20 September 2021
SDF: We're slowing down the offensive in Baghouz due to a small number of civilians held as human shields by Daesh. However we assert that the battle to retake the last ISIS holdout is going to be over soon.
2 year ago
The IDF fired a mortar shell at the town of Khader near Quneitra, no injuries
2 year ago
Lattakia: 1 SAA soldier killed and 6 wounded after a ground and fire attack on Jabal Abu Ali, located in the north-eastern Latakia countryside
Close-up footage showing large explosion and fires in what remains of IS tent city in Baghuz
The SDF have taken control of most buildings around the camp and have pushed Daesh to a point near Jabal Baghuz. The tent camp is being constantly raked with fire
Rukban local council's letter to the UN says no one trust Russia or the Assad government
Pro-Assad forces shelled the village of Shariah, west of Hama with mortars
Syria: HTS says its raid vs SAA in Jebal Turkman (Jebal Qalaah front) killed an Iranian officer as well as 4 soldiers. One Inghimasi also died in assault (2nd pic).
Renewed artillery and missile bombardment of the pro-Assad forces on the city of Kafr Zita in Hama
Pro-Assad forces bombard the villages of al-Tuwaina, Bab al-Istiqahah and al-Jisat, in the countryside of Hama, Syria
Al Baghuz: clashes between SDF and Daesh ceased at this time
SOHR: The government's Air Force Intelligence arrests 18 former members of the civil defense from the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus months after they had their situations settled
2 year ago
US Special Representative for Syria Engagement and anti-Daesh envoy James Jeffrey will come to Turkey tomorrow
HTS are assaulting multiple SAA positions in Latakia mounts.
Israeli drone aircraft flying in the vicinity of Bint Jbeil and the central sector in southern Lebanon
Counselor William Roubak, representative of US Department of State , accompanied with the diplomat" Geef" met with the delegation of (MSD) in Ain Isa. They discussed the latest political and military developments in northern and eastern Syria.
Pro-Assad forces shelled the city of Khan Sheikhan in southern Idlib
The IS is fighting with all they have - today several SVBIEDs were heading towards SDF positions but were destroyed before reaching their target. A big Ammo depot of the IS was struck by the coalition and resulted in large explosion
The Lebanese minister of social affairs, Richard Kouyoumjian, says that the main obstacle to the Syrians' return to their country is Bashar al-Assad
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirms that he agreed with Russian President Putin during his recent visit to Moscow the goal of the removal of foreign troops from Syria, Netanyahu made it clear in the talks that the military action will continue against Iran in Syria
Jihadi group Ansar al-Tawheed statement announces more than 40 Assad government dead and wounded in a raid at al-Massasneh Checkpoint in Hama
Idlib: The wave of displacement from the town of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside to the safe areas of rural Idlib continued as a result of the heavy shelling of the city by the pro-Assad forces
The secretary of the Iranian National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, says that his country's presence in Syria continues in coordination with the Assad government
Visited Tabqa council. Tabqa officials are pleased with US decision to keep some troops in Syria. Civilians in Tabqa were afraid Syrian govt would come back and protested against the possible return Syrian government
Artillery shelling from the positions of the pro-Assad forces targeting the villages of Khuwayn, Umm Jalal and Umm al-Khalakhil southeast of Idlib
The Syrian army is preparing for a military operation in the northern Hama countryside
Live pictures of the Baguz show violent clashes between ٍSDF and ISIS
Five members of SDF were injured when a motorcycle exploded near a checkpoint in the town of Al-Basira, east of Deir Al-Zour.
US patrol on Sajur line near Manbij
2 year ago
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: It is too early to talk about the total elimination of the threat of terrorism in Syria. The Sochi agreement on Idlib was not fully implemented.
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: 21 government members were killed in an attack by an al-Qaeda affiliate in Hama
Rebel group Ansaar Tawheed conducted an infiltration operation on a military point of the pro-Assad forces in the area of Masaseen in the countryside of Hama and killed dozens of government militants.
Ltamenah, North Hama: The city and the surrounding agricultural lands were hit last night by heavy artillery and missile shelling from the checkpoints of the pro-Assad militias
Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani: All efforts to secure Israel's security failed and Tel Aviv today faces real threats outside and within its borders
Secretary of the Iranian National Security Council: Netanyahu's talk and his multiple visits to some capitals will remain useless
Fire from fighting is seen in Baghouz, Deir Al Zor province, Syria March 3, 2019. Picture taken with a long exposure. REUTERS/Rodi Said @reuterspictures
FSA is repelling YPG attempt of infiltration at Deir Mashmesh village near the city of Afrin north of Aleppo.
Four elements of the SDF were killed with knives by unidentified elements believed to be Daesh cells near AlBassirah water station east of Deir ez-Zur.
2 year ago
Turkey completed preparations to hit terrorist targets in Syria, Defense Minister Hulusi Akar says
Heavy clashes with heavy weapons between FSA and YPG at Kal Jibrin frontline in Northern Aleppo
Daesh has reportedly sent several suicide bombers using motorcycles towards SDF lines.
Kurdish-led SDF has blown up an IS ammunition depot in Baghouz.
Video of today's clashes in Al Baghuz
Intense clashes between SDF and IS terror organization in al-Baghuz farms at the eastern banks of the Euphrates River.
7 ISIS members killed in clashes against Iranian militias and the government forces as they attempt to cross Euphrates River near al-Bokamal - SOHR
A member of the SDF was killed by unidentified gunmen in Al-Rumaila neighborhood north of Al-Raqqa city.
2 year ago
Russian says U.S. refused to allow evacuation buses to reach Ar Rukban camp in Al Tanf area
Baghouz right now. Heavy clashes ongoing.
A woman was murdered by a fighter yesterday in Afrin city's Azadi park, 100m away from a Military Police facility (site of the recent graduation). Killer's name reportedly 'Abd al-Rahman al-Hafyan
Syria: today again town of KhanSheikhoun (SE. Idlib) was bombed with heavy artillery. 1st pics show Al-Radwa Mosque damaged by rockets.
Bombardment of 3 rockets carrying cluster bombs targeting the town of Maarat al-Numan by the pro-Assad forces
Maarat Al Numan today
Russia brought "Syrian war exhibition train" to Kerch, occupied Crimea
ISIS targeting SDF with VBIEDs
Syria: remains of BM-27 rockets (originally carrying cluster munition) following bombardment tonight of S. suburbs of MaaretNuman (SE. Idlib).
Syrian Democratic Forces release 92 Pro-SAA and ISIS prisoners who were detained in its prisons in the city of Al-Malikya (Dêrike) and Al-Hasakah.
SDF fighters continue to fight hard to defeat the remains of IS in Al Baghouz
2 year ago
Turkish Foreign Ministry calls on Washington to include YPG in Syria on "list of terrorist organizations"
2 year ago
As Syria threatens to forcibly move people in Rukban displaced-persons camp, UN reported all consulted residents regardless of background "have ongoing concerns" for "their safety and security, particularly the fear of detention and of military conscription."
One killed, other civilians wounded as result of artillery shelling on Zayzun village in Western Hama
FSA al-Majd Corps and Northern Hawks Brigade statements offering condolences to Levant Front for the 6 killed in clashes with the PKK/YPG at the village of Kaljibrin South of Azaz
As response on the suicide attack on a restaurant in downtown Idlib yesterday, HTS executed 10 ISIS member on the same location as the attack took place.
Heavy fighting continues at outskirts of Baghouz at the moment. SDF and YPG-YPJ made a remarkable progress since yesterday evening, recaptured many positions from ISIS.
Armed opposition shelling Jorin camp in Western Hama
A number of US Marines support Syrian Democratic Forces on ground in Al-Baghuz Fawqani
Albukamal: Pro-Assad militia sending reinforcement to opposite side of Euphrates river to al Baghuz to prevent Daesh infiltrations
'Nothing remains in Baghouz but militants', say SDF as final assault against ISIS begins
Heavy smoke over the last camp of Daesh on the Eastern bank of Euphrates as battle rages
2 year ago
Big operation against Daesh launched in Eastern Syria around T2 station, operation start agreed during Assad meeting in Tehran
Very violent clashes inside Baghouz between remaining Daesh militants and SDF
Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham executes several elements of the Daesh in the city of Idlib
Killed and wounded by the explosion of a motorcycle bomb in Al Busayrah town in Eastern Deir ez-Zur
The National Army repels infiltration attempt of YPG at Kal Jibrin front in Northern Aleppo
Syria: 6 fighters belonging to FSA National Army were killed last night during clashes with YPG on Kal Jibrin front (N. Aleppo).
International coalition helicopter above Baghouz
ISIS-held Baghouz Fawqani: SDF is moving into the pocket since yesterday. ISIS started to burn tires/trash to cover themselves behind smoke against UAV's patrolling above. 4 SDF fighters got injured in the battle.
SDF's been advancing on two fronts into Daesh-held territory since yesterday evening. Heavy clashes are taking place atm. 3 SDF fighters got wounded so far. No information on casualties of ISIS yet.
Video: Al Baguoz Last night
Clashes at Al Baguoz At the morining
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