Map. History of Syria conflict

20 September 2018
Syrian air defenses engage another wave of incoming Israeli missiles
Reports of heavy Israel airstrikes targeting Assad's 10th Brigade in Qatna in Damascus countryside after Israeli military accused Iran's Quds Force of firing 20 rockets from Syria at Golan posts, said "some were intercepted"
10 civilians from one family were killed tonight, after four consecutive air raids targeting civilian houses in the town of Maarzita in the southern countryside of Idlib.
4 month ago
Israeli army now shelling Hezbollah positions in Madinat Al Baath city in Quneitra
Pro-Syrian government news outlet al-Mayadeen reporting any further strikes will be met by "larger" attack on Israel
The missiles in the Golan heights targets according to al maydeen tv: -Israeli military base for electronic warfare.; -Israeli military base 9900 for intel gathering.; - Israeli militray base for communication and spying center.; -the military HQ of Israeli army position 810.
Qunaitra: Live Video from about 2 Minutes Ago As Syrian Air Defence units Shoot in the sky towards Israeli Missiles.
Video of Rocket hits on the Golan4 month ago
Video of Rocket hits on the Golan
4 month ago
Israeli army says attack on Israel's northern border from members of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard
4 month ago
IDF:A number of rockets were intercepted by the Israeli army's Iron Dome aerial defense system. No injuries were reported. The Israeli army views this event with great severity and remains prepared for a wide variety of scenarios
4 month ago
IDF:About an hour ago, Israeli army defense systems identified approximately 20 rockets that the Iranian Quds forces launched at Israeli army forward posts on the Golan Heights
Video of siren going off in Druze village of Majdal Shams in northern Golan Height4 month ago
Video of siren going off in Druze village of Majdal Shams in northern Golan Height
4 month ago
Incoming rocket sirens heard in northern Israel and Golan Heights
SDF Operation "al-Jazeera storm" continues in rural Deir al-Zour on the 9th consecutive day of its final phase, and has so far advanced 21 kilometers at the Syrian-Iraqi border and dismantled hundreds of mines.
[email protected] has just landed back in Israel, returning from a day travel to Moscow
Iraq announced it captured 5 top ISIS commanders including Sadam al-Jamal(1photo)the commander of the security of"Euphrates Welayet" in addition to Mohamad Hussain Kheder the commander of al-Mayadin area(2ph)and Issam al-Zobai the commander of the "strike force"
On the occasion of the "Victory Day", Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan "The Tiger" visited Khmeimim Air Base
N. Hama: agricultural land around Lataminah burning after government artillery strikes.
Reports of Israeli aircraft in the Syrian airspace and anti-aircraft missiles fired by Assad government forces near Damascus - unconfirmed
Casualties among civilians including 3 killed (a child and 2 women), victims of SAA and allies militants ground bombardment on Daraa city.
Protests in al Bab city this moment, demanding Turkish authorities to allow the convoys of the forcibly displaced families and FSA from Southern Damascus, North Homs and Southern Hama, to enter the region. Convoys from those 3 regions are stuck still. North Aleppo countryside
5 ISIS leaders from Syria arrested in Iraq. No other details given.
Israel military chief visited Golan Heights. Israel Defense Forces has deployed military vehicles,troops several Iron Dome rocket defense batteries on the Golan Heights in light of current tensions4 month ago
Israel military chief visited Golan Heights. Israel Defense Forces has deployed military vehicles,troops several Iron Dome rocket defense batteries on the Golan Heights in light of current tensions
Inherent Resolve:Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are on the offensive to defeat Daesh in the Middle Euphrates River Valley.
Reuters: US set up base in Syria's Manbij after Turkish threats: local official
Car bomb has gone off in Maysat square in central Damascus, impact far larger than regular mortar attack
Damascus: as battle continues in S. districts, ISIS hit center of Capital with mortars, including the Damascus Tower (4.4 km N. of Yarmouk Camp). A dozen casualties reported.
Russian troops held a "Victory parade" at Hmeimim air base in Syria.
Explosions have been reported in several areas in the Syrian capital Damascus, killing at least two people and wounding several others, Syrian state media report.
Media sources: The government forces are conducting a campaign of arrests of the youth in the city of Douma in eastern Gouta
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says an Israeli attack on Iranian military facilities south of Damascus has killed at least 15 people including eight Iranians
Another video Turkish forces convoy reach Rashdeen area western Aleppo
ISIS shelling Marjah Square in Damascus city center with light artillery
Turkish forces convoy reach Rashdeen area western Aleppo
HTS carried out the IED operation which killed 8 SAA and allies militants at Damascus - Suweiyda road last May 6.
Syria: Entry of Turkey army convoy heading to south Aleppo
2 medical cases (heart attack and birth situation) from the 5th convoy of forcibly displaced people from Yilda, Babila, and Beit Sahm towns, in need of immediate medical assistance.
4 month ago
New round of Astana talks re. Syria slated to take place on May 14-15
4 month ago
Israeli army releases statement this morning indicating situation is back to routine in the Golan (in terms of security precautions), while some touristic sites are still closed
PM @netanyahu upon his departure for Moscow: "I am off to an important meeting with Russian President Vladimir. the meetings between us are always important, and today's especially important, in light of what's happening tonight at Syria. The coordination with Russia is crucial "
Deir al-Azur Western countryside: coalition jets are flying over the western countryside of Deir al-Zour
Special Flight to Syria - Tu-154 85155 takeoff from Chkalovsky RA85155
Pro-Assad forces launched flares over the towns of Ekeidat and Tabiya, and sounds of shots heard
Assad's official news agency claims 2 civilians killed as a result of the Israeli airstrike, while @syriahr reports 9 pro-government fighters killed
Two children and a man were killed and many injured, after 4 Russian air strikes targeted a school in Al Naqeer village, Idlib countryside.
Reportedly Iranian convoy with rockets(with aim to hit Tel'Aviv or Jerusalem) were destroyed in Syria
Military Convoy belonging to Pro-Assad Iran'ian militias militants entered this moment at al-Thaela airbase. West Suweiyda countryside
Over Iraq, near Ramadi: Syrian Arab Air Force 585th Transport Squadron of the 29th Air Brigade IL-76T is flying from Tehran Mehrabad to Syrian destination; Cham Wings is flying from Al Najaf to Damascus and Mahan Air is flying from Damascus to Tehran Imam Khomeini.
Footage from Akhbar Sourya shows first responders on the scene at the Shurbaji Factory site, following suspected Israel strike vs Kisweh, south of Damascus. Unconfirmed chatter says "Friends are among casualties". 'Friends' usually refers to IRGC troops.
Video of one of the explosions near Damascus
Israeli airforce jets above Bint Jbiel
Israeli army reinforcement arrive in 'Ein Qiniyyah town in  Golan Heights4 month ago
Israeli army reinforcement arrive in 'Ein Qiniyyah town in Golan Heights
Israeli jets reportedly carrying out heavy overflights over Lebanon's southern coast.
Video posted by Assad state TV shows Syria government anti-aircraft and air defense systems engaging and destroying Israel "enemy" missiles fired at Al-Kisweh 12 km south of the capital Damascus
Night air refueling mission for this Israeli Air Force Boeing B-707 (264)4 month ago
Night air refueling mission for this Israeli Air Force Boeing B-707 (264)
Israeli air strike targets a Syrian army position south of Damascus - pro-Assad commander
SANA: Syrian Air Defense shot down two Israeli missiles in al-Kaswa area in southern Damascus
ISIS show wreckage of Russian Ka-52 helicopter
ISIS fighters trudge through the wreckage of the Russian helicopter that crashed northwest of the city of Mayadin, Deir ez-Zor. Conflicting reports on whether or not it was shot down or if it crashed due to mechanical failure.
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting SAA and allies militants positions at alKassoua region. West Damascus countryside
Initial/unconfirmed reports suggest a convoy may have been targeted rather than an actual base. There's an Iranian base near al-Kiswah (targeted by Israel in the past)
Israeli airstrikes targeted an Iranian position around Damascus, possibility of Iranian causalities
Image from the reported attack in the industrial area of Al-Kissweh south of Damascus
Looks like Israeli warplanes launched decoy missiles over Damascus, likely an attempt to expose the Syrian Air Defense positions
Explosions South of Damascus. Air Defense in action.
Israel's defence minister @AvigdorLiberman is holding consultations with head of Israeli security organizations
4 month ago
Syria: at 9:45PM local time residents near Golan say at least 3 missiles fired from Israel flew above Quneitra prov. "heading East". Intense aerial activity also reported.
Israeli army expands order to open bomb shelters for Safed, Northern Israel.
CNN's @barbarastarrcnn reports that Pentagon officials say they are seeing signs that Iran is preparing to strike Israel, perhaps from Syria.
CNN quotes US military sources: "The Pentagon has very serious concerns about an Iranian attack against Israel, it is unclear when the attack will take place and where it will come from"
Netanyahu: Israel will prevent the Iranian presence in Syria
4 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Earlier this week, the Iraqi Air Force carried out a successful strike on Daesh positions in Syria. As I stated before, we will target Daesh militants and hunt down their remnants not only in Iraq but in the region too
4 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Securing our borders with Syria is a top priority. We have allocated funds to ensure that our border force has the latest technology to help safeguard all of Iraq's borders
Macron: We will work collectively on a broader framework, covering nuclear activity, the post-2025 period, ballistic activity, and stability in the Middle-East, notably Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.
DeirEzzor: Coalition sent military reinforcements, including soldiers and heavy machinery to SDF militia
4 month ago
Israel deployed air defense systems and orders the preparation of shelters in the Golan Heights
4 month ago
Israeli army is telling residents in the Golan Heights to prepare their bomb shelters
Israeli army says it has identified "unusual movements of Iranian forces in Syria" and are saying: "We are on high alert, and forces are deployed and we are ready for all scenarios"
Video of ongoing clashes in Yarmouk camp
Video of ongoing clashes in Yarmouk camp
S. Damascus: very heavy bombarmdent on Yarmouk Camp by SyAF (unguided bombs) and Volcano rockets.
ISIS area in eastern desert shrunk to half after government assault
Israeli army Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkrot cancels his keynote address tonight as Israeli army is on high alert, due to fears of an Iranian attack
Syrian Kiyam group claims responsibility of bombing a YPG headquarters in AL-Hasakah.
S. Damascus: geolocation of frontline on E. part of Yarmouk Camp: near Palestine Graveyard.
S. Damascus: geolocation of frontline on E. part of Yarmouk Camp: near Palestine Graveyard.
Warplanes carried out 4 airstrikes targeting families houses in alNaqiyr village, resulting in several casualties among civilians including 2 killed, several children under the rubble. Southern Idlib countryside
Government Axis Forces have captured Muayzilah,the vicinity of Al-Kam,Faydah Bin Muwayneah,Sabkhat Al-Jubb,Fajarat Al-Shuwayl from ISIS in Deir Ez Zor Badiyah
Cizire Storm: SDF and YPG fighting Isis near DeirEzzor.
Syrian army control football pitch near Japanese hospital and surrounding buildings. South Damascus
Two Russian helicopter pilots who died yesterday in Syria: Crew commander and deputy squadron commander Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Gushchin; Navigator/gunner Lieutenant Roman Miroshnichenko. Both pilots likely served in 18th Army Aviation Brigade in Khabarovsk.
S. Idlib: new RuAF airstrikes hit today village of Naqayar.
Fifth batch of displaced people from Damascus has arrived in Al Bab
E. Syria: pro-Assad forces resumed ops vs ISIS in E. desert. Fall of RuAF Ka-52 yesterday cld be related to this (Ka-52s played imp. role in battle vs IS 2nd half 2017).
White Helmets teams are trying to help civilians in Idlib after heavy rains
Sunday's airstrikes targeting an ISIS HQ in Syria were conducted by both Iraqi and coalition aircraft including Iraqi and American F-16s
Netanyahu says Iran plans to deploy "very dangerous weapons in Syria"
N. Aleppo: town of Al-Bab has several camps for displaced ppl from Damascus province. One of those refugee camps was flooded yesterday.
RuAF IL62 RA86561 RFF7335 descending for Latakia
S. Damascus: heavy clashes and bombardment continue on 20th day of Offensive vs ISIS. A Colonel from 10th Division is among those killed yesterday.
Turkey army refuse entry of Homs-convoy into al Bab town in NE Aleppo
4 month ago
German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass to discus Ukraine and Syria with Lavreov
Syrian Arab Army reinforcements arriving in Joreen ahead of the Ghab Plains/ Jisr al-Shughour military offensive.
Iraqi MoI Intelligence: ISIS leader Baghdadi is located in Hajiin, Syria, 18 miles from the Iraqi border.
CizireStorm: Heavy clashes between Isis and the SDF near Hajin outskirts.
Liwa Quds control Faydat Umm Muwaynah in DeirezZor Badiya
Liwa Quds control Faydat Umm Muwaynah in DeirezZor Badiya
France will strike Syria again if Damascus uses chemical weapons – Paris
Waiting for the arrival of the displaced from the northern Homs countryside at Aleppo - Bab - Abu Zindeen Syria
Brett McGurk: Syrian Democratic Forces making steady progress against ISIS militants holed up on the Syrian side of the Iraq border. SDF ops are being supported by @Coalition and Iraqi air forces, as well as cross border artillery fires.
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