Map. History of Syria conflict

20 September 2018
Syrian government forces shelled Ismail Lata Primary School in al Bara village in Idlib countryside
Few days ago YPG killed a member of Liwa Thuwar Raqqa, which led to infighting. Today US tries to solve the problem between them by reconciling them.
Firefighter teams in the WhiteHelmets, managed to extinguish a huge fires that broke out at a petrol stations near Jarablus city in Aleppo countryside.
Manbij Today
CNN: Trump requested to end the operations of US forces against the ISIS in Syria in six months
5 month ago
Turkish Presidential spokesperson Ibrahim Kalin says contradicting messages from Trump and the US military "signals serious confusion"
5 month ago
Assad government places tanks, artillery in buffer zone with Israel — report
3rd batch of displaced people from Eastern Ghouta has arrived at Abu Al Zayat crossing, West to Al-Bab
5 month ago
'We hope France will not make the same mistake as United States regarding helping YPG in Syria' says Turkish presidential spokesman during presser.
5 month ago
France hasn't deployed forces in Manbij - Turkish Gov Spox
In response to Iranian President @HassanRouhani saying Afrin should be handed back to the Syrian government, Turkish presidential spokesman @ikalin1 says 'Afrin will be run by the people of Afrin, and we will not give it to anyone else.'5 month ago
In response to Iranian President @HassanRouhani saying Afrin should be handed back to the Syrian government, Turkish presidential spokesman @ikalin1 says 'Afrin will be run by the people of Afrin, and we will not give it to anyone else.'
5 month ago
Kalin: Russians say that there are no YPG/PYD elements in Tel Rifat, but Turkey will confirm it from own sources
5 month ago
Turkey's presidential spokesman @ikalin1 says possible new Turkish-led operation in Syria's Tal Rifaat in the coming days.
5 month ago
Turkish Deputy PM says that Tal Rifaat will be soon "purged of YPG".
Two unidentified bodies were found in the city of Al Bab
4 killed in air raid on Mar`and and Jisr Al Shughur
FM @HeikoMaas visits German embassy in Jordan processing visa applications for Syria refugees
Isis destroyed the 3rd SAA position today near AbuKamal.
Footage of U.S military base in Manbij countryside.
5 month ago
US and partners "remain committed to eliminating the small ISIS presence in Syria that our forces have not already eradicated," says @PressSec in statement.
Convoy of displaced people has arrived in Al Bab, Aleppo
Coalition forces and SDF in Qamişlo
Dutch delegate to the United Nations: We call on the Syrian government to cooperate with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
West vows Assad will pay for sarin attack [in Khan Shaikhoon last year].
Nikki Haley: The Syrian government's use of chemical weapons brings us back to a time we thought was gone
United States Representative to the UN Nikki Haley: The Syrian government uses chemical weapons weekly
Iranian President Rouhani says the US is interested in destabilising Syria and uses terror groups like Daesh towards this end5 month ago
Iranian President Rouhani says the US is interested in destabilising Syria and uses terror groups like Daesh towards this end
US official: Trump wants to ensure the defeat of the ISIS
5 month ago
Turkey, Russia to set up hospital for Syrians fleeing eastern Ghout
Trump yesterday in the national security council agreed to keep US military in Syria "a little longer" but doesn't want a long term commitment, per senior administration official to Reuters
US official: Trump calls on countries in the region to help stabilize Syria
5 month ago
Erdogan: We want to build field hospital for injured from E.Ghouta, Syria in cooperation with Russian armed forces
Reuters quoted a US official: Trump agreed to keep US troops in Syria
House Foreign Affairs Committee member Ted Deutch on a potential US withdrawal from Syria: "I don't know how it is that we would want to leave Iran and Russia in charge of Syria and walk away completely"
2nd batch of displaced people from Douma, Eastern Ghouta has arrived at Abu Zindeen crossing west to Al-Bab
5 month ago
President Hassan Rouhani says he believes that in the near future with the help of Turkey, Iran and Russia peace will come to Syria
5 month ago
Putin: "Militants in Syria are organizing provocations with the use of toxic substances"
5 month ago
President Erdogan: "We have to get results in Syria, we are not tolerated to linger, people are dying there."
133,000 people displaced from East Ghouta to rural Damascus Idleb Aleppo @UN and partners are providing food, shelter, health, education and other aid wherever we have access but much more is needed Latest situation report
Turkish army has shelled Semalka boarder gate (between Northern Syria and Iraqi Kurdistan), and media source say " US troops are going there ".
5 month ago
Turkey Erdogan says Syria's territorial integrity depends on distance from terrorism
Inherent Resolve:The US has cleared explosives from over 130 schools in areas captured from ISIS, enabling repairs and the return of teachers and children to school.
5 month ago
Putin: We agreed to form a permanent committee to support dialogue between the Syrian parties
5 month ago
Putin: We emphasize the importance of a political solution and a comprehensive dialogue that includes all Syrians
DNI Coats confirms @realDonaldTrump admin made a decision Tuesday about whether it will pull out of Syria. Announcement coming "relatively soon."
American bases in Manbij.
5 month ago
Iranian President Rouhani: "We want the unity of Syria to be recognized by everyone"
5 month ago
Rouhani: The Syrian crisis can not be solved by military means
5 month ago
Turkey, Russia and Iran say displaced Syrians must be able to return
Several civilians, including a child, were injured by air raids on the village of Bara in south Idlib. #Syria
@obretix: Looks quiet east of Zilif at one of the largest Turkish military bases in Syria on latest satellite image
5 month ago
President Erdogan, Russian President Putin and Iranian President Rouhani launched joint summit on Syria
S. Idlib: Ariha again bombed today by RuAF (video shows devastation following airstrikes on town) as well as N. Ghab Plain and Jisr Shoghur CS.
Video of strike on Ariha, Idlib
One child and a woman were killed, other wounded in air raids on the city of Ariha, Idlib
Russian warplanes launched several air raids on the city of Ariha, Idlib countryside
FSA authorities have begun returning stolen property of Afrin residents to their original owners after a spate of looting by rogue elements of the FSA
Pro-government aircraft heavily targets Idlib's Ariha city with reports of civilians under rubble
Syrian Observatory for Human Right: The Jaish al-Islam group released five prisoners, including civilians, in the Eastern Ghouta town of Douma under deal
Kafr Janah HQ (ex-Russian base) used by pro-Assad "Local Defense Forces" (LDF) before and after Turkish airstrikes early March.
5 month ago
Head of General Operations Department of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Gen. Sergei Rodeskoy: 65k militants eliminated in Syria.
38 buses enter Douma in preparation to evacuate 3rd batch of Jaish Islam rebels and their families + 5 captives held by rebels released.
Displaced Muhammad Najem from Eastern Ghouta: Good morning my friends. Marret Alnoaman IDLEB
Government airstrikes on Power plant in Ghab plain in western Idlib
5 month ago
Erdogan's meeting with the Iranian President, Rouhani just began.
5 month ago
Explosion in AinIssa suspected as Turkish strike on SDF depot
5 month ago
Russian President Putin said that the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria has been completely defeated, but added that the group remains destructive and can attack in different regions across the globe, Russian media reported
5 month ago
Putin announced the defeat of ISIS in Syria
NE. Latakia: the 8th TSK Observation Point is reportedly set up in Jebal Turkman (Zeitouniyah), W. of JisrShoghur and ~200 m from Turkey.
The Rahman Corp's "Omar" cannon destroyed in Eastern Ghouta.
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