Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
For some (technical?) reason Mahan Air A310 from Damascus to Tehran got rerouted to Latakia tonight
The bombardment of cities of Harasta and the Arbeen in Ghouta
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Report that the Military Vehicle Base is completely captured by rebels in Harasta
The Ministry of Tourism has announced plans to offer major projects on the Syrian coast to investors.
Intense nightly Russian airstrikes targeted the outskirts of the following towns in southern Idlib countryside: Maaret Al-Nouman, Maar Shoren, Saraqeb, and Mardekh. And till npw the warplanes still hovering in the sky.
Unknown location
Emilie König, French woman accused of recruiting for ISIS, was captured by YPG in Syria. Her mother claims she has been interrogated and tortured
Drone footage of Morek town in the northern countryside of Hama in Syria. The town is on the verge of being besieged from three sides by pro-Assad government forces.
AhrarAlSham Spox: Ahrar al-Sham is ready to enter new emergency joint Operations Room to repel the Assad government with other Revolutionary movements despite the fact that there has been no real reconciliation with HTS
Jaish Al-Nasr destroyed with a TOW a position equipped with an ATGM launcher on Niha front.
SE. Idlib. FSA Jaish Nasr sent reinforcements and destroyed with a TOW an ATGM launcher earlier today.
Syrian MoD report army also captured Mashrafat and Tuwaybah, Idlib
SDF fighters captured the Abu Hardub and Al Nabayi villages and killed 17 IS members
Fires seen in Rebel-held BeitJin tonight come from some HQs and heavy weaponry being burned down before evacuation planned for tomorrow
E. Ghouta: Jaish Al-Islam's heavy artillery targeting Assad forces on Zarqiyah front tonight.
Orient News correspondent wounded from government's shelling near Damascus
N. Hama: powerful blast shook town of Kafr Zita.
Air strikes intensify in besieged eastern Ghouta
Air strikes intensify in besieged eastern Ghouta
Syrian Army captured Niha and Umm al-Jhalakhil after control Al-Zarzour and Al-Hawa, idlib
Two shells from Syria hit near Yayladagi in Turkey. Turkish Armed Forces targeted the area of origin in Syria8 month ago
Two shells from Syria hit near Yayladagi in Turkey. Turkish Armed Forces targeted the area of origin in Syria
AbuDuhur offensive: for 1st time since government kicked off offensive an intense artillery barrage fired from Hama Airbase targeted Rebel locations, heard all over Hama-city.
Government forces and allied militias captured Zarzur and Um Khalakhil villages.
Iraqi troops kill 15 Islamic State militants on border with Syria
Irbin - Many grave injuries, including women and children by 12 airstrikes on the city in Eastern Ghouta
Sham Legion - Fagot ATGM strike on a pickup killing a group of government militia al-Ikhwan front Hama
Sham Legion - Fagot ATGM strike on a pickup killing a group of government militia al-Ikhwan front Hama
E. Damascus: intense clashes continue in Harasta in conjunction with heavy government airstrikes and artillery shelling. Governorate Building still government-held.
Earlier today Russian Army launched two missiles from Khmemeim AB towards the south. Might be 9K720 Iskander-M
Russian air strikes on Maarat Al Numan, Saraqib and KafrHalab in Idlib and Aleppo province. Some of them near IDP camps. Both far behind the front
5 airstrikes targeting civilian houses in the city of Ma'arat al-Nu'man in Idlib @SyriaCivilDef teams responded
Syrian army captured Al Zarzour and Al Hawa north of Khuwayn, Idlib
An ambulance driver was killed by artillery shelling on the city of Duma in Eastern Ghouta
SAA Tigers captured Sahm al Hawa and Ard az Zarzur /SE Idlib
A dozen Russia/Syrian AF airstrikes hit Marr'at al Numan and outskirts this morning including a refugee camp near Saraqib
Northern Hama, Idlib: Fierce Air Strikes targeting Tal Al Mardikh, Khan Sheikhoun, Talmans, Maarat Al Noaman
8 month ago
SDF releases 26 members of ISIS in the town of Ain Issa, north of the city of Raqqa.
8 month ago
Turkish security forces arrested Suhail Mahmud al-Abadi in Istanbul, from the city of Muhsin in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour, an ISIS member who justified war crimes against civilians
8 month ago
A number of government forces and SDF members were killed due to clashes near the Euphrates River in Bouhmid and Madan
Harasta: SAA targeting rebels areas tonight
Footage showing the 2 main fronts today: Harasta Governorate Building (biggest of area) and Vehicle Base. Non-stop clashes amidst heavy bombardment.
Clashes between ISIS and the opposition groups on the outskirts of Yarmouk camp
East Damascus: pics showing pro-Assad forces in Security and Transport zone near Harasta Governorate Building after Rebel attack this morning. Clashes ongoing.
E. Damascus: night airstrikes on Harasta.
Syria's Assad names new defense and other ministers
SE. Idlib: FSA Central Division shelling government positions on Atshan front using materiel previously seized from Iran|ian-led militias (106 mm recoilless gun with Jafir Jeep).
IS leader who planned suicide attack that killed tens in Qamishlo on 27 July 2016 and one of top commanders of the terrorist group was killed in Deir al-Zor in a special operation carried out by Anti-Terror Units of YPG
As per pro-Assad sources Rebels killed since start of 2nd phase of Harasta battle 3 days ago 50+ fighters and high-ranking officers. Major General Hassan Kurdi also wounded yesterday (1st pic).
Arbin: 2 civilians killed after 6 airstrikes and +30 artillery bombing targeted neighborhoods in the city.
One of the government soldier killed by ES sniper in Tadef, south of Al Bab.
Another YPG militant captured by FSA Anti-Traitor Battalion in Sayadah villlage, north of Arimah.
12 civilians, including four children, killed in eastern Syria's Deir el-Zour province, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says
Civil Defense: Civilians wounded by artillery bombardment on the town of Masraba in Eastern Ghouta
Suicide bombing reported near the Central Prison in Idlib: Casualties reported
Syrian Interim Government announce  The formation of the Syrian National Army8 month ago
Syrian Interim Government announce The formation of the Syrian National Army
Syrian government forces bombard Erbin city in Rif Dimashq province, Casualties reported
Warplanes carried out several airstrikes targeting towns and villages in East Hama countryside and Southern Idlib countryside
E.Ghouta: Harasta city under bombardment since 5 AM. Over 120 artillery shells, 5 airstrikes, and 5 surface-to-surface missiles have struck the city so far on Monday, 1 Jan. 2018.
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