Map. History of Syria conflict

11 April 2021
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Huwayz village in western Hama
Syria: medical and rescue centers were targeted at least 8 times tonight by SyAF in town of Saraqeb. 3 of them are damaged. Just 6 days ago Al-Hayat Hospital hit tonight gave birth to triplet
White Helmets teams managed to rescue an infant from under his collapsed house, after a double tap Russian airstrike targeted Almantar town in Idlib this evening. As a result, 2 civilians including a SCD member were killed, and 6 ppl got injured, including 2 other volunteers.
A young man, Abdul Rahman Issa, was wounded by the pro-Assad forces shelling on Tal al-Sakhr in western Hama countryside. The young man is voluntarily working in Hama now and several news networks.
Syria: aftermath of Russian airstrike earlier today on Muntar (W. Idlib)
2 year ago
Russian Defense: US forces prevent buses from reaching Rukban camp to transport displaced persons
Airstrike targeting Kafr Nabl in Southern Idlib
CAS aircraft of SyAF is now circling over Kafr Nabl
Syria: SyAF carried out so far tonight around 20 attacks on E. Idlib countryside. More takeoffs detected minutes ago. Drones clearly heard monitoring areas struck.
Another air strike targeting Khan as Subul in Idlib
Death toll of air raid on Al Muntar near Jisr Ash Shughur raised to 3 killed
Russsian drones picking targets for Russian and government war planes over the countrysides of Idlib, Hama and Aleppo and the planes carry out the air strikes. Many planes are in the air right now.
Syria: renewed SyAF airstrikes on town of Saraqeb (video) in E. Idlib and Talmenes near Maaret Numan. Sirens heard in Idlib-city amidst fear of airstrikes.
Warplanes hit area of Tall Manis in eastern Idlib
Syria: SyAF takeoffs detected moments ago from Hama and Kuweires Airbases.
Syria: aftermath of SyAF airstrikes on Saraqeb's residential areas tonight (E. Idlib). Many people wounded in addition to a child killed
Video: Airstrike on Al-Muntar village in the countryside of Idlib
Video: Airstrike on Al-Muntar village in the countryside of Idlib
Airstrikes targeting Khan al-Asbel in the eastern Idlib.
Video: The moment the aircraft carried out a rocket attack on the town of Al-Mentar countryside
One civilian was killed as result of air strike on Saraqib, Idlib
Syrian Democratic Forces and the Internal Security Forces, supported by an air cover, carried out a security compaign near Al-Tabqa city. As a result, two Daesh militants has been captured.
SAA artillery from the camp of Jorin targeting Zizun powerplant in western Hama
Airstrike targeted Ma'arshmarin village in eastern Idlib
Coalition spokesman Sean Ryan denies any US forces were killed or injured in Sunday's Manbij suicide bombing, countering earlier claims by ISIS media
A volunteer of the civil defense was killed and others wounded in a double tap strike on the village of Muntar in the western Idlib
Opposition forces targeting pro-Assad forces camp in Jorin village in Western Hama with GRAD rockets
2 year ago
Sana correspondent: Eight civilians were killed and 11 others injured as a result of a Daesh mine explosion in the vicinity of the village of Arak in Palmyra desert
Warplanes launched an air raid on Al Muntar village in Western Idlib
Warplanes launch two raids targeting the villages of Freika and Muntar near Jisr Al Shughur in western Idlib/Hama
It's propaganda
ISIS officially claims killing 3 US special forces in attack with explosives vehicle against US-SDF convoy on the road between Manbij and AlBab in the countryside of Aleppo
Opposition forces shelling pro-Assad forces in west of Hama
One person injured by ATGM Kornet launched on farmlands near Zakah village in North Hama
A civilian was wounded in the shelling with cluster munition on the town of Ein Shaib west of Idlib
2 year ago
Two children were killed after a landmine exploded in an agricultural land in the Hama north-eastern village of Najm al-Zuhoor
Pro-Assad forces targeted Bdama and al-Najeyah towns, western Idlib countryside with missiles.
Pro-Assad forces are targeting outskirts of Kafr Zita in Northern Hama with artillery shells
Manbij MMC just released pictured of a suicide bombing inside Manbij near Sheikh Aqeel tomb. Preliminary info shows a car was damaged
Casualties among civilians after pro-Assad forces targeted Tal Mins town in Idlib with missiles.
If no more civilians come out of Baghouz today, SDF will resume the final battle to defeatDaesh says SDF spox @mustefabali
Pro-Assad forces shelled the town of Saraqeb in the eastern countryside of Idlib
A civilian was injured by artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on the town of Zeitan in the southern countryside of Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces targeting area of Tall Manis in Idlib with heavy artillery
FSA National Liberation Front Jaysh al-Ahrar Special Forces raid targeting the 7th Checkpoint on the axis of al-Suqaylabiyah killed more than 9 Assad government elements including officers in response to the continued shelling on captured areas W Hama2 year ago
FSA National Liberation Front Jaysh al-Ahrar Special Forces raid targeting the 7th Checkpoint on the axis of al-Suqaylabiyah killed more than 9 Assad government elements including officers in response to the continued shelling on captured areas W Hama
2 year ago
Hama: 9 members of the pro-Assad forces, including an officer, were killed in armed opposition forces attack on checkpoint near Suqaylabiyah
Three members of the engineering team of the FSA Police were killed while attempting to dismantle a motorcycle bomb in the city of Jarabulus
Rocket attack by the pro-Assad forces targeting Khan Shaykhun in Southern Idlib
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces artillery destroyed armed opposition forces base north to Maan in Northern Hama
More Daesh surrenders in Baghuz
Pro-Assad forces have targeted Al Tah town in Southern Idlib
Big security operation in Al Tabqa city: helicopters, UAVs involved, communication blackout in the city
The National Liberation Front (NLF) repelled pro-Assad forces attack at Tel-Othman in Western Hama2 year ago
The National Liberation Front (NLF) repelled pro-Assad forces attack at Tel-Othman in Western Hama
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces have ~5,000 ISIS fighters in detention (including 1,000 foreign fighters), according to a senior US defense official. The number of detainees have doubled in the last month as combat operations against ISIS have progressed
South Syria: explosions heard tonight in Suweida as heavy artillery is targeting suspected ISIS fighters trying to infiltrate the E. countryside. Same happened today SE. of Sukhnah, along with clashes.
2 year ago
Casualties among pro-Assad forces in infiltration attempt at minefield near Sirmaniyah in N-W Hama
2 year ago
Clashes in the are of Sirmaniyah, N-W Hama for hours, shelling from Jorin camp targeting the village
Senior US defense official says ISIS down to buying time in Baghuz "It's been a bit of fight, ok, negotiate. Fight, negotiate" per official "I hesitate to put a number on it but I think we'll be done in the next couple of weeks.Maybe we're done in the next couple of days"
2 year ago
Syrian Democratic Forces have confirmed Shamima Begum's baby son died this morning after being taken to hospital two days ago
15 shells of 152-mm 2S3 Akatsiya hit Kafr Zeita and shelling continues
Artillery shelling from the positions of the pro-Assad forces in the villages of Abu al-Huda targeting the towns of Kafr Zeita and Khan Sheikhan
Pro-Assad forces shelling Khan Shaykhun with rockets
2 year ago
Heavy lifter inbound Latakia Air Base, Syria Russia Russian Air Force An124 RA82035 RFF8395
Footage of an alleged Russian drone flying over north hama
Footage of an alleged Russian drone flying over north hama
Syria: start of TSK patrols today in so-called "demilitarized zone" of Greater Idlib almost completely stopped government bombardment. N. Hama countryside witnessed 1st day of calm in 2019. Some shelling still hit area S.-SE. of JisrShoghur.
2 year ago
Nasrallah: The steadfastness of the "resistance" in Lebanon and Palestine and the steadfastness of Syria and Iran have dropped the American project to control our region.
2 year ago
Nasrallah of Hezbollah giving a speech: What they failed to take from Syria by military war are trying to take it under siege and economic pressure on the Syrian people.
Assad supporters put his portrait on streets of Raqqa
Turkish Observation planes have began patrolling the skies of Rebel-Held Idlib,and over the Turkish Patrols
The Turkish Army has also began patrolling the area between Daraa Izza and Anadan and Al-Eis
The First Turkish Patrols are patrolling the area between the Tal Touqan Observation point towards the Sorman Observation point
Turkey started independent patrols in Syria's Idlib, western Aleppo and northern Hama province.
2 year ago
Turkey's Defence Minister confirms that Turkish and Russian forces will officially start their joint patrols in Syria's Idlib province on Friday
2 year ago
UN says camp holding people displaced from fighting around ISIS' last pocket in Baghouz holds over 62,000, including more than 14,000 under 12
2 year ago
Turkish Defense Minister: We ask the Russians to stop the Assad from launching attacks in Idlib.
Coaltion airstrike on ISIS positions not to long ago in the Baghouz camp
2 year ago
Akar: Our forces are able to take security alone in the safe area north-east of Syria and we will inevitably be there.
The surrender of ISIS gunmen in the Baguoz to Syrian democratic forces.
The Special Task Forces conducted a combing operation in the Syrian desert east of the city of Palmyra and reached the T2.
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