28 September 2021
Unidentified drone flying over Tall Tamr area
12:08: Sarmin - a reconnaissance aircraft circling over the town
Raqqa: Reports of Turkish aircraft in the sky of Ain-Issa
9 month ago
The town of Tel Tamr and Abu Rasin, north of Hasakah, are witnessing continuous shelling by the Turkish forces
Multiple SDF fighters wounded tonight. Some seriously. A lot of anger towards Russia who has done zero to prevent these artillery strikes
Shelling for hours around Ayn Issa. Hundreds of shells. some have hit the city
Civilian Areas Are Being Bombed in Ain Issa
Turkish Armed Forces continue to hit SDF targets in Ayn Isa and Rasulayn line
9 month ago
Syrian opposition figures said that the fourth round of the Constitutional Committee talks had failed, like other previous rounds
9 month ago
Intensified Turkish bombardment on Abu_Rasin, north Hasakah, flashbangs launched and drones overflight on the area
Turkish Armed Forces shelling YPG in Ayn Isa with artillery fire
Barin Kobane is one of the commanders of the YPJ Women's Defense Units: "As YPJ, we will respond to the attacks that are taking place in Ain Issa and, we are prepared for any possible attack
For more than ten days, the Syrian government has been preventing the entry of fuel allocated for Afrin's IDPs to their displacement camps
Clashes at Ayn Isa for 4.5 hours
Syria: 2 soldiers from Coastal Areas were killed today. First was slain by Rebels on Idlib front. Second one likely killed in same area
HTS claims to have arrested multiple Isis members in Darkush
Idlib Police raided the houses and shelters of Daesh people in the town of Derkush. There are many arrests
TFSA bombs Seda village, Malik Village, Ain al Issa near M4 with heavy artillery
9 month ago
Intermittent clashes between Turkish-backed forces and SDF in the vicinity of the villages of Dada Abdul and Nuwaihat, in Abu Rasin district, east of Ras Al-Ain, in the northern countryside of Hasaka.
Video from early in the hour shows Turkish artillery hitting the defensive lines just outside of Ayn Issa. They're targeting the dirt barriers
The Child Protection Office of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) returned a minor, who had previously joined local military forces, to her parents on Saturday
9 month ago
Turkish forces bombing Dada Abdal, Safa and Nuweihat villages, in Abu Rasin region, north Hasakah
Ongoing Turkish bombardment on Mu'aliq village just next to Ayn Issa refugee camp
SDF arrests a sabotage cell of the government forces in Deir Ezzor and broadcasts the confessions of its members
Members of a Syrian government patrol, including an officer, were wounded on Friday, after they were targeted by an explosive device near a checkpoint in the countryside of Daraa
An hour ago the Turkish army and TFSA shelled positions around Ayn Issa, again
The Early Warning Network of the Syria Response Coordinators team recorded 218 new coronavirus infections and the death of four cases in northwest Syria on Friday
Government hospitals in Suwayda have been experiencing a shortage of medical teams and poor medical services in the light of government negligence, according to residents
9 month ago
German Foreign Minister: We must not leave a vacuum that Russia or Turkey fill, as is happening in Libya and Syria
United States Military and SDF have done Military Exercises at Al-Omar Base in Deir Ez Zor
Meeting of the Belgian delegation with SDC officials
Syria: Turkish Forces and their proxies allegedly bombed the Ain Issa area and around the M4 highway
Military reinforcements of the Turkish army entered from the Kafrlossin border crossing with Turkey towards the Turkish bases in Idlib countryside
SDF fighter on nickname Gaddafi was killed by unidentified people in Manbij
9 month ago
Crowds of al-Assad militia, consisting of pickups, military vehicles, elements and medium weapons, arrive at the villages of al-Ghab Plain in conjunction with intermittent artillery shelling by the Assad militia targeting the villages of al-Ghab Plain west of Hama
Syria: body of a soldier arrived today in Sanamayn (N. Daraa) for burial. He was killed by ISIS 2 days ago in Raqqa countryside9 month ago
Syria: body of a soldier arrived today in Sanamayn (N. Daraa) for burial. He was killed by ISIS 2 days ago in Raqqa countryside
The Turks and TFSA are currently shelling areas around Ayn Issa with rockets, mortars and artillery
High tensions in Afrin today after shots were fired. Some locals say tensions are between Ahrar al Sharqiyah and Jabhat al Shamiyah. Ahrar al Sharqiyah has denied this new just now
Pompeo: Iran's support for the Assad government has displaced a lot of the Syrian people
Belgian parliamentary delegation arrives at the Foreign Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in Qamishli
A civilian was killed and others were wounded when an explosive device planted in a car exploded in Jenderes, in the opposition areas in northern Syria
Shelling with heavy artillery from the pro-Assad forces on the villages of Kafr Aweid and Sufuhn, south of Idlib
One person was killed and 3 others were injured when an explosive device exploded in Jenderes district in Afrin countryside
Wounded in the explosion of an explosive device placed in a "Santa Fe" car in the city of Jenderes, north of Aleppo
USAF Boeing RC-135U Combat Sent electronic intelligence aircraft's mission over the eastern Mediterranean.  Callsign: LUMPY63 Reg. 64-148499 month ago
USAF Boeing RC-135U Combat Sent electronic intelligence aircraft's mission over the eastern Mediterranean. Callsign: LUMPY63 Reg. 64-14849
9 month ago
An Al-Akhbar article claims Israeli army has sent WhatsApp messages to SAA officers warning about their activity with Hezbollah and that Israel holds it responsible. The claim falls in line with recent reports of Israeli army leaflets in S. Syria warning the SAA to stop their activity with Hezbollah
Images: Military camp of Turkey-backed Al-Hamza Brigade of the Syrian National Army (SNA/TFSA) in northern Aleppo
Kurdish media: Turkey and the forces loyal to it in Syria bomb the Sherawa district in Afrin
9 month ago
Hungarian court sentences a Syrian ISIS commander to life imprisonment for terrorism and crimes against humanity including the beheading of an imam in Syria in 2015
The Syrian Democratic Forces arrested two rioters from the town of Al-Shuhail in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, during a night raid
A Russian reconnaissance aircraft and a warplane fly over Idlib countryside
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