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23 September 2018
Homs: ISIS announces the death of Hudhayfah al-Badri, a son of the group's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The kid apparently conducted an Inghimasi OP against government forces/Russians at a thermal power station.
2 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: We set up a special operations center to chase the militants responsible for the kidnapping of some of our citizens. Our Air Force carried out air strikes against Daesh headquarters in Syria, destroyed a large number of tunnels and killed some of their leaders
Parade of SDF Raqqa Military Council today.
South Syria: photos of displaced people from Daraa stuck on border with Jordan.
Preliminary agreement was made between Assad government and US backed YPG in northern Syria YPG has agreed to remove all posters of 'Abdullah Ocalanandkilled YPG members from streets and areas under their control in Al-Hasakah,Qamishli
The raids which led to the arrest of ISIS sleeper cells and the capture of their armaments and these suicide explosive belts happened in the villages of: Sheheel, al-Ziban and al-Zer. The villages are located along the Euphrates bank. DeirEzzor
Deir-Ez-Zor: Military Council carried out raids on suspected ISIS sleeper cells in DeirEzzor and captured their armaments.
FSA Southern_Front Central Operations Room forces stationed in the vicinity of the city of Tafas W Daraa destroyed a BMP, a ZIL military vehicle and a pickup of the Assad government and Iranian militias after being targeted with ATGM strikes on the axis of the Tapline Road
FSA claims to have destroyed a Shilka vehicle and to have ambushed some SAA soldiers in Tafas.
Tiger Forces begin using US-made TOW ATGM in Daraa, the systems they are using were captured in previous battles.
Russian planes at Hmeymim airbase in Latakia on latest satellite image (17 Jun 2018): 9 Su-24, 6 Su-25, 6 Su-30, 5 Su-34, 4 Su-35, an IL-76 and an An-26/30
Heavy strikes by SAA on town of Saida in Daraa
8 mortar shells landed in government held areas of Daraa city
Asayish (Police) discovered and caught a car bomb in Qamishlo city.
Raqqa: Members of SDF militia roam the city and chant the head of government the criminal Bashar al-Assad, amid reports of the intention to surrender the city to government
Raqqa: 30 bodies were found under the rubble in alBadoo avenue, which belonged to civilians who were killed in earlier coalition air strikes
Syria: no less than 7 TOW launchers and important amount of ammunition + BMP seized/handed over from/by Rebels in E. Daraa countryside.
Raqqa: A delegation of Assad government enters the city to negotiate with SDF militia about joint cooperation and the return of Assad's government to the city
Iranian IRGC officer Mohammad Ibrahim Rashidi killed in operations against FSA forces in Deir Al-Addas rural north west Daraa province
Thousands of ammunition containers were destroyed on 11th June in storage area near Qutfayah's Missile Base NE. of Damascus. Syria.
U.N. urges Jordan to open borders to fleeing Syrians
Explosions destroyed part of Al Kum warehouses, one of the most important storage areas in Daraa - Syria.
SAA targeting town of Tafs in Daraa with several 'Golan' missile strikes.
The Al-Jazeera network reported explosions in a weapons warehouse belonging to the Syrian army and Iranian militia in the Dar'aa area.
SAA Russian-made Pantsir-S1 medium-range surface-to-air missile systems at T4 airbase, Homs province, Mar 2018
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights appeals to Jordan to open the border to the displaced Syrians of the Daraa
A picture of the Israeli raid that targeted an arms depot belonging to the regime forces east of Mahja town on the international highway "Damascus-Daraa"
The local council of Aleppo city has elected Iman Hashem to be its president. Iman is the 1st woman to be elected as the head of a local council in the opposition held areas of Syria
South Syria: report from Tafas (W. Daraa) where Rebels wrecked yesterday Republican Guard tanks.
Islamic State claims IED attack against YPG next to al-Nour mosque in #Raqqa city
To split Daesh : Iraq's Army rapidly go ahead with equipping a significant part of border with Syria with modern surveillance and security system. It will include electrified fence, thermal CCTV, guard towers with remote controlled weapons, lights and 24/7 border patrols
32 journalists from 16 countries visited opposition held Syria's Afrin
2 month ago
Human Rights Watch: International support needed to investigate mass graves in former ISIS areas of Syria
@OPCW has released a new Fact Finding Mission report, on alleged chemical attacks reported by Syria on Aleppo in Oct and Nov 2016: "the FFM cannot confidently determine whether or not a specific chemical was used as a weapon in the incidents"
DoD will not say whether the US Military has received orders or has plans to close the At Tanf base in Syria but says such decisions are "determined by operational requirements and the progress of the campaign," adding "Coalition forces continue to conduct patrols out of At Tanf"
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
The @SundayTimes says UK jets bombed pro-Assad militias in east Syria on June 21. The strike the US attributed to Israel and for which the Iraqi militias vowed revenge was June 17.
SDF has captured tens of villages and hamlets south of Dishisha town.
Reports from civilians in Ibtaa Town, western rural Daraa, state that government forces demanded that all armed persons in the town to hand over their weapons, days after the Russian military police entered the city.
Senator @LindseyGrahamSC and @SenatorShaheen visited Manbij to see the situation on the ground and discuss with Manbij military and civilian councils to strengthen stability and security in the region
Agricultural crops in Tafas city in Daraa are burnt due to the Russian air forces shelling.
FSA Southern Front Central Operations Room | TOW ATGM strike on a T-72 of the Assad government and Iranian militias on al-Tira front North of the city of Tafas during the fierce fighting there to repel the attack of these militias
Nabaa: Artillery and missile shelling by government and it's militias on Saida and Taiba towns eastern Daraa countryside
FSA Southern Front Central Operations Room report a TOW ATGM strike on a T-72 of the Assad government and Iranian militias on al-Tira front North of the city of Tafas during the fierce fighting there to repel the attack of these militias
SAA D-30s with camo netting in Daraa.
Turkey deploys more military gear to beef up presence at outskirts of Manbij and Tell-Rifaat in Syria.2 month ago
Turkey deploys more military gear to beef up presence at outskirts of Manbij and Tell-Rifaat in Syria.
SDF has captured Al-Sarajiyah and Qabarta(Qabr Taha) from ISIS
Photos from al-Musayfirah which is under Syrian army control
Rebels have destroyed 4 SAA tanks on outskirts of Tafas, West Daraa
3 ambulances to Hama National Hospital loaded with dead and wounded pro-Assad militias killed in clashes with rebels
SDF troops, backed by the US and French forces, are preparing to launch a big operation to capture the town of Toymeen, which is a Daesh stronghold near the Iraqi border.
Rossiya Special Flight Squadron Antonov An148-100E is flying from Damascus International to Humaymim Russian air base in Latakia Syria. This equipment usually carries high level Army and FSB officers. Final approach to Humaymim.
The Jordanian people are still coming to the Jordanian-Syrian border to help families in Daraa.
Senator Lindsay Graham to Abu Adel (Head of MMC): "I will tell President Trump that it's important that we stay here to help you".
Russian warplanes carry out an air raid 2 kms from the Turkish observation area east of Morek
Russian warplanes carry out an air raid 2 kms from the Turkish observation area east of Morek
From June 25-July 1, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 29 strikes targeting ISIS, 20 in Syria and 9 in Iraq
South Syria: one of the tanks (T-72) blown by a TOW missile N. of Tafas (W. Daraa).
Helicopters and two Raptor patrol boats (Project 03160) at the Russian naval base in Tartus  (17 Jun 2018)2 month ago
Helicopters and two Raptor patrol boats (Project 03160) at the Russian naval base in Tartus (17 Jun 2018)
Two US senators visited Manbij and met with Military and civilian administrations
Assad's MIG-23 is attacking 2 km away from the Turkish army observation point.
News of SAA artillery barrage (cause yet unknown) landing near Turkey TSK observation point around Mourek Hama
Footage of U.S army military vehicle patrolling along al-Sajour river. North of Manbij city.
A spokesman for the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees: The number of displaced Syrians because of the bombing in southwestern Syria, is now at 270 thousand displaced
Jordan to hold talks with Russia over Syria
Jordanian Foreign Minister will hold talks with his Russian counterpart on the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria and on the humanitarian crisis there
South Syria: Central Operation Room announces it thwarted government assault on Tafas launched this morning. Half of armored column destroyed. Town is under intense Russian aerial bombardment. W. Daraa.
Yesterday's clashes between FSA and SAA soldiers near Daraa.
FSA target SAA vehicles with mortar shells on Tafas front.
Tank blown up in outskirts of Tafas (W. Daraa). Town has strategic position: its fall will split Rebel territory.
South Syria: heavy clashes on Tafas front continue. One BMP taken out with ATGM. Photo shows armored column advancing to storm nearby position.
Rebels are attempting to repel government advance at Tafas frontline
Syria: Khmeimim Airbase was targeted for the 2nd consecutive night by "suicide" drones, reportedly shot down by Russia's Air Defenses.
South Operations Room announces the destruction of the BMP vehicle of the government forces on the front of Tira near the city of Tafas, Western Daraa
Shelling with rockets, mortars and artillery on Tafas in Western Daraa
People return al-Jizah which is under Syrian army control, Daraa
Pro-Assad forces storming Al-Tayr and Tel-Samman near Tafas
Al Mayadin: "Reconciliation" will not be limited to Bosra al-Sham but will include towns close to the Jordanian border
Former Israeli army spokesperson @LTCPeterLerner argues Israel has a moral imperative to set up a safe zone for Syrians seeking safety on its border.
A Tiger Forces Soldier "We the men of the Tiger are 7 KM away from the Nassib crossing"
2 officers killed in attack on Republican Guard position near Tafas
Russian military delegation arrived in the city of Daraa in southwestern Syria on Sunday to resume cease-fire talks with opposition groups.
SDF and Raqqa's Internal Security Forces captured an amount of armaments from arrested ISIS sleeper cells in Raqqa city.
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