Map. History of Syria conflict

21 September 2018
5 month ago
Turkey criticizes United States over mixed messages on Syria
40 people killed and 1000 people were injured when the government forces attacked Duma with bombs containing toxic gas.
Damascus countryside: More than 15 cases of suffocation among civilians in the city of Duma as a result of being targeted by poison gas by the Assad government
Today morning YPG / YPJ carried out an attack against Turkish backed forces in Kefer Sefrê village of Jindirese district in Afrin canton
Dozens of dead in the cellars of the city of Duma because of suffocation
30 civilians killed in Syria strikes on rebel Douma, according to monitor
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Thousands of casualites in chemical weapons attack on Syria's Douma - local sources
E. Ghouta: 2nd night of heavy bombardment on Duma. Airstrikes, artillery/MRLS and also incendiary ammunition used.
5 month ago
ISIS push deep into government held desert and reach area south of Al-Qaryatayn
Pics from shelling and airstrikes on besieged Damascus suburb Douma Eastern Ghouta
A number of civilians were killed, and many others were wounded by an unknown explosion in Albab cıty's neighborhood in Aleppo countryside. @SyriaCivilDefe teams are working to help the wounded, and extinguish the fire caused by the explosion.
A glimpse of the @SyriaCivilDefe teams work in Douma during the evacuation of number of wounded, including children and women under none stop aerial bombardment and the barrel bombs on the city. Eastern Ghouta
7 civilians killed and 15 wounded by a car bomb in the city of Al-Bab
Civil Defense: Government targeted Douma city with toxic gases
A car bomb exploded near the Grand Mosque in al-Bab city in the eastern Aleppo countryside
SOHR: Morning targeting to the capital Damascus by shells leaves about 25 casualties and wounded and raises to about 65 the number of people killed and injured by shells in 24 hours
Northern Aleppo countryside: explosion of a car bomb in the center of the city of Al Bab. There are casualties
E. Ghouta: rare video showing government artillery on Mount overlooking Damascus pounding town of Duma, as fierce clashes raging in outskirts.
E. Syria: IRGC-linked Al-Baqir Brigade (Local Defense Forces) declared Jihad vs Turkish and US (and allies) "occupiers" in Syria. Announces fresh equipment received from Iran and US bases will soon be targeted.
Civil Defense: 47 air strikes, 30 artillery shells and 20 rockets hit Douma since morning
SE. Idlib: 2 field commanders of FSA Jaish Izza were killed by an IED on road Khan Sheikhoun-Kafr Sajnah.
Bombardment of city of Duma in Eastern Ghouta
@syriacivildefe teams managed to rescue a young man, who was buried under the rubble of his house, after the brutal air raids on Douma city in Eastern Ghouta.
Idlib , Hama: Turkish soldiers in Hama province.5 month ago
Idlib , Hama: Turkish soldiers in Hama province.
Government and Russia'n bombing set Damascus suburb Douma into fire
5 month ago
ISIS captured 2 government barriers SE Palmyra
Also Turkish Army convoy was spotted in Khan Sheikhun en route to northern Hama, Morek.
Turkish army deploying checkpoint between Morek and Ma'an5 month ago
Turkish army deploying checkpoint between Morek and Ma'an
Turkish army deploying checkpoint between Morek and Ma'an
Turkish Army says that 9th observation point was established in Idlib.
Heavy Bombardment Ongoing on the Douma City / Farms Area.
Liwa al Quds Military Commanders were recently awarded Russia Russian Medal's Due to there ongoing achievements in helping the SAA SRG NDF and Allied Forces during the Eastern Ghouta Battle.
Douma Today: until now +50 Airstrikes targeted the city
The Turkish military convoy with 100 vehicles has been moved to the North Hama to set up a base in the Morek area5 month ago
The Turkish military convoy with 100 vehicles has been moved to the North Hama to set up a base in the Morek area
One child was killed in the Mezzeh rocket attack, another rocket just landed in Omweyeen square and Jets in the sky constantly targeting Douma
5 month ago
KCNA: "The Workers' Party of Korea is very pleased over the fact that the Syrian army and people have achieved great successes in the struggle to protect the sovereignty, dignity and territorial integrity of the country under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad."
Northern Homs: FSA National Army u2013 4th Legion u2013 retaliates to government continuous shelling of civilians
@obretix: Ospreys and Chinooks at a base between Al Hasakah and Tell Tamr 6 additional helicopters a bit to the south (4 Apr 2017)
Turkish artillery shelling targets positions of YPG in Tall Abyad Countryside
According to some sources today US has deployed a military unit on the Iraqi-Syrian border.
Amid massive destruction, @SyriaCivilDefe teams work to evacuate the injured civilians after the renewed bombardment on their residential neighbourhoods of Douma City Eastern Ghouta. So far more than 30 civilians have been killed in the attack. Rescue efforts continue.
Manbij: According to Arab sources: Turkish Army and FSA moving to Manbij frontline.
Big explosion reported today in Al Asharah city, Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
E. Ghouta: moment when an airstrike blew up upper part of a building in Duma.
Raqqa: The 'Popular Resistance in the Eastern Region' targeted the US military base (Northern Raqqa) with rockets.5 month ago
Raqqa: The 'Popular Resistance in the Eastern Region' targeted the US military base (Northern Raqqa) with rockets.
Isis destroyed a SAA buldozzer near Abu Kamal today.
5 month ago
Large gathering of TSK vehicles spotted near border with Syria, presumably in preparation for observation points in Hama and Idlib.
Americans still bringing more equipment into Syria. This afternoon, north of Hasakah, Syria, we came across a large coalition convoy of trucks transporting vehicles, ambulances, concrete barriers etc.
E. Ghouta: very close call for a reporter in Duma stuck in middle of artillery bombardment.
Commander of Jaysh al-Islam Issam Bweidani with officers planning to fortify and strengthen the fronts of the City of Douma Eastern Ghouta
FSA Unified Command in EasternQalamoun announces the appointment of Major Ahmed al-Masri as General Commander
E. Ghouta: Duma remains under heavy bombardment tonight hours after government started new battle.
E. Ghouta: government massively and indiscriminately bombing Duma with artillery/MRLS.
Video showing massive artillery shelling on town of Duma tonight (E. Ghouta).
Horrific loss of life has occurred in Douma city in Eastern Ghouta with 30 civilians killed after renewed brutal air raids targeted the city
6-8 airstrikes struck town of Duma amidst stalling negotiations between Jaish Islam and Russia.
Air strikes hit Syria's rebel-held Douma, first in 10 days: monitor
E. Ghouta: after a 2-week absence, airstrikes resumed on town of Duma.
Airstrikes hit Syria's rebel-held Douma, first in 10 days: monitor
IRG Fatimiyun: Commander Aman Amiri killed in East of Deir Ezzor
Turkish delegation visited towns of Morek and Khan Sheikoun to complete installation of observation points in SE. Idlib and N. Hama CS.
Convoy of FSA 9th Division militants entered Daret Izza yesterday to help Zinki as HTS continues shelling the city
Government artillery bombing Lataminah and nearby areas in North Hama
N. Hama countryside again hit by an incendiary bombardment last night. Target was town of KafrZita.
Continues to work for cease-fire observation points in Idlib. Turkish army delegation in Morek, Lahaya and Khan Sheikhoun.
ISIS Hunters were deployed near Douma, Eastern Ghouta
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