28 September 2021
8 month ago
Turkish_military targets from its base in Yashli village, northwest Manbij villages of Jamousiya, Umm Jloud, Umm Sayyad and Umm Adasah, with 35 mortars without casualties reported
An unidentified drone targets with missiles the "Um Jaloud" crossing north of the city of Manbij in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
Idlib: Turkish military convoy (consisting of military vehicles and logistics equipment) moves from the Kafrlossin border gate to Turkish observation points
Reports of an explosion in Jablah in Latakia Governorate
Four people, including children, were killed as a preliminary outcome, and others were wounded in an explosion of a VBIED in Sere_Kaniye (Ras_al_Ain) north of Syria's Hasakah
Kurdish media: Turkish forces bomb the al-Shahba area in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Car bomb explodes in vegetable market in Serêkanîyê (Ras al-Ain) northern Syria
TAF bombed YPG in Tel Rıfat
TSK bombarded with heavy artillery sites of SDF at Meng Airport and the town of Maranaz in the northern countryside of Aleppo
TSK bombards with heavy artillery gatherings of the pro-Assad forces in the city of Saraqib in the eastern countryside of Idlib
8 month ago
The Turkish Ministry of Defense: 3 YPG militants who tried to infiltrate into the Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria neutralized
8 month ago
Members of the Syrian government forces were killed and wounded in sporadic targeting by the Turkish backed armed opposition groups in Idlib and Hama countryside, northwestern Syria, within the de_escalation zone
The Nasr Army faction, one of the Free Syrian Army factions, destroyed a vehicle with an anti-armor missile on the Gurin front in the western Hama countryside8 month ago
The Nasr Army faction, one of the Free Syrian Army factions, destroyed a vehicle with an anti-armor missile on the Gurin front in the western Hama countryside
The opposition's Syrian Interim Government recorded 34 new cases of coronavirus and two deaths in a low toll in northwestern Syria compared to the previous period
8 month ago
Two members of the SDF were killed in an armed attack on a military vehicle near the village of Al-Ashitah in the town of Markada
8 month ago
Aleppo correspondent today: The military factions target with a guided missile a vehicle carrying members of the government forces on the Gorin axis in the northwestern Hama countryside
Inherent Resolve: Our partners in Syria continue to DefeatDaesh. The SDF recently conducted a series of raids in Deir-ez-Zor and 14 militants were arrested. The Coalition and the SDF remain committed to our shared goal of defeating Daesh
8 month ago
Unknown shooters killed Abdulrahman Seif al-Taleb and Tayseer al-Muhammad al-Harbat who are SDF fighters in alHrmushia town, western Deir ez-Zur
Geolocation of the Russian base which was attacked with a SVBIED last night.
Large anti-terror moves by the SDF over right before the New Year in Deir ez Zor. 14 arrested and 3 foreigners from Iraq killed in operations
South Syria: a soldier from Tartus province is the first victim of the year of Southern insurgents. He was shot dead today in Quneitra countryside
Deir Ezzor, an intense night deployment of the SDF and Asayish forces, and special missions on the Basrah Bridge area, the bridge roundabout and the market in the city of Al-Busirah On the other hand, the correspondent of Sada Al-Sharqiya reported that a military convoy of the SDF forces entered the city of Shuhail on Saturday evening, and was stationed in Al-Shabaka School near the Euphrates River
8 month ago
A member of the government's militia was killed in a landmine explosion in the vicinity of Ma'an village, east of Hama, Syria
United States Military and Syrian Democratic Forces are conducting Military Exercises at Al-Omar Base in Deir Ez Zor
List of names of SAA personnel killed in ISIS ambush8 month ago
List of names of SAA personnel killed in ISIS ambush
An explosion inside a commercial goods transport vehicle in the city of Al-Bab in the countryside of Aleppo
An explosive device planted in a freight vehicle exploded near the old Al-Hal Market in the city of Al-Bab, east of Aleppo
Turkish Armed Forces hit targets of YPG groups in the vicinity of Ayn Isa town and Saida village with artillery shots.
A violent explosion shakes the city of Al-Bab
An explosive device just went off in a vehicle in al Bab. Starting a fire which has destroyed the vehicle
SANA: 19 people were injured in several governorates as a result of indiscriminate firing on the occasion of the New Year 2021 SANA Agency: 12 people were injured in Lattakia, 4 in Aleppo, 2 were injured in As-Suwayda, and one person in Daraa
8 month ago
UK: We are committed to holding those responsible for crimes in Syria accountable. From today the UK will transition EU sanctions against the Assad government and its associates into the UK Autonomous Syria Sanctions government
Hurras al-Din claim responsibility for a suicide attack against a Russian base in the Raqqa countryside last night8 month ago
Hurras al-Din claim responsibility for a suicide attack against a Russian base in the Raqqa countryside last night
Lebanese Foreign Minister: We are keen to protect the rights of Syrian refugees. Lebanese Foreign Minister: We asked the competent judicial and security authorities to take all measures and investigate the circumstances of the tents burning incident and prosecute those responsible and punish them according to the laws
The US special envoy to Syria: The brutal war waged by the Assad regime against the Syrian people is the cause of the economic and humanitarian crises in the country. The United States uses sanctions against the Assad regime to promote human rights and not to violate them
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