23 October 2021
Al-Shehail: the sounds of clashes inside the town of Al-Zer, with the sounds of anti-aircraft guns, and additional column of the SDF entered the area
At 22:20 Libya time (20:20 UTC) Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 cargo plane, registration number RA-82014, flight RFF9921, took off from Syria en route to Al-Khadim Air Base in Eastern Libya
1 year ago
The militants are shelling the positions of the Syrian Armed Forces and are trying to attack the Khmeimim base, Russia and Syria are forced to neutralize the threat, the Russian Defense Ministry said
2 SDF killed in clashes with armed tribes in eastern Syria: commander
Russian AF An-124 heavylifter's second flight to Libya this week long Caspian route, Iran, Iraq, Syria avoiding Turkish airspace. Also arrived there this week - An22 strategic lifter. There were also reports this week of possible new S300 system in Libya. RA-82014
The Russian Federation reserves the right to retaliate against the militants, whose actions may pose a threat in the areas adjacent to the Idlib de-escalation zone, Russian Center for Reconciliation said
Syria: a First Lieutenant from Ghab is among those killed today during the failed infiltration attempts on NE. Latakia front
Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 RFF9921 Westbound over Iraq1 year ago
Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 RFF9921 Westbound over Iraq
1 year ago
Syria: last night again clashes erupted in the E. Salamiyah countryside (E. Hama) when a group, believed to belong to ISIS, attacked a NDF position in a village near Saan. No casualties documented
A civilian injured by a shell probably from a drone on Allaya neighborhood, east to Qamishli, northeast Syria, Sources from Internal Security Forces told North Press
A member of the People's Protection Units (YPG) of the SDF was injured due to an unknown explosion inside the "Sadcop" in the city of Qamishli
SDF-affiliated commander said they obtained documents and confessions from gunmen linked to Syrian government and Iranian militias who attacked SDF points in Deir ez-Zur
1 year ago
Russia Russian Air Force Tu154 inbound Latakia Air Base Syria
Opposition factions target with artillery pro-Assad's forces in the town of Kansaba in Latakia countryside, Syria
Syria: Video documenting the military from Russia and Turkey who conducted a joint patrol today in the Derbasiye region in Hasake province
Rebels in the countryside of Lattakia repelled several attempts by pro-Assad forces to advance on the axes of Al-Haddadah and Al-Raqim hill in Jabal Al-Akrad in the northern countryside of Lattakia
Footage showing SAA shelling Latakia hills
Pro-Assad forces target the village of Binin in the southern countryside of Idlib with heavy artillery
1 year ago
A man and a woman were wounded by artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces on the northern Hama countryside
Fire at the house of a civilian named Ahmed Salih al-Medad in Shuhil after security raid
Rebels foiled an infiltration attempt of pro-Assad forces at Deir Sunbul axis in southern Idlib
Pro-Assad forces bombard the hills of Al-Haddadah in the northern countryside of Latakia
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery shells Al-Ruwaiha village in the southern Idlib countryside.
1 year ago
Incident confirmed at the American base in Shaddadi. Pro-Assad groups claiming they have shelled it. The base was temporarily on fire, but it has been extinguished
Shaddadi: Local media: Explosions were heard near US military base in Shaddadi, south of Hasake
Idlib Health Directorate recorded two new Covid19 cases in Taftanaz and Sarmada, bringing the total number of cases to 40
SOC's Secretary-General Warns of Grave Situation in Deir ez-Zur due to PYD Actions1 year ago
SOC's Secretary-General Warns of Grave Situation in Deir ez-Zur due to PYD Actions
Video of heavy machine gun fire being exchanged between the SAA and TFSA as seen from a civilian
Coalition source tells that they are encouraging the SDF and Deir ez Zor tribes to impose stability and focus on preventing ISIS cells from causing chaos
Deir ez-Zur: Syrian democratic forces continue to move military reinforcements to the town Al-Suhayl and its outskirts
The TFSA and SAA are currently engaged in clashes around Tadef
Deir ez-Zur: Large military convoy of SDF and special units has entered the town al-Suhayl and its outskirts. International coalition aircrafts are monitoring the situation
Caspian Airlines 747 EP-SHH en route to Damascus Syria
Miscode aircraft hex cod BA3CC4 454 kts FL290 eastbound over the Mediterranean. Currently tracking off the coast of Lebanon 501 kts at FL339
In the last hour an IED targeted DMC checkpoint near Diban and in Shahil HAT have informed shop owners of a curfew
IED exploded in Azaz bus station, No casualties or injuries in the explosion
SDF put barriers in the city of Shahil, preventing exits and entrance, also checkpoints on the way to Busayra
Demonstrations in the city of Busaira, which is under the control of SDF and burning tires, with the main streets cut by protesters, in solidarity with Al-Shaheil and Dhanan. SDF members withdrew from the public streets to their headquarters in the city in order to avoid collision with the demonstrators
SDF imposed a curfew in the town of Theban after the events that took place yesterday and the clashes that accompanied it between the SDF elements and protesters from the region, with the emergence of writings of ISIS, as the terrorist organization exploited the chaos and protests to write ISIS slogans
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