28 September 2021
Reports in Syria claim 1 soldier killed during the alleged Israeli army strike in southern Damascus
Explosions sounded in the vicinity of a military "radar" point belonging to the Assad government, west of the village of Al-Dur in the western countryside of Suwayda, coinciding with the sound of explosions in the capital, Damascus, amid reports of Israeli air strikes
Here's a video from close to a launch point for Syrian air defense. Showing a missile attempting to intercept Israeli fire
Commander of the TFSA's First Corps named 'Issa al Hamid al Nasser was assassinated in his home by unknown assailants in Tel Abyad
More than 5 Israeli air strikes targeting the vicinity of the First Division in the Al-Kiswah area in the western countryside of Damascus
Explosions being heard in the Golan Heights
Footage from Syria documents air defenses active
SANA Reporter: Explosions are heard in the sky of southern Damascus
8 month ago
An Iraqi refugee woman was killed in Hawl camp, northeastern Syria
Raqqa: Asayiş internal security forces: Two Asayiş ISF members killed as result of terrorist attack in eastern Raqqa countryside yesterday
8 month ago
A child was wounded when she was targeted by a sniper from the pro-Assad forces in the vicinity of the town of Maarat al-Naasan in Idlib countryside
South Syria: among the multiple assassination attempts carried out past ~24 hours in Daraa province: - a former Rebel working for 5th Corps was shot dead in Kahil (pics). He survived another attack yesterday. - 2 other ex-Rebel were also executed in town of Daraa
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia arrests a number of its members in Albukamal
Now shelling at Ain Issa: Turkish forces are targeting the M4 highway and petrol stations with heavy artillery
The Syrian National Army announced the arrest of a woman who planted an explosive device near a military headquarters in the city of Tal Abyad in the northern countryside of Raqqa
Media activist "Bahaa Al-Halabi" was wounded by bullets targeting him by unknown assailants in Al-Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
8 month ago
The Turkish army has shelled Harbul with artillery a short time ago. No reports of casualties. Brief bombardment
The killing of the young man, "Saleh Nizar Faluji," a member of the former opposition factions, by unknown persons in Daraa Al-Balad
8 month ago
The MFS and Tel Tamr Military Council have responded throughout the day with mortars and artillery
Video from the MFS shows Turkish shelling on villages near Tel Tamr. Shelling has been happening since the morning8 month ago
Video from the MFS shows Turkish shelling on villages near Tel Tamr. Shelling has been happening since the morning
TalTamir Military Council says in a written statement that Turkey's shelling on the villages Dirdara and Feqa in northern of Tal Tamir is since the morning hours again8 month ago
TalTamir Military Council says in a written statement that Turkey's shelling on the villages Dirdara and Feqa in northern of Tal Tamir is since the morning hours again
A convoy consisting of dozens of military vehicles entered Turkish bases in Zawiya Mountain in the south of Syria's Idlib
Scenes from inside the Russian base in Syria's Tel_Tamr, which was subjected to Turkish bombardment on Wednesday morning. Tel Tamr - Dilsoz Youssef - North Press
Daraa:A member of the government's "Fourth Division" was killed
A person was killed when a landmine exploded in the agricultural lands of the town of Sinjar in Idlib countryside
2:44: Jabal Al-Zawiya - a Russian warplane flies northeast
Pro-Assad forces shelled the opposition's sites in the villages of Benin, al- Fatirah, Kansafrah, Kafr Uwayd, Majdlaya and al-Bara in Zawiya Mountain, southern Idlib, with artillery shells and missiles
Turkish TB2 drone is reportedly flying in Ain Issa area
Îlham Ehmed, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, the political body of the SDF that controls NE Syria, calls for the establishment of "a joint project with the Syrian opposition. to turn north & east Syria into the epicenter of shared democracy"
Al-Hasakah: An explosive device placed under a car exploded on Al-Noufous Street in Ras Al-Ain city in Al-Hasakah countryside
Explosion in Serekaniye
Tal Tamr without electricity now due to artillery shelling
The Ansar al-Tawhid opposition group sniped three Syrian government soldiers in the western Aleppo countryside, northwest Syria, on Tuesday
A member of the pro-Turkish factions was killed and 4 civilians were wounded in an explosion near the Syrian city of Ras al-Ain
Military reinforcements of the Turkish army entered from the Kafrlossin border crossing with Turkey towards the depth of Idlib Governorate
Turkish bombardment targeting Russian base in Syria's Tel Tamr as two Russian helicopters fly over it. Tel Tamr - Dilsoz Youssef - North Press
8 month ago
The United Nations High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu: The United Nations is not even sure about the complete elimination of the chemical weapons program in Syria Izumi Nakamitsu: We stress the necessity of implementing the principle of accountability for everyone who used chemical weapons in Syria
Since the morning hours Turkish forces are shelling villages in northern of TalTamir including a Russian military post which is located 2 km nort8 month ago
Since the morning hours Turkish forces are shelling villages in northern of TalTamir including a Russian military post which is located 2 km nort
Aleppo Correspondent today: An explosive device placed under a car exploded in Ras al-Ain Street in the countryside of Hasaka, and the damage was limited to materials
Turkish forces and their affiliated armed opposition groups bombard the area around the Russian base outside of Syria's Tel_Tamr with mortars
8 month ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: 7 YPG members are neutralized when an attack is thwarted and an infiltration attempt is attempted in the area of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria
After a week of tension, the exchange of detainees between the Internal Security Forces [Asayish] and the Syrian government forces will take place today with Russian mediation
Biden is likely to choose former ISIS coalition envoy and longtime MidEast hand Brett McGurk for a top NSC job managing the Middle East and North Africa
Artillery shelling by the Turkish army continues on Mu'alaq after the failed infiltration by the TFSA. Also artillery shelling on Hoshan and Khaldiyah
Footage from the YPJ shows clashes north of Ayn Issa. Including what appears to be either a tank or SPG-9 targeting the water tower near town
About 30 minutes ago the TFSA again tried to infiltrate Mu'alaq which kicked off tonight's round of clashes
Fighting north of Ayn Issa around Mu'alaq continues. The SDF have destroyed a technical and a bulldozer belonging to the TFSA
The SDF has reportedly just repulsed an attack near Ayn Issa by the TFSA and destroyed a technical
The Asayish set up several checkpoints at the entrances to the Security Square and Qamishli Airport
The Asayîş have basically imposed a siege on the Qamishli security box. This comes after heightened tensions
3 members of the SDF were killed in an armed attack on a military vehicle on Al-Mankhar Road, east of Raqqa
8 month ago
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin condemned the calls made by some countries and parties to not recognize the results of the presidential elections scheduled in Syria this year
Syria: Rebels killed past ~24 hours 2 soldiers. First was from Tartus province & second from Dumeir in Eastern Damascus
Tensions in Hasakah City's Security Box between Asayish and government Security Forces
Clashes in Qamishli City between Asayish and government Security Forces
8 month ago
Russian aviation launches several air strikes on the vicinity of Athria Road, west of Raqqa
A mobilization of the government forces and the SDF in the city of Qamishli in the countryside of Hasakah after the failure of Russian mediation and the two parties' refusal to release the detainees
Pompeo: Our pressure on Iran has reduced its ability to support Hezbollah and the militias in Iraq, and their activity in Syria has become more expensive.
Syrian Civil Defense: Our teams specialized in removing war remnants continue their work in the Al-Bab sector through clearing and surveying agricultural lands to limit the spread of unexploded ordnance
8 month ago
Opposition groups targeted government fortifications in the village of Bahsa in Ghab Plain with artillery shells and rocket launchers
Turkish forces continue to send military and logistical reinforcements to the Syrian territories, and on Monday, a new batch of reinforcements entered their posts in Idlib governorate, northwest Syria
Two members of the SDF were killed in an armed attack targeting the Marouda checkpoint, east of Raqqa
8 month ago
A Syrian family of 7 was injured in a collision between a truck and a car carrying them on the Sanlıurfa Gaziantep road
Aleppo: A woman and two children were injured in a fireplace explosion in Al-Bar camp, south of Batbu, in the western countryside
On Monday, unknown persons targeted a Turkish armored vehicle on the Idlib - Bab al-Hawa road in northwestern Syria with an RPG one day after a similar attack in the same area
The Syrian Civil Defense: The body of a man in the fourth decade of his life was recovered from the sewage channel north of Idlib and transferred to the forensic medicine office in the city to identify it
8 month ago
Five members of the Self Defense Forces, including a journalist, were wounded in an attack by unknown persons targeting their car on Abyad Road, in al_Karama, east of Raqqa, northern Syria
An international coalition helicopter landed at the American base in Al-Shaddadi, south of Hasaka
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