27 September 2021
Pro-Assad forces target the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad with two "elephant" missiles
One dead and a number of injuries in the bombing of the Syrian government forces on the neighborhoods of Daraa Al-Balad in southern Syria
Al-Muharrar caused heavy losses to the militias of the Fourth Division, in lives and equipment, as a result of their attempt to storm Daraa al-Balad, and the Daraa rebels managed to destroy a tank on the axis of the eastern dam road
Russian warplanes bombard the vicinity of Al-Bara town in Idlib countryside1 month ago
Russian warplanes bombard the vicinity of Al-Bara town in Idlib countryside
2 month ago
Pro-Assad firces bombard with heavy artillery the village of Iblin in the southern Idlib countryside
2 month ago
Daraa: targeting the Um Al-Mayadin-Al-Naima checkpoint, known as the Villa barrier with RPGs and machine guns
Ahrar Houran, correspondent of Ahrar Horan Gathering * A video circulating targeting the "Giza - Ghasam" checkpoint
2 month ago
A number of sheep were killed as a result of the explosion of war remnants in the agricultural lands of the village of Braidej in Hama countryside
Russian Defense Ministry: Syrian Air Defense destroyed a drone with Pantsyr-S SAM in Hama province
Several additional SNA factions joined the Azm Unified Command Room: Jaish al-Islam, Jaish al-Sharqiya, Ahrar al-Sharqiya, Hamza Division, Malik Shah Division and Suqour al-Shamal. This brings a couple of thousand fighters under one command.
In conjunction with the military escalation, the Syrian government forces withdraw from several checkpoints in the countryside of Daraa
Deir ez-Zor: The Pro-Assad forces withdraw all military checkpoints inside the neighborhoods of Deir ez-Zor city, while keeping the checkpoints outside the city.
Two injured in an unknown explosion on the outskirts of Jisr al-Shughur city, west of Idlib, Syria
US sanctions 8 Syrian prison run by the Assad government's intel apparatus, and also AhraralSharqiya, an armed group in northern Syria that has "committed numerous crimes against civilians, particularly Syrian Kurds" per @USTreasury
Closure of shops in Daraa Al-Balad for fear of the owners of the bombing of the government forces
US sanctions alQaida money men in Turkey. Per @USTreasury, Hasan al-Shaban coordinated movement of $$$ from North Africa, Western Europe & NorthAmerica to Turkey Farrukh Furkatovitch Fayzimatov ran fundraising, recruiting efforts for HTS
New US list of counter terrorism sanctions just announced directly targeting Saydnaya prison Syrian security branches and high ranking officers and entities
The United States has sanctioned Ahrar al-Sharqiya—the SNA faction infamous for the brutal murder of Hevrin Khalaf
Today, @USTreasury is sanctioning eight Syrian prisons run by the Assad government's intelligence apparatus, which have been sites of human rights abuses in Syria. The U.S. is also designating five senior security officials of the government
The United States imposes sanctions on 8 individuals and 10 entities affiliated with the Assad militia, including units affiliated with the Military Intelligence Division, as part of measures related to combating terrorism and the Syrian file
Ahrar Houran Gathering, according to a local source: Two members of the Assad militia were killed and three others were injured as a result of targeting a military vehicle "Zil" at the post building in Daraa al-Mahatta
Assad during his meeting with the Iranian parliament speaker: Cooperation will continue until the restoration of Syrian lands
Daraa: Clashes are at their fiercest, and planes begin to overfly
US forces intercept a Russian police patrol in the vicinity of the city of Al-Malikiyah, northeast of Al-Hasakah
Aleppo correspondent today: The funeral of the young man "Ahed Abu Aoun" who was killed by a 23-caliber anti-aircraft bullet in the neighborhoods of Daraa_al-Balad
A military police campaign is taking place today against drug dealers in Azaz city with expected raids and arrests. Al-Jabha Al-Shamiya arrested more than 15 people on charges of drug trafficking and selling in the village of Sejou and rural Azaz
Pictures from the funeral of the martyr Ahed Abu Aoun, who was killed yesterday while the government forces bombed the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad. The snipers of the government targeted the funeral, which led to clashes
2 month ago
Russian warplanes target the villages of Al-Sindiah and Dower Al-Akrad in the western Hama countryside with missiles
2 month ago
Lattakia: Russian warplanes target the vicinity of the Kabinah hills in the northern countryside
Aleppo: Police and Public Security forces destroy an explosive device planted inside the old garage in the city of Afrin in the northern countryside
The Syrian Observatory: 7 members of the government forces and 5 ISIS members were killed in an attack by the organization in the desert of Deir ez-Zor
IED, left by militants on Afrin's Cinderes road, was destroyed in a controlled manner by the Security forces
The bombing has calmed and stopped since the morning hours on the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad amid the continued military build-up of the government's militias in the vicinity and entrances to the area, while a meeting began an hour ago in the city of Bosra al-Sham between a Russian delegation and Ahmed al-Awda to discuss developments in Daraa al-Balad
Clashes on the outskirts of Daraa camp between youths of the area and the government forces, and a military vehicle targeted the latter in the vicinity of Bosra Square, Daraa al-Mahatta. "Ahrar Horan Gathering"
2 month ago
Russian warplanes launch several air raids on the axes and hills of Al-Kabbaneh in the northern countryside of Lattakia, coinciding with intense flight of Russian reconnaissance aircraft over the region
Russian warplanes target with missiles the Barzeh axis in the northern countryside of Latakia2 month ago
Russian warplanes target with missiles the Barzeh axis in the northern countryside of Latakia
Russian warplanes bombard the areas of "Tal Al-Khader, Tardin and Jabal Barzeh" in the northern countryside of Lattakia with missiles
The latest developments in Daraa: The Assad government's officers insist on deploying military checkpoints and security detachments in the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad, which is rejected by the central committees in the region, so negotiations fail and new negotiations begin this morning, Wednesday
2 month ago
Deir Ezzor, the eastern countryside, a explosion in the residential city in the Al-Omar field, east of Deir Ezzor
2 month ago
This morning Turkey-backed groups are shelling the village Samuqa and the Shahba Dam in Shahba. In the last days Turkey has intensified it's attacks against areas in Northern and Eastern Syria
2 month ago
Ongoing shelling right now by the TFSA on SDF positions in Kur Huyuk east of al Bab. Jabhat al Akrad reports 4 mortar impacts so far
Shelling by the Turkish army and TFSA right now on the Shahba dam, Baylouniyah, Tel Rifaat, Sheikh 'Issa, and Samouqa
ISIS launches an attack on military points belonging to the government forces' 17th Infantry Division located in the Jabal Al-Bishri area on the administrative borders of the Badia of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa
2 month ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard with heavy artillery the village of Al-Sindiana in the western Hama countryside
Pro-Assad forces bombard the city of Daraa Al-Balad with tanks in an attempt to storm it
Dozens of dead Assad militias in Daraa al-Balad and trying to retrieve the bodies
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