Map. History of Syria conflict

26 September 2018
Artillery shelling targeting a Markabah village in north of Hama.
Fires in the gardens in the vicinity of Chadder, Quneitra amid clashes between rebels and pro-Assad forces2 month ago
Fires in the gardens in the vicinity of Chadder, Quneitra amid clashes between rebels and pro-Assad forces
Civilian wounded as result of rocket attack on Bdama village in Western Idlib
2 month ago
Massive casualties among pro-Assad fighters reported during fighting in Quneitra
The rebels declare control over SAA positions at Tell Kurum in Quneitra
Syrian air defenses active over Jableh in Lattakia, possibly firing at drones launched from Idlib
ISIS attack on car belongs to rebels factions in Ad Dana,Idlib
ISIS claims attack against YPG in Raqqa
Suleiman Al-Mufalani a white helmet rescuer, was killed by an air strike during his humanitarian duty of search and rescue operations after the aerial bombardment on Umm Al-Mayadin city in the eastren countryside of Daraa
4 civilians and 3 members of #SDF militia have been killed by a suicide bomb car at the entrance to the water station in the city of Besirah in Deir-ez-Zur
ISIS claimed assassination of HTS members in the city of Saraqib.
Syrian Arab Army at Syrian - Jordan Nasib Border crossing
Photos released by Syrian Reporter Siba showing the Syrian Arab Army at Syrian - Jordan Nasib Border crossing
Syrian TV announces reconciliation agreement similar to North Homs and East Ghouta has been reached with rebels in Busra al-Sham and east Daraa countryside
ISIS claimed they have targeted rebels with IED at Al Dana town in Idlib
Interim OPCW report finds chlorine used in attack in Syria's Douma
OPCW issues fact-finding mission reports on chemical weapons use allegations in Douma, Syria in 2018 and in Al-Hamadaniya and KarmAl-Tarrab in 2016.
Jordan says return of displaced Syrians in southern Syria is top priority
Convoy of Russian military near Nassib border crossing
Abu Amara Covert Task Force penetrated the ranks of the forces of the Assad government and planted several improvised explosive devices inside a munitions depot and detonated them killing 20 of the 5th Corps and wounding many others in the area of ​​Mahardah Hama
An SAA T-72 tank nicknamed Daughter of the Euphrates was the first to enter Nasib crossing.2 month ago
An SAA T-72 tank nicknamed "Daughter of the Euphrates" was the first to enter Nasib crossing.
Syria government forces seize key crossing on Jordan border, monitor says
2 month ago
Reports from Syrian pro-Assad media said the Syrian army has taken over all of Naseeb border crossing with Jordan
Rebel sources say Russian-brokered deal allows civilians who left their towns and villages to go back with Russian guarantees of protection
Inherent Resolve: Committed to the security of Manbij, Syria [email protected] troops from USA and Turkey are maintaining the stability and peace through independent, coordinated patrols along the northern demarcation line.
Syrian rebels in Daraa province who are not ready to reconcile with Damascus will leave to northern Syria in deal-rebel sources
Syrian rebel sources say Russian-brokered deal reached that restores Syrian state sovereignty over Jordan border crossing
SAA shelling Muzayrib town West to Daraa with rocket launchers
2 month ago
Israeli army attacked a Syria(n) government post from which a mortar shell landed in the buffer zone with Israel. The mortar shell was fired as part of offensive between the government and rebels.
FSA Ahrar al-Sharqia managed to find a PKK cell in the mountains South of Rajo district, after clashes with the cell, one of its members was arrested and the rest of the group is still besieged
South Syria: 1st sat image available of Saida (E. Daraa) shows significant devastation due to bombardment, esp. along main street where most buildings are damaged.
Israeli army hit SAA positions near Khan Arnabah in Quneitra with ground-to-ground missiles
The government forces targeted the town Badma in the western countryside of Idlib by dozens of incendiary rockets causing fires in the agricultural land. White Helmets teams were able to control it without any casualties.
Sources of Al Jazeera: the Syrian armed opposition agree with the Russian side on the hand over of heavy weapons
The Jordanian army denies in an official statement that the Syrian Air Force has violated the airspace
South Syria: visual confirmation Rebels withdrew from Naimah, leaving behind one T-55. Naimah was last East location before Daraa. Geolocation of bridge
Syrian Arab Army capture Mitayiah town and dam/quarry as well as 8 border posts east of Naseeb border crossing on the Jordanian border
2 month ago
Russian warships to hold missile firing drills off Syria's coast
W. Idlib: Bidama near Turkey was again bombed with incendiary ordnance today.
Witnesses along Jordan border fence with Syria say they spotted armored vehicles with Russian flag heading to Nassib border crossing
Sutoro in Hasakah (a group of Christian soldiers fighting along with SDF) say that the group is ready to fight along with SAA forces.
Inherent Resolve:An explosion in al-Hayyah village, Syria injured more than two dozen people on July 5.
An explosive device exploded in a suburb of Idlib city
Reports of cease-fire in Daraa with the start of negotiations between the opposition and the Russians
Al Arabiya sources: negotiations between the Syrian opposition and the Russians started in Bosra al -Sham
Russian military police and forces belong to Assad government deployed to Daraa countryside in Syria near the Jordan border
Russian raids on Umm Al Mayadin in Eastern Daraa
2 month ago
Turkish FM: YPG's withdrawal from patrol areas in Manbij, Syria, does not mean they have completely withdrawn. it's time to enter the city center
Highway Kherbet Ghazalah - Nassib border crossing is under Syrian army control
Al-Naimah town and silos south of al-Naimah under Syrian army control
An air strike of the Russian air forces hits the Jordanian town of Mugheir near Ramtha city in Jordan northern peripheries.
Russian air forces hit the road linking eastern and western Daraa countrysides. One of the strikes hit a Jordanian land.
Russian air forces have launched several airstrikes since early morning on different neighborhoods in Daraa, Nseib, and Om-Almatathen in eastern Daraa countryside
Air strikes by Russian air forces on Tafas town, rural Daraa
2 month ago
Turkish FM Cavusoglu cites 'clear consensus' between Turkey, US other Syria regions will be rid of PKK/YPG after Manbij
SAA Tiger Forces captured Daara grain silos
Syrian Observatory: 6 km separating the Syrian government forces from the border crossing
Negotiations between Russia military and rebels to resume in the next hour - opposition in principle says ready to hand over heavy weapons but in phases and after CF in place; also request for safe passage for 6000 fighters and their families to rebel held north of Syria Deraa
South Syria: more photos showing Assad and Russian forces after taking control of border with Jordan and nearby villages (S. of Bosra, Daraa prov.) without fight.
Airstrikes on Daraa city in Southern Syria
Airstrikes on Daraa city in Southern Syria
2 month ago
Russian Military veterans to Kremlin: Come clean about Syria mission
HTS and Tahrir Surya infighting has spread to Kafr Naseh and Atareb city western Aleppo
Explosions continue in the ammunition depots of the Fifth Corps in the town of Muharda
Mahan Air lands in Tehran on its return journey from Damascus. IRGC airlift to Assad and Hezbollah continues.2 month ago
Mahan Air lands in Tehran on its return journey from Damascus. IRGC airlift to Assad and Hezbollah continues.
Northern Hama: An explosion in an ammunition warehouse for the Syrian Armed Forces in Mhardah city, militant Group Sariyat Abu Amara takes responsibility for the operation
SDF and @coalition captured more than 25 villages, 300 square Km in Southren Dashisha during phase 2 of Operation Roundup, hundreds of civilians were saved, tens of ISIS fighters eliminated and captured.
SDF and @coalition captured more than 25 villages, 300 square Km in Southren Dashisha during phase 2 of Operation Roundup, hundreds of civilians were saved, tens of ISIS fighters eliminated and captured.
Civilian casualties as result of Artillery strike on Al Arbain village in Northern Hama
New Iranian land bridge allows Iran to keep and enforce its presence in Syria. Iran maintains a controlled path from Tehran, through Iraq, Al-Bukamal border crossing, to Assad in Syria and Hizballah in Lebanon.
Idlib Syrian Reporter: From Abu Duhour military airport, the eagles of sky SyAF passage toward the west
Airstrike on Jisr Shoghur. Several warplanes flying over area (W. Idlib). Also heavy artillery shelling on Jebal Turkman.
SDF reports more anti-ISIS raids in Raqqa, and weapons seized
Pro-Assad militias are shelling Alyadouda Town in western rural Daraa using ground-to-ground missiles
Russian Air Defenses in Khmeimim Airbase shot down one or 2 weaponized drone(s) tonight.
Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF Spokesman @KinoGabriel1 delivering latest military developments regarding the fight against ISIS and their message to the civilians in the area of Deir ez-Zor.
SDF has captured ISIS stronghold of Al-Tuwaymin
N. Syria: huge blasts in Muhardah (N. Hama) following explosion of an ammo warehouse.
N. Syria: amidst unusual Russia|n activity (RuAF) in W. Aleppo tonight, airstrikes hit moments ago area of Journalist Housing.
The Secretary-General is gravely concerned by the resumption of the military offensive in southwest Syria and its continued devastating impact on civilians
2 month ago
Inbound Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86572 RFF7335
ANNA NEWS Reporter "Saida is over"
South Syria: Naimah E. of Daraa intensively pounded by airstrikes.
Syrian Army forces captured Tal-Saada south eastern of Tafas town in Daraa northern CS.
Syrian forces are 6 km from Jordan border: Pro-government media
South Operation room to Al Jazeera: negotiations between the Syrian opposition and Russia will resume soon
The Iranian militia headquarters on the Iraqi border (Albukamal in Syria), which was attacked on June 18 by Israel (according to Syrian reports, and by U.K according to U.K media). The photograph shows the headquarters that was completely destroyed. The assessment is that Iran has established a land-based smuggling route in this area
The Southern Operations Room declares its agreement to an immediate cessation of hostilities by the two sides and calls on the Russians for a new round of negotiations under UN auspices
Explosion in Ternda neighbourhood in Afrin city.
Russian warplanes intensified its shelling on the rebel-controlled areas of Daraa and launched air raids on the town of Naseeb and Naima east of Daraa and the city of Tafas west of Daraa and the neighborhoods of Daraa
Video of clashes at air-defense base West to Daraa
Video of clashes at air-defense base West to Daraa
It's propaganda
ISIS claims also in ENG killing 4 US soldiers in DeirEzzor area in an attack against US convoy with 18 IED yesterday
South Syria: after takeover of Saida and Air Defense Bases from Rebels, clashes raging on Naimah (last Rebel-held location before Daraa) and Um Mayatheen fronts.
One SAA tank was destroyed near Tafas, and another near Air Defense base West to Daraa
Sarmin: Suicide belts, weapons and ammo seized by HTS from suspected IS sleeper cells
Today at Tadef
Russian military police arrive in southern Syria to establish observation posts. Outposts to be established in villages of ar-Rustan, Tell Bissa, and Haret Tukman. Appears Russia wants to leave a small strip of opposition control along Jordanian border.2 month ago
Russian military police arrive in southern Syria to establish observation posts. Outposts to be established in villages of ar-Rustan, Tell Bissa, and Haret Tukman. Appears Russia wants to leave a small strip of opposition control along Jordanian border.
A small group of fighters which their background frm DeirEzZor, conducted an attack vs government n Tadef, they captured the town in 2 hrs, as backing for Daraa, however, Euphrates Shield local commanders told the Turks to make pressures on them then they threatened them to withdraw
West Idlib: aftermath of bombardment with incendary weapons near Turkish border (area of Bidama).
Rebels withdrew from positions taken this morning in Tadef. Unilateral attack was carried out by fighters vowing to fight Assad (affiliated with Ahrar Sharqiyah).
YPG published the video of attack on the Ahrar Sharqiyah HQ on July 3rd in Afrin
Reports that The Syrian Army took control of the Radar brigade and signals brigade and air defence brigade in the town of Naima in Daraa's eastern countryside.
It's propaganda
ISIS claiming that 4 American soldiers were killed by explosive devices in Deir Ezzor.
Video reportedly showing hits from Syrian government & allies bombardment inside Jordan
DeirEzzor: Iranian militias sent many of volunteers from alBokamal and its countryside to fight in Daraa
South Syria: government is back on border with Jordan (Daraa province) for 1st time since 3 years. Advance speeded up following surrender of Bosra.
2 month ago
3.2M earthquake hits the area of ​​Lake Tiberias
Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD climbing out of Humaymim military airport, is flying towards Turkish airspace and will enter Turkey near Kilis. 223 Flight Unit Il-76MD is en route to Moscow Chkalovsky 800th Air base. Same equipment arrived from Moscow to Damascus yesterday.
FSA claims that 6 civilians were injured (among them a child too) in Tadef by SAA during clashes.
Syria state media says government troops have captured the opposition controlled town of Saida in the eastern countryside of Deraa
Jordanian Information Minister: UN demands to open borders to displaced people are contrary to Jordanian security and protect its borders
South Syria: inside 4th Division's Command Center where the Colonel Gaith Dalla directs his men with help of a drone on Daraa front (Air Defense Base).
South Syria: artillery barrage last night on Rebel-held locations in Daraa province.
The YPG/PKK claims a series of terrorist attacks against Turkey and her dependent Arab forces in Afrin. Syria
N. Syria: Tawhid Brigade affialiated with Ahrar Sharqiyah readying for attack against government in Tadef (N. Aleppo).
Area on Tadef front seized from government today following surprise attack.
UN refugee agency boss Grandi calls for Jordan to grant temporary shelter to Syrians in need of safety, with support of the international community
Within a few days the Reconstruction Committee, the al-Raqqa Civil Council are going to announce the full completion of cleaning of the city of Raqqa.
UN: 320,000 civilians fleeing the fighting in southern Syria
Russian aviation targeted refugee camp near the town of Nassib on the Syrian-Jordanian border
South Syria: Saida-Um Mayatheen frontline. Tiger Forces storming first one.
South Syria: multiple Russian airstrikes on border with Jordan, near Nasib. Reports warplanes briefly entered Jordanian Airspace.
Reports of massive casualties after Russian airstrike on Sayda
Reports that SAA has captured Sayda city in Eastern Daraa
Civilians fleeing from the aftermath of the explosion in Manbij which happened amid a gathering of demonstrators condemning the "Turkish occupation of areas in northern Syria".
U.S army building new barriers between Manbij and Jarabulus areas.
SDF fighters captured Al Madinah and Qeber Taha villages from IS, after strong clashes
Explosion in Manbij. Reports of injuries
2 month ago
Russian airstrikes at Nasseb border crossing to Jordan in southern Syria.
South Syria: 4th Division renewed attempts to reach Air Defense Base South-West of Daraa. Video shows moment when Bunian Marsous Operation Room detonated a position taken by a group of soldiers.
South Syria: following heaviest night of bombardment since Offensive kicked off, 10s of airstrikes continue this morning on W. and E. Daraa countryside in conjunction with heavy artillery shelling.
FSA destroyed a SAA T-72 tank near Daraa Air Defense Base.
2 month ago
Video: SAA on the Jordan border in Daraa
Video: SAA on the Jordan border in Daraa
The son of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed by Russian jets in Syria's Homs — Iraqi intelligence
Intensive air raids on the city of Tafas and the town of Sayda, rural Daraa now
Two civilian hurt in the explosions of car bombs in Jarabulus rural Aleppo Eastern
Russian, Syria|n armies pound rebels in south-west with more than 600 air strikes in 15 hours: Syrian Observatory
FSA are moving towards Tafas in order to face SAA.
Two car bombs exploded in Jarabulus city east of Aleppo No casualties
SDF giving fire support to SDF fighters flanking ISIS inside the village of Tal Zahab and Sarachi by firing an SPG-9 and firing from a 'technical' military vehicle. DeirEzzor
Shelling on the Yadouda village in western Daraa countryside using ground to ground missile.
Daraa: The air defence brigade next to Saida was captured by SAA
A delegation from the International Alliance visited Al-Shaddadi after visiting al-Dashisha
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