25 July 2021
5 month ago
Iraqi Intelligence arrests 12 ISIS with Iraqi citizenship who had fled to Syria. They had returned to Ninawa Province, where they were arrested
5 month ago
Clashes took place between SNA and YPG on the Kevikli line in the west of Manbij
5 month ago
Turkish Armed Forces hit YPG targets in Semuka, Um Hos, Harbul, east of Tel Rıfat with artillery shots
A SDF patrol arrests the media activist, "Ali Saleh Al-Waqaa," from the town of Abu Hamam, east of Deir Ezzor. Furat Post: "Al-Wakaa" was in the hospital in Hajin city during the presence of an international coalition delegation to look at the rehabilitation and restoration of the hospital and spoke with the coordinator of the coalition
5 month ago
Unidentified aviation targets, with an air strike, a military vehicle of the Iranian militia in the vicinity of the town of Al-Tebniy, west of Deir Ezzor
Pro-Assad forces bombed the village of Al-Fateera in the southern countryside of Idlib with heavy artillery
The Chinese ambassador in Damascus, "Feng Biao" says that his country will provide 150 thousand doses of the Coronavirus vaccine to the Assad government
5 month ago
Turkish army and affiliated armed opposition groups shell Nairabiya, Mesheirfa, Sad Shahba, Tel Madiq and Umm Hosh villages in Aleppo northern countryside
5 month ago
The Turkish army is shelling Harbel, Umm Hosh, Samouqa, Tel Madiq, Mushayrifah, and Al Hasiyah with artillery at this time. Different area than usual getting hit. Other locations also getting hit near Tel Rifaat
5 month ago
Pro-Assad media: "These clashes prompted the Russian Aerospace Forces to launch a series of airstrikes between the Hama, Homs, and Al-Raqqa governorates, as they attempted to disperse the terrorist cells from the area
5 month ago
Pro-Assad media: Yesterday, ISIS "attempted to launch an attack on the sites and points of the Syrian Army around the axis of Al-Fasida, located east of an archaeological area in the eastern Hama countryside. resulting in heavy casualties on both sides
Pro-Assad forces bombed the village of Binin in the southern countryside of Idlib with heavy artillery
Deir Ezzor 24: The leadership of the government Forces' Fifth Corps in Deir Ezzor is calling for 100 volunteers applying to join the fight in Libya
5 month ago
Unidentified persons kidnapped two volunteers from the Civil Defense with their car on the Harbanoush-Sheikh Bahr road in Idlib. Later released
The British permanent representative to the United Nations in the Security Council session: The continuing threat that the outstanding issues regarding the chemical weapons program in Syria pose to international peace and security is not a hypothetical threat
Syria: Military factions in Northern Syria have arrested some members of the police force in Azaz after students were reportedly attacked at a checkpoint
The killing of a member of the Air Force Intelligence branch in Daraa
Footage from ANHA shows the TFSA mortars landing near Ayn Issa despite the presence of a Russian convoy artillery on the M4
SNA bombards with heavy artillery the sites of the YPG forces of the SDF in the vicinity of Ain Issa, north of Raqqa
Russian military police and Turkish forces conducted a joint patrol in the border area between the cities of Terbespi and Jil Agha in the Qamishli countryside, northeast Syria
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the towns of Al-Fateera, Kansafra, Al-Bara and Sufuhn in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD RFF9921 en route to Damascus
Fars Air Qeshm 747 EP-FAB en route to Syria from Tehran
Pro-Assad forces target with dozens of rockets and artillery shells the villages of Al-Fateira and their Sufuhs in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib, coinciding with the flight of Russian reconnaissance aircraft over the sky
So after the American public broadcaster PBS interviewed Nusra's Joulani, the American gov tweets in Syrian Arabic that he's still a terrorist, takes a jab at his choice of dress, and reminds people there is $10m reward for info leading to his capture
Russian Ambassador @RussiaUN Vassily Nebenzia pushes back @OPCW discussions on the uses of chemical weapons in Syria at UN Security Council meeting
Syrian state media reports Israeli army airstrikes and surface to surface strikes took place at 22:42 in southern Syria, resulting in material damage only
Turkish forces and affiliated armed groups bombard the village of Muallaq, Saqr rest stop, and the M4 Highway with heavy weapons
Reports of deaths in Israel's bombing of Hezbollah sites in southern Syria
5 month ago
Intense Israeli shelling targets the vicinity of Damascus Airport and the Sahnaya area
A short circuit in the southern region, in conjunction with an intense flight of Israeli warplanes along the strip of the ceasefire line with the Golan Heights, Syria, Israel, Iran.
Syrian Air Defense responded to aerial target over Southern Syria
More footage from Syria, reports of additional strikes near Damascus
It seems that the main target is again in the area of Damascus International Airport and at the same time in the Golan Heights, which is also more directed towards Hezbollah
Syrian TV: Syrian air defenses are responding to an Israeli aggression targeting the southern region
Syria reports an Israeli army attack in the Quneitra area of the Syrian Golan. In the north, there is a report of active movement of the Air Force
Israeli airstrikes are targeting southern Syria- SANA
A Daesh' car bomb explosion targeted pro-Assad forces near the al-Panorama area, southern Deir Ezzor. Initial reports indicate that the explosion killed 10 members
10:16: Sarmin a Russian warplane is flying northeast
ISIS has claimed responsibility for IED attacks in central Ar-Raqqah and west of the city targeting a Syrian Kurdish rebel vehicle and an oil tanker owned by allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
5 month ago
A PYD operative was killed in Al-Hol camp, east of Al-Hasakah
Deir Ezzor Al-Shuhail, a patrol of the SDF raids the house of the young man, Izzo Al-Malih Al-Abdul Aziz, from the city of Al-Shuhail, where the patrol arrested him without knowing the reasons
Casualties in two explosions in the city of Ras Al-Ain in the countryside of Al-Hasakah Photo: Ali Al-Najjar
After the photo of PBS journalist with the leader of Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (HTS) aroused criticism & wild speculation among Idlib residents, HTS explains that the interview with Jolani is part of an effort to break the isolation imposed on the area & reach foreign audiences
Russian jets tonight over Darat Izza, Idlib city, Sarmada, Kafr Tukharim, Maarat Tamasrin, and Jabal Zawiyah
Russian air strikes are still continuing in the western countryside of Idlib. More than one warplane overhead5 month ago
Russian air strikes are still continuing in the western countryside of Idlib. More than one warplane overhead
The explosion occurred in the town of Al-Muzayrib in Daraa countryside, as a result of the explosion of a car bomb in the headquarters of "Hassan Ajaj". He is the leader of a group that used to work in the ranks of the opposition and joined the Fourth Division after the reconciliation with the Syrian government.
Two of Iran's 747-200 freighters visited Damascus, Syria today: Qeshm Fars Air EP-FAB as QFZ9951, first delivered 1991, Iran Air Force/Saha Airlines/Caspian Airlines 4-8113/ EP-SHB as CPN7961, first delivered 14 years earlier: in 1977
Syria: RuAF carrying out tonight some massive airstrikes in area of Armanaz (NW. Idlib)
Russian air strikes on the outskirts of Armanaz town in the western countryside of Idlib
The special units in SDF with air surveillance by International_Coalition, arrests a member of ISIS cell, in a security operation in Al_Shaddadi, were he was facilitating transporting money to active cells in NE_Syria, equipments and documents were confiscated
Russian warplanes bombard the vicinity of the town of Armanaz in Idlib countryside
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