Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
FSA Sham Legion announced the capturing of Bilal Koy village from the YPG.
7 month ago
Turkish tanks targeting the positions of the Syrian Democratic forces in the city of Tel Abiad north of Al-Raqqa
Reports say FSA captured the Bilal Koy from YPG
Islamic State claims the killing of 2 SDF militiamen in the cities of Shaddadi and Markadah in the Hasakah
HalabTodayTV: Turkish-backed rebels control the village of Biku in Raju area after clashes with Kurdish units
North Korea earned $200 million from banned exports, sends arms to Syria, Myanmar - U.N. report
Government forces targeted artillery area in Hula in the northern Homs countryside
Northern Aleppo: YPG targeted FSA in Azaz city with heavy machine guns
Olive Branch fighter, providing food to dogs left behind in Bulbul town in the countryside of Afrin
Turkish warplanes and artillery units are heavily bombarding YPG targets around Rajo and Jinderes.
According to Manbij Military Council (MMC) the Turkish backed forces are attacking with heavy weapons the village al-Hosheriye in northeastern of Manbij
Eastern Damascus towns again heavily bombed today with dozens of IRAM rockets and airstrikes.
SAA and allies capture Tell Touqan, al-Matakh, Ruwaydah, Ruwaydah hill and Zammar in south Aleppo countryside
East Idlib: part of reinforcements sent by Ahrar Sham on Saraqeb front today.
Mattis just answered press Q on Turkey's Afrin op, called it "distraction" from ISIS (DOD's talking point). He's in talks w counterpart but wouldn't say if he thinks they'll move on Manbij "I'm not going to discuss those right now."
Footage from siege of Kufriya and al-Foa near Idlib city
Footage from siege of Kufriya and al-Foa near Idlib city
Airstrikes on Erbin suburb
Airstrikes on Erbin suburb
DeirEzzor: ISIS targeted a gathering for SDF near of al-Bahra village by a car bomb
Defense Secretary Mattis says chlorine gas has been weaponized and used repeatedly by Syrian government, says has not seen evidence of use of sarin gas
Defense Sec Mattis tells reporters he is concerned about the use of Sarin gas by the government in Syria and the US is looking for evidence based on claims from NGOs and others
Civil defense teams working to evacuate the injured civilians after artillery shelling and warplanes airstrike on Arbin city in Eastern Ghouta
2 civilians were killed until this moment after heavy bombing by cluster bombs and artillery shells on Douma city in Eastern Ghouta
The warplane targeted the displaced people on Aleppo highway
7 civilians were killed and many we're burnt and injured after warplane airstrikes targeted a caravan of displaced families in the village of Tel-Ahdiya Aleppo countryside
BSF Ropucha class LSTM Azov 151 returned from its 1st Syria deployment in 2018 and transited Dardanelles towards Marmara7 month ago
BSF Ropucha class LSTM Azov 151 returned from its 1st Syria deployment in 2018 and transited Dardanelles towards Marmara
Syrian Army captured Al-Ziyarat and meet forces in Kafr Haddad, South Aleppo
ANHA Footage: YPG fighters targeted an armoured vehicle of the Turkish-backed forces on Hill Kevire Ker of Rajo district
Aviation has bombed Jarjanaz town in Idlib countryside
Aviation has bombed Jarjanaz town in Idlib countryside
Units from SAA 5th Corps. are preparing to move to Afrin in case the negotiations with the Kurds came up with something.
Syrian Army and allied forces continue advance in southern Aleppo and capture (Ziyarah - Tell Aloush - Khirbet al-Wakad) towards Jazraya town
10 ground-to-ground missiles were dropped so far on Douma in Eastern Damascus. 6 airstrikes and tens of mortars.
Turkish Warplanes targeted YPG Positions in Rajo Village.
7 YPG Members were killed in Deir Ez Zor.
6 government warplanes are targeting the eastern towns of East Ghouta
7 month ago
Another rocket hit Reyhanli. Today, the total number of rockets launched to Hatay and Kilis reached 7
Two civilians including a child"were killed, others injured after an airstrike targeted the city of Arbin in Eastern Ghouta
RuAF A-50U today in Khmeimim AB Latakia
Damascus: Syrian government Forces Bombard Arbin City
Many government fighters were killed and wounded after FSA forces targeted them with heavy machine guns on Tell Al-Sultan front, rural Idlib
Artillery shelling on Kafr Zeita in Northern Hama
Artillery shelling on Kafr Zeita in Northern Hama
TuAF bombarbed YPG targets in Rajo area.
Heavy Russia'n airstrikes in areas of Saraqib and Maarrat al-Numan towns in Idlib
More cross border shelling in Turkish town of Reyhanli. Ambulances arriving.7 month ago
More cross border shelling in Turkish town of Reyhanli. Ambulances arriving.
7 month ago
2 rockets fell on Kilis, southern Turkey, one person wounded.
Turkey continues to shell YPG targets in Afrin
Turkish army and FSA launch new stage of operations in Rajo district
Media Activists Union of Aleppo and Its Countryside calls @syriahr "one of the most important media and intelligence arms of the [Assad] government," urging global channels to work with media foundations and activists in the rebels-controlled areas
@obretix: Turkish drone circling overhead Afrin
East Ghouta: pics showing Jaish Islam fending off government assault on Haswh Dawahirah front, taking out a mobile bridge.
SDF spokesperson for Afrin Brusk Heseke denied reports that Turkish forces have taken control over the Bilbil district. Heseke said that the Turkish army is shelling the district in these minutes
FSA Forces at strategic Bulbul town. Afrin
Many families get back home in Keshkiya, AbuHamam and Gharanij town after controlling them by SDF
Rep. Adam Schiff: "When Trump denigrates the free pressthis is a model that others around the world are following. Even people like Bashar al Assad are using the language of Donald Trump."
Senior Trump officials warn "all options are on the table" hinting at possible military action unless Assad government stops using Sarin and Chlorine on its people in Syria, in briefing to @thecipherbrief and other natsec reporters; says Russia must stop helping Syria lie about use.
Video of shooting on Russian aircraft over Eastern Idlib
US says recent chemical attacks in Syria suggest Assad government is developing new kinds of weapons.
8 civilians were killed, and many others injured, after warplane airstrikes targeted residential areas in Kafranboda town, in the westren countryside of Hama. CivilDefense teams rushed to help the wounded. and continue the rescue operation.
FSA Jaysh al Nasr damaged a Russian fighter jet by anti-aircraft artillery fire east Idlib.
S. Aleppo: civilians fleeing last villages still under Rebel control in front of government advances and non-stop bombardment.
[email protected] director Lt. Gen. Mckenzie: "there is no sign they (Turkey) are moving toward Manbij at this time"
Turkish backed Syrian rebels outside Afrin, singing a jihadi song about how we were steadfast in Grozny and Dagestan. And we took Tora Bora. And Afrin is calling for us.7 month ago
Turkish backed Syrian rebels outside Afrin, singing a jihadi song about "how we were steadfast in Grozny and Dagestan. And we took Tora Bora. And Afrin is calling for us."
2 YPG Member were killed by Landmine explosion in Raqqa.
7 month ago
At least one Rocket fell in the center of Kilis town, southern Turkey. Casualties reported.
The FSA Fifth regiment in Bulbul town. #OperationOliveBranch
7 month ago
Another missile from Northern Syria into Kilis
#OliveBranch: Turkish artillery bombard YPG positions around Darmak mountain in Aleppo's Afrin northern Syria
Assad government says Syria treats Turkish Afrin operation as attack and invasion of Syrian lands
Eastern Damascus: up-armoured bulldozer burning after failed government assault on Irbeen front.
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the liberating key district Bulbul from Ypg after clashes. Adds 24 YPG militants killed.
U.N. calls on Russia, Iran and Turkey to break Syria aid deadlock
#OpOliveBranch forces officially control over Bulbul town
7 month ago
Turkish president says 800 militants killed in Syria's Afrin
Turkish war planes are bombarding the Center of Jindires district and the villages Kotana( Al Mudallalah) and Qereqola of Bilbil district
Turkish military Helicopter flying over Kilis, as Turkish army artillery shell YPG bases northern Afrin.7 month ago
Turkish military Helicopter flying over Kilis, as Turkish army artillery shell YPG bases northern Afrin.
#AfrinOp: no official confirmation yet, but OliveBranch forces took control of most parts of Bulbul (strategic crossroads). Video geolocated in center
Turkish bombing wounds a civilian in Ceqela village in Afrin
France says urgent that Russia and Iran as "allies of Damascus government" make arrangements to end bombing, enable humanitarian aid into Idlib, Eastern Ghouta
FSA in YPG-held Bulbul town
Clashes between SDF and ISIS in Al-Bahrah village, amid SDF advance into the village
YPG member was captured in Bulbul
FSA begins a military operation against ISIS in the western countryside of Daraa
According to the Afrin Administration Hospital 104 civilians have been killed while 156 others have been wounded due to the Turkish bombardments on Afrin in the last 13 days
7 month ago
United Nations: Russia, Turkey and Iran must work to avoid escalation in Idlib
7 month ago
UN: We call for a humanitarian truce in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, but both the government and the opposition refuse to do so
Child killed and others wounded in artillery shelling on the town of Masraba in Al Ghouta
Sultan Murat Tümeni in Sahra village N-W to Bulbul
Hamza Birqdar failed the attempt of the pro-SAA militias to break into the front of Hawsh Al-Dawahra in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian Army captured Umm Al-Karamil, and entire area east of railway under army, South Aleppo
Su-22 shelling besieged East Ghouta
Su-22 shelling besieged East Ghouta
Wounded including patients and medical personnel as a result of Russian air strikes on the "Hassan Al-Araj" hospital in the northern countryside of Hama
FSA in town Bulbul
Russian bombardment on Kafr Zita
Russian bombardment on Kafr Zita
"National Army" FSA declares that they are fighting YPG militants in the strategic village of Bulbul claiming that YPG's defense lines collapsed and YPG militants started to withdraw
The #OperationOliveBranch Room annunced the control over Zarah village and a YPG camp in Bulbul District. Adds 14 YPG militants were killed.
Syrian Army captured Atshanah Gharbiyah and Tell al-Hassan in South Aleppo
For January 24-30, the Netherlands says its F-16s carried out 6 strikes near Ar Ramadi, Iraq and near Abu Kamal, Syria: on ISIS buildings and formations, an HQ and a storage facility. Jets also supported ground troops in 12 missions
Free Syrian Army controls the military camp of the YPG in the area of Bulbul in North Afrin
SAA controls the villages of Tal al-Sultan and Husseiniya(Tall Qalbah) in south Aleppo after the withdrawal of the Tahrir al Sham
7 month ago
Syrian Army controls Abu Kanadiq Janoubi, Jubb Zrayq, Abyan, farms South of Abyan in Hama
7 month ago
Five children killed and their parents by the bombing by helicopters on the village of Jazraya in Southern Aleppo
YPG starts counter-offensive against Turkey army and rebels in two fronts in Afrin: Syrian Observatory
Footage of Second corps clashing with YPG near Korni
3 YPG fighters captured by Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters while trying to infiltrate into strategic Mt. Barsaya in Syria's Afrin
Heavy Russian bombard on Saraqeb town in Idlib countryside.
East Ghouta: FSA fighters destroy government armored military bulldozer after repelling government attempts to attack Arbin this morning
Syrian army captured Tall al Fukhkhār
Zara was also captured too but no official confirm yet.
Concentrated shelling and airstrikes strike East Idlib and South Aleppo while clashes resume between SAA and allies vs Opp N and NW of Abo Dhuhr.
7 month ago
Turkey asks Russia to extradite Mihrac Ural, leader of THKP-C - pro-Syrian government militia - blamed for deadly 2013 attacks in Reyhanli
Eastern Damascus: government assault on town of Irbeen was preceded by an artillery barrage with IRAM rockets (Volcano type).
A number of civilians were injured by suffocation following the shelling of Duma city by the Syrian government forces with missiles loaded with chlorine gas
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces captured Ali Kar from YPG in northern Afrin
7 month ago
Turkish foreign minister considers France's reminders to Turkey about its operation into Syria an insult
Three modified 107 mm Iran|ian rockets (produced in 2016) were retrieved as well as one container which reportedly was filled in with chlorine near Duma in East Ghouta.
One of the rockets used in today's chlorine attack in Douma has the same lot number as a rocket used in the Jan 22nd chlorine attack on Douma, strongly suggesting they came from the same source. (Left Feb 1st, right Jan 22nd)
OIR Spokesman: A @CJTFOIR service member died Jan. 31 in what appears to be a non-combat-related incident. Name and circumstances will be released at the discretion of the pertinent national authorities. The incident is under investigation.
The missles were dropped near each other, and this's the 1st Chlorine missile of the Chlorine Attack against the west neighborhoods of Douma city 1.Feb.2018
Local activists: suspected chlorine gas attack targeted heavily-populated town Douma, rural Damascus. Suffocation cases among civilians reported. This is the 3rd gas attack in 2 weeks.
According to AP there is a proposal by the Kurds to persuade Assad to deploy his troops as a buffer between the Kurds and Turks in Afrin. US open to that proposal, Assad still want full control of the area
Syrian Army Launches an attack in Harasta - Arbin Axis at 3:30 Am
An explosion was just heard and it was a result of targeting enemy positions in Harasta with an UR-77 Mine Clearing Vehicle
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