17 May 2021
Clashes between the FSA "National Army" and SDF with pro-Assad forces at Hazwan front west to Al-Bab in Eastern Aleppo
Russian warplanes targeted surrounding of the town of Muhanbal south of Idlib
Raids of Russian warplanes on the town of Annab in Idlib
Three civilians killed and others wounded in the explosion in the city of Sweida, southeast of Syria.
The explosion of a military vehicle on the road Bulbul-Midanki in Aleppo countryside left three injured, one of them in critical condition
The explosion that hit Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
Air raids of Russian aircraft with rockets on the town of Maar Hurmah south of Idlib
From Tehran to T-4 airbase (Iran hq in Syria): Syria AirForce il76 (YK-ATB)
The warplanes target the city of Ma'arat al-Nu'man, south of Idlib
The warplanes targeting the farms located between the town of Khan Sheikun and the town of Hish in the southern countryside of Idlib with cluster ammunition
12 injured in motorcycle boma explosion in the city of Kebasin, Eastern Aleppo
At least 200 bodies were found in a mass grave in the Syrian city of Raqqa
One person was killed and others injured by a motorcycle explosion in the city of Al Bab, east Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces with heavy artillery bombard villages of Qarah and Mshik in the western Hama countryside.
One wounded in the explosion of a motorcycle bomb in the city of Kabassin rural Eastern Aleppo
A missile attack of the pro-Assad forces targeting the villages of Tal Malah and the Jubayn in the northern Hama countryside
1 year ago
US Attempts to Leave Palestinian Refugees in Other Countries Contradict UNSC - Lavrov
A delegation of Turkish Armed Forces accompanied by Turkish military patrols inspecting the observation posts in the countryside of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama
A delegation of Turkish Armed Forces accompanied by Turkish military patrols inspecting the observation posts in the countryside of Aleppo, Idlib and Hama
1 year ago
Turkish security forces arrest six people in the Turkish province of Adana on charges of ISIS membership, three of them Syrians
Artillery shelling of pro-Assad forces on the village of Zitan in the Aleppo southern countryside
Aleppo: Warplanes targeting the town of Al-Hawabiya in the southern countryside
A woman was killed by aerial bombardment on the village of Mohandeseen II west of Aleppo
Hamza Brigade repelled pro-Assad forces infiltration attempt in Dağlıbaş (Al Daghlibash - الدغلباش ) front west of the city of Al Bab.
After the Turkish Armed Forces hit YPG positions in Tel Rifat, YPG targeted the residential areas in the city center of Azez and Mare in exchange
Wounded, including women and children in the town of Mare in the countryside of northern Aleppo, due to artillery shelling
Pro-Assad forces stationed in the Shoudeleh dam shell heavy artillery on the town of Zeitan in the south of Aleppo.
Turkish army targeted YPG in Maranaz, Milikiyah and Tanab in Northern Aleppo
Today SyAF-Russian warplanes have airstriked urban areas in Bidama town, killing at least 8 civilians
SyAF-Russian warplanes are dropping incendiary ammo on Rakaya Sijneh town.
The Turkish army is currently shelling YPG and SAA positions in Tel Rifaat
A car bomb loaded with a serious amount of explosives has been neutralized in Jarabulus today.
A civilian killed in an air strike on the town of Ma'ra Haramah in the southern countryside of Idlib.
1 year ago
Russia is concerned about Israeli strikes on Syria and believes they could pose a threat to regional stability: foreign ministry
NLF targeting the pro-Assad forces with Grad rockets in Kranaz ( كرناز ) northern suburbs of Hama
The warplanes belonging to the government forces target the missiles surrounding the town of Ma'ra Hormeh south of Idlib
Syrian deputy foreign minister: Israel should not feel calm
Chairman of UN Commission on Syria: There are not enough guarantees for the safety of the return of refugees to their country
News The sheikh of the al-Buasaf clan was shot dead in the north of Raqqa-Tell Abyad area by unknown persons.
Casualties among civilians as result of warplanes raid on Jabala village in Idlib
1 year ago
Helicopters have dropped several barrel bombs on the Kabanah village in the northern countryside of Latakia.
PYD militias reportedly kidnapped several security forces in Qamishli and the Syrian forces responded with kidnapping several of them.
The warplanes carried out several air strikes with rockets targeting both the area between Jericho and Al-Mustumah in Jabal Al-Zawiyya, Siraj, Deir Sennel, Al-Maghara, Maarat Horma and Farkiya in Southern Idlib.
Russian warplanes bombard the city of Khan Sheikhan in southern Idlib
Photo: Heavy aerial bombardment targeting the town of Ma'ra al-Nu'man in Idlib Governorate
Warplanes bombed by the village of Kafr Sajna in southern Idlib countryside.
Idlib: Air raids by Russian warplanes targeted the city of Khan Sheikun and the town of Habit and the outskirts of the village of Basida in the southern countryside
The entry of several mechanisms accompanied by a Turkish military delegation to the Turkish observation point in the city of Morak, northern countryside of Hama
1 year ago
Hama: Russian air force raids on the town of Kafr Zita and the village of Hawija in Al-Ghab plain in the northern countryside
Hama: pro-Assad forces target heavy artillery and mortar shells in the northern villages of Tal Malh and Arbain
FSA National Liberation Front report a raid by their fighters on Talla Abu Assad in Jabal al-Akrad in rural Latakia, leading to the death of a group of Assad government militia, including a high-ranking officer, and the wounding of others
Two men and a child were wounded by air raids on the town of Ma'arat al-Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside.
1 year ago
Russian aircraft launched several air raids targeting the village of Hawija in Al-Ghab plain in the western Hama countryside.
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