa witnessed many assassinations past 24 hours: - body ex-Rebel who joined the Military Security found in town of Daraa (executed) - ex-Rebel who worked for 4th Division shot dead in Sahem Golan (1) - ex-Rebel linked to the Mil. Security shot dead in Nahata (2)
Two members of the YPG forces of the SDF were killed when an explosive device exploded in a military vehicle near the panorama in the city of Hasakah
Activists from Afrin in the northern Aleppo countryside and dozens of human rights organizations demanded on Monday an end to Turkey's occupation of Afrin and other Syrian areas
Syria- On Monday, Russia sent additional military police units of about 300 soldiers to Hasakah province in the nort of Syria. Tension rise between Pro-Assad forces and YPG
The Syrian Civil Defense: The body of an unidentified man was found on agricultural land in the village of Aibnih, south of Jericho, in the southern countryside of Idlib
Government forces arrest a loyal journalist in Aleppo
6 month ago
Army Blackhawk helicopter forced to make 'hard landing' in NE Syria due to mechanical failure earlier today, no injuries to anyone on board. "The incident was not the result of hostile activity," US-led coalition spokesman says
Pro-Assad forces have targeted the farms between the villages of Al-Qarqour and Freekeh in Idlib countryside, with new missiles (modern radar-guided missiles that carry vacuum warheads and reach distances of 8 to 10 km). One of the missiles hit a car and destroyed it, and a man was slightly injured.
6 month ago
Lavrov: We have contacts with the United States through military channels, not because we recognize the legitimacy of its presence there, but simply because it must act within a certain framework. Lavrov: We communicate closely with Israel and call on it to stop the attacks on the Syrian and Lebanese lands.
6 month ago
Lavrov: We will not engage in any armed clashes with the American forces in Syria
Aleppo correspondent today: The body of a person called "Shehadeh Al-Masalama," a member of the Military Security Branch in Daraa, was found
6 month ago
One security forces member was killed and three others were wounded, as a result of the explosion of a landmine left over from the war, east of Athria area in the eastern Hama countryside
6 month ago
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov called on Israel to provide evidence of the threat from Syria and stressed that Moscow is ready to take all measures to eliminate threats to Israel's security from Syrian territory.
6 month ago
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said Russia will not try to "expel" the US troops from Syria and engage in armed clashes with them, but is conducting a dialogue with Washington, seeking to comply with certain rules.
Syrian government forces target with guided missiles civilian cars in the vicinity of Al-Gargour village in the western Hama countryside
2 explosions of unknown origin occurred west of Deir Ezzor city near Al-Ruwwad are. The cause of the explosion is still unknown, knowing that the area includes Iranian militias
Turkey army set up new military outpost in Qastoun town /Ghab plain in north western Syria
Aleppo correspondent today: The Turkish army begins establishing a new military post in the town of Qastoun in the western Hama countryside
Civil Defense: An elderly man dies after a fire broke out in his home in the village of Bassamis in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib
Deir Ezzor Al-Zor, the coalition forces, in cooperation with the SDF, carried out a raid campaign accompanied by helicopters on the village of Al-Zer, targeting the house of Abdul Saleh Al-Radini
Coming from Damascus: Iranian militia reinforcements arrive in Quneitra
6 month ago
Pro-Assad media: "Russian Aerospace Forces carried out several strikes on ISIS positions, with the primary rally of these airstrikes targeting the terrorist group's hideouts between the towns of Al-Salamiyah and Al-Resafa. [and] near the desert town of Al-Sukhnah
6 month ago
Inbound Latakia Air Base, Syria flag-ruflag-ru Russian Air Force Tu154 RA85042 RFF8062
Iraqi residents of Syria's Hawl Camp demand repatriation amid violence, terror and chaos in the camp6 month ago
Iraqi residents of Syria's Hawl Camp demand repatriation amid violence, terror and chaos in the camp
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