11 December 2023
SDF has blockaded the Assad government's Hasakah city security box, and has imposed restrictions in Qamishli city as a response to the government blockade of Sheikh Maqsoud in Aleppo city
Syria: Russia stepping up airstrikes on Greater Idlib. At least 6 were carried out so far on the S. Idlib countryside (areas of Fatira & Fulayfel)
Russian airstrike at Fulayfil, just an hour after another strike at al Fatirah. No reported casualties
Russian warplanes target the vicinity of the village of Al-Fatirah, south of Idlib
The Turkish forces continue to shell the villages of Muallak, Sayda, Ain Issa camp, and the M4 international road with heavy weapons accompanied by the firing of flare shells
South Syria: Mohamed Salamah, one of the most wanted by government, was severely wounded today by an IED in Daraa, a rare sign Assad's Intelligence also use those bombs. Irreconcilied Rebel commander, he decided to leave the town mid-2021 following pro-Assad assault & went into hiding
Again shelling tonight by the Turkish army and TFSA on Mu'alaq and the Ayn Issa refugee camp
A US Military Convoy has arrived to the Omar Base in SDF-held Deir Ez Zor
Ongoing shelling again tonight by the Turkish army and TFSA on Mu'alaq and the M4 highway around Ayn Issa. Incidents are again becoming commonplace
Turkish forces are bombing Malik village and the international road M4 with heavy artillery
Clashes took place between to opposition factions backed by Turkey in Syria's Afrin, and an elderly man and a woman were injured
1 year ago
Four US troops are being evaluated for possible traumatic brain injury after indirect fire hit their base in northeastern Syria early Thursday morning: US official. It is not clear whether the enemy fire, at an area known as Green Village, came from rockets or mortars
1 year ago
The "Fatimiyoun" militia deploys military reinforcements near the "Arak" oil field in the Palmyra desert, in the eastern Homs countryside
Al-Raqqa: The Syrian Democratic Forces arrest a number of young men at their military checkpoints in the city of Raqqa, and drive them to compulsory recruitment camps
Al-Raqqa: The National Army targets with heavy artillery the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Ain Issa camp and the international road in the northern countryside
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: Neutralization of 3 members of the Syrian Democratic Forces who were preparing to attack the areas of Spring of Peace and Olive Branch, north and east of Syria
Deir Ezzor: Theban This morning, unknown persons on a motorbike tried to kidnap the young man "Saber Al-Maizer" and he was accompanied by another person in the middle of the market of Theban town at gunpoint. The operation failed, so they killed him and wounded the other young man who was with him
1 year ago
Yesterday, ISIS claimed responsibility for the killing of a person who said he was a SDF agent in the town of Al-Izbah, west of Deir ez-Zor
Damage caused by Turkey's shelling of villages north of Syria's Hasakah1 year ago
Damage caused by Turkey's shelling of villages north of Syria's Hasakah
1 year ago
The International Coalition: Two American soldiers were wounded in an attack on the "Green Village" near Deir ez-Zor
1 year ago
ISIS attacked Qatirji military points near Kharata oil field west of Deir ez-Zur killing and wounding militia members
1 year ago
A Russian patrol ran over a woman east of Deir Ezzor
The 4th Division checkpoint in Al-Ashara , east of Deirezzor, confiscated 4,000 Saudi riyals from one of the sons of Al-Shuhail coming from Saudi Arabia, despite holding a Saudi residency, allowing him to carry the mentioned amount within Syria
1 year ago
Two members of the Iranian-backed militias were killed in the Musarib desert in Syria's Deir_ez_or
1 year ago
Turkish forces bombed the vicinity of the village of al-Jat, north of the city of Syria's Manbij with a guided missile
Ain_Issa: Turkish forces are bombing Seyda and Malik villages, Ain Issa camp and the international road M4 with heavy artillery, now
Deir Ezzor: ISIS claims the killing of 3 members of the Syrian Democratic Forces in an attack on its checkpoint in the town of Hajin in the eastern countryside
1 year ago
Germany arrests Syrian man accused of war crimes for allegedly torturing captives while a member of ISIS in Syria
Aleppo early today: a group of unidentified gunmen stormed a Jabhat ash-Shamiyah checkpoint near the Saju refugee camp in Azaz, killing at least 2 guards outright. A third man died of his injuries not long after. Perpetrators fled the scene
1 year ago
The international coalition forces carried out an airdrop operation in cooperation with the SDF in the "Al-Hoss" area in the countryside of Raqqa governorate, which resulted in the arrest of 5 rioters and a woman on charges of belonging to the "Islamic State" organization