Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
Big convoy of trucks from the International @Coalition Forces carrying military vehicles and equipment to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).
Some Syrian sources are saying that T4 airbase was hit
Israeli Air Force G550 Eitam CAEW 537 ALLIEDI1 Racetracks at 41,000ft
Several explosions in Al Mayadin town, Deir ez-Zur, reports of possible airstrike
SAA targeted rebels in Al Lataminah, North Hama
Syrian air defense S-200 targets unknown aircraft coming from the area of Al-Tanf
Afrin: Turkish aircraft targets YPG militia positions in Raju district.
NE. Latakia: switchable drone shot down by government over Kinsabba.
Syria: air defenses entered in action in central Syria amidst possible strike on Tiyas Airbase in E. Homs CS.
Pics from Air Defence Hill west of Daraa city after Syrian Arab Army control
Syria Islamic State Claims Attack On SAA In Sweida Desert.2 month ago
Syria Islamic State Claims Attack On SAA In Sweida Desert.
Explosion in al-Bab caused by a motorcycle-IED.
SAA in control of air defense base West of Daraa
Syrian army controls Umm Mayatheen south of Saida
11th patrol of Turkish army on the outskirts of Manbij district
South Syria: government took control over Um Mayatheen and Air Defense Base South-West of Daraa, surrounding civilians and fighters part of Bunian Marsous Operation Room.
South Syria: more spoils made from Rebels in Daraa (some in Busra Harir), including T-55s, T-72s, BMP(s) and Shilka. Also the APILAS anti-tank launcher (2nd pic, center).
South Syria: 10 TOW launchers (9 complete) displayed in Khalkhalah Airbase where all weaponry seized and handed over from/by Rebels is gathered. Southern Front was the best supplied among Rebels, explaining those formidable "spoils".
Motorcycle bomb in Qabasin town of Al-Bab in middle of busy market
South Syria: moment when Russia|n forces entered town of Tafas. Rebels thwarted there several assaults by Republican Guard past days.
South Syria: 11 Rebel entities from Western Daraa and Quneitra rejecting negotiations formed the "Southern Army". Some of them: Jaish Alababil, Jaish Thawra (NW Daraa), Hauran and Qasioun Brig., Mil. Councils of Tasil and Harra.
Maghawir Al-Thawra has captured a cell of 9 ISIS elements into Ruqban IDP Camp, which they were seeking to be smuggled north of the DCZ when they were detained. Mat Spox commented, "The DCZ is not a safe haven for ISIS. We will continue to detain all ISIS who enter the 55km."
South Syria: airstrikes resumed on several locations including Daraa-city and Um Mayatheen (photo).
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] is dedicated to the security of Manbij, Syria and will continue to conduct independent, coordinated patrols to ensure the continued peace in Manbij.
Multiple airstrikes reported a few hours ago near Daraa city despite recent agreement
At least 18 YPG members were killed including 3 leaders[Shirgo Hasakah and Damhates, the sources didn't reveal the third official] on late Friday after a suspected ISIS VBIED exploded in Busaira town eastern Deir Ezzor
SDF captured 31 villages: Tiwêmiyê, Se'ida, Soyan, Hewîca, Reyhaniyê, Seracî, Xedîr Ebdella, Elmedîna, Wadî Elşok, Celxem, Xêra xerbî, Zixîr, Eldebça, Cilêb Neda, Xêra şerqî, Seqar, Wadî Ebû Hemdî, Wadî Elşeca, Sehayêm, Kulêb Foqanî, Elsîha, Ebû Fas, Riwêh, Xezîm, Mişêrfa, Kulêb Tehtanî, Abar Elebid, Elecraş, Elecrûş and Kelka and many hills (330km2) in #Hasakah
Raqqa: mass grave in the city of Raqqa, the forensic doctor says in the initial response team that the cemetery contains at least 300 bodies
Civilians on Jordanian border reject "forced displacement" The buses return empty
SAA (with some part of the 9th Division) on the Jordanian Border (Nasib)
SAA (with some part of the 9th Division) on the Jordanian Border (Nasib)
Artillery shelling on Muzayrib town in Western Daraa
N. Syria: Turkish convoy reached today South-West Idlib carrying communication equipment for its Observation Post in Jisr Shoghur area.
Syria: confirmation those weaponized drones are GPS guided (as claimed by Russian MoD). Photos from another exemplary which crashed few days ago in Latakia mounts.
Syria: one of the weaponized drones involved in yesterday's attack on Russian Airbase fell in sea. Last night a 3rd raid was carried out.
SAA armored tank T-72AV at the Naseeb border crossing, Daraa, Syria
Explosion rocked Jarablus, targeted AL-Shamal brigade
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