Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
N. Syria: SDF burning some of its positions in Ain Daqnah earlier today. Same process happened in Menagh and Tell Rifaat.
Syria|n Democratic Forces "critical to destroying the physical caliphate-the operations that are goinf on right and it's critical to preventing the rise of ISIS 2.0" per @DeptofDefense Sec Mattis
"We will no simply cast that organization aside" SecDef Mattis says of SDF "It is critical to defeating the ISIS caliphate now-because it is still not defeated"
SecDef praises deal with Turkey on Manbij, but US will not abandon SDF "We have got to find a way to work with Turkey's legitimate interests" per Mattis "At the same time, the SDF was the only organization at the time that was able to throw ISIS off track and defeat them in the field"
Offensive to root out remnants of ISIS in Syria "going well so far" SecDef James Mattis tells reporters en route to Brussels for @NATO talks "There's been progress made" says Mattis "Frankly, I anticipated more defenses and they have not been able to hold up"
Manbij Military Council: We can defend our city Manbij Military Council announced that they can maintain the security of the city themselves, and that the last advisory group of the YPG in the city has withdrawn.
200 Arab fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of SDF in al-Shaddadi.
W. Hama: multiple blasts in area of Jub Ramlah, between Masiaf and Tell Salhab, amidst reports another ammo warehouse set off.
US backed SDF says ready to send a delegation to "test the waters" to see whether Assad's government is ready to accept an autonomous Kurdish area in the northeast. It denies move is reaction to Turkey-US Manbij deal
OIR Spokesman: Clarification to previous tweet: We misstated the nature of the cooperation between Iraq and Turkey regarding military ops in Iraq. @CJTFOIR is not privy to political discussions between two nations and ask that queries regarding the issue be directed to the respective governments
Military Council of Manbij rejects Turkish presence in the city
Heavy Clashes between SDF and ISIS at Al-Jabour and Al-BoHassoun villages near Dashishah
SDF has advanced 8 Kms after taking Al-Fakka village
NE. Latakia: government dropped a Rebel drone (DJI-4) near Kinsabba.
More international coalition support to SDF in Northern Syria .
YPG burning civilian houses in Tel Rifat city north of Aleppo
Blast which reportedly destroyed ammo/weapons in Jirah Airbase (3rd June) geolocated. Area was empty end April. E. Aleppo - Syria.
Lebanon's Berri says Iran, Hezbollah to stay in Syria until it is 'free'
Turkish military (observation) base at the destroyed grain silos in Tell Tuqan (19 May 2018)
E. Idlib: buildings blasted by government 2 days ago are geolocated on front S. of Tell Sultan.
Russian Military Police visit Soran town in northern Hama (probably to set up Observation Point for buffer zone)
NATO leader welcomes US-Turkey roadmap for Manbij.
After repair works and closing of the Homs Rastan pocket, Hama-Homs highway has been opened again3 month ago
After repair works and closing of the Homs Rastan pocket, Hama-Homs highway has been opened again
SDF are advancing towards the town of al-Dushisha in the southern countryside of Hasakah.
Lebanon parliament speaker Berri, who is an ally of Hizbullah says the armed group will withdraw from Syria once the "country is captured and unified"
Footage from SDF's Operation JazeeraStorm where al-Fakkah village was captured amid fierce fighting against ISIS.
Air strikes on the "northern de-escalation zone" in Idlib and Latakia provinces including Ariha city. Syria
Syria: Number of airstrikes on western Idlib and Latakia mountains
Air raids and two civilians were killed in the Ariha city, south of Idlib
Negotiations between southern FSA and Khalid ibn al-Walid Army/ISIS in Tsil town about ceasefire
Photo from Sarrin airfield
PMF, Iraq Army 8th Division, and the Border Guards launched a series of rocket attacks targeting and killing ISIS attempting to infiltrate from direction of Baghouz. Episode took place last night and lasted until morning.
A Russian troop deployment in Syria near the Lebanese border this week caused friction with Iran-backed forces including Hezbollah which objected to the uncoordinated move, two non-Syrian officials in the regional alliance backing Damascus said
OIR Spokesman: Iraq Air Force strikes in Syria in support of #OperationROUNDUP, reflecting advanced Iraqi aviation and planning capability that continues to get better every day.
S. Syria: Assad forces boasting about the close look they have at Israel|i Alpinist Bases in Hermon Region. Photo released today.3 month ago
S. Syria: Assad forces boasting about the "close" look they have at Israel|i Alpinist Bases in Hermon Region. Photo released today.
Syria: Jaysh Ahrar al-Ashaer (FSA-SF) rebels are being deployed towards the frontlines in Daraa
Syria: Jaysh Ahrar al-Ashaer (FSA-SF) rebels are being deployed towards the frontlines in Daraa
S. Syria: commander of IRGC-linked Iraqi Abu Fadel Abbas Brigade (embedded with  Rep. Guard) monitoring front in Quneitra province, near Israeli border.3 month ago
S. Syria: commander of IRGC-linked Iraqi Abu Fadel Abbas Brigade (embedded with Rep. Guard) monitoring front in Quneitra province, near Israeli border.
Syria slams U.S.-led coalition's civilian killings in cities of Hasakah, Raqqah, Dayr al-Zawr
3 month ago
Erdogan: We will continue fighting in Syria and Iraq until the last terrorist is eliminated
SDF is attacking ISIS from three fronts in Southeast Hasakah countryside
According to Sources,there are American,French,Italian ground forces participating in the SDF offensive against ISIS in Southeast Hasakah Governorate
Heavy blasts heard yesterday near Tell Sultan were part of planned operation by government to blow up entire areas (like in Ghab plain) to cement demarcation line. Hence no ammo warehouse nor Israeli raid.
SDF captures village of "al-Facka" from Daesh in Deir al-Zawr
US Boycotts World Disarmament Body over Syria Presidency
SDF has advanced 4 kilometres since the Operation resumed. #DeirEzzor
SOHR: South Hasakah Operation continues with the participation of Italian, French and American Forces, leaving 26 casualties including an important ISIS commander
Syrian Observatory: #ISIS kills 45 pro-regime fighters in east #Syria attack
Syria Kurds to withdraw forces from flashpoint town of Manbij
AFP:YPG announce the withdrawal of their military advisers from the Syrian city of Manbij
DeirEzzor: ISIS attacked DeirEzzor military airport and stopped flights on it
3 month ago
Cavusoglu says no third country will have a role in the roadmap for Manbij that will include France, the UK and Belgium
3 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister says joint work with US in Syria not an alternative to efforts with Russia
SOHR: ISIS strikes again and closes the road of DeirEzzor – Mayadin for hours and kills at least 9 members of the government forces and allies
SAA 11th Division begin its deployment along the Syrian-Lebanese border in place of Hezbollah who withdraw from the northern parts of the border during the last two days
Turkish Foreign Minister: weapons will be withdrawn from the Kurds in Manbij due to the agreement with Washington
Turkish Foreign Minister: Joint work plan with Washington on Manbaj will begin to be implemented within 10 days
SDF fighters prepare to launch offensive on Dashisha City as part of the Jazeera Storm operation
Shin Bet says East Jerusalem resident arrested after planning to assassinate PM Netanyahu and Mayor of Jerusalem figures orchestrating from Syria.
SDF issues statement on opp to capture Dashisha town
Israel busts Syrian-directed terror cell in east Jerusalem plotting assassinations of senior figures including Prime Minister Netanyahu
The @CJTFOIR denies @amnesty charges of disproportionate bombing and unlawful killing. @OIRSpox Sean Ryan says this was the most precise bombing campaign in military history, despite hundreds of civilian deaths.
Reports of more than 10 killed as result of coalition strike on Ad Dashishah, Hasakkah
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