23 September 2021
Reports of air strike on an Iranian site near Albukamal, south of Deir Ezzor
Civilians in Tel Tamr reported hearing gunfire north of Tel Tamr in Al 'Arisha village. They claim it's infighting between two TFSA groups
South Syria: first clashes erupted tonight between ex-Rebels and SAA on Tafas front (NW. Daraa). government using heavy artillery (in outskirts). Multiple soldiers reportedly killed in ambush/attack
There are movements of Iraqi Militias all over government-Held Syria,unknown the reason behind these movements and unknown whether this is a repositioning
1 year ago
Syrian Kurdish National Council, in a statement, completely denies Rudaw's report that they pull out of the Syrian National Council or relocate from Turkey to Saudi; the statement says they are actually attending SNC's meetings this week
1 year ago
ENKS to withdraw from the Turkey-backed Syrian opposition coalition and move its office from Turkey to Saudi Arabia as part of the US-led efforts to bring together ENKS and PYD
South Syria: negotiations on fate of Tafas (NW. Daraa CS) continue. government conditions to avoid assault are allowing SAA (gathered in outskirts of the town for 3rd day) to enter Tafas without resistance & the handover of Abu Tarek Subihi
Note: satellite imagery shows Aleppo Infantry School & Kuweires Airbase weren't targeted by Israel few days ago, contrarily to some claims
Muhammad Faris al-Khlouf, a citizen from the village of Miznaz in the western countryside of Aleppo, was killed by a sniper by the government forces in the village of Miznaz while he was inspecting his house near the village
5th division and 9th division confirm Muzayrib is under full control of the Syrian Army
Pro-Assad forces bombed with heavy artillery the outskirts of the town of Nairab
Military reinforcements of the government forces heading to southern Syria
South Syria: SAA entered last night in Muzayrib (NW. Daraa) and took control of the village without resistance. Abu Tarek Subihi showed up for 1st time in video since he became the most wanted man in Daraa by government
1 year ago
U.S. forces establish a new military base on the administrative borders between the provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor
Opposition forces managed to stop the infiltration of pro-Assad soldiers on the Al-Ma'ara Alia axis in eastern Idlib. According to information, it was confirmed that a number of Assad's soldiers were attempted to infiltrate
IS militants in Hasaka yesterday claimed to have assassinated 1 SDF Asayish and a member of SDF/YPG intelligence in Hadadiyya
Reports about the start of a military campaign led by the Special Forces of the 15th and Fourth Brigades that was withdrawn from the Al-Ghab Plain, on the town of Mazreib, will likely target, in particular the Abu Tariq Al-Subaihi battalion
A picture showing the HQ of Jaysh al-Islam in Afrin, praising the Iraq's dictator Sadam Hussein
Two suspected YPG members who were trying to infiltrate into Ras Al-Ain captured by Turkish forces. They wore aluminum underwear to avoid being detected by thermal cameras1 year ago
Two suspected YPG members who were trying to infiltrate into Ras Al-Ain captured by Turkish forces. They wore aluminum underwear to avoid being detected by thermal cameras
Rallies in Al-Bab, Kafr Takharim, Jarablus, Benish and Idlib after evening prayers to demand the return of the displaced to their homes without Assad and with international guarantees
The Coalition (US) is sending military vehicles and supplies to their Shaddadi base
South Syria: ex-Rebels from Tafas-Muzayrib rejected surrender & deportation to Idlib amidst SAA ultimatum in NW. Daraa. Negotiations reportedly started with a Russian delegation. 4th, 15th Divisions and 5th Corps deployed in the area
Secretary of the People's Assembly, Khaled al-Aboud, said that Bashar al-Assad is capable of "deporting Putin from Syria and pushing him into a battle that does not remain nor abate," and of "striking out Putin's name from Russian history forever and ever"
The United States is expanding Al-Omar Base and is building a new base in Al-Jazrat
RT Arabic seems to have removed the interview with Firas Tlas about the rift between Assad and Rami Makhlouf
Commanding General (@CJTFOIR) Lieutenant General Pat White on Hasakah prison riot praised the quick professional response of SDF prison guards "getting all prisoners back in the cell" & he said it was a riot within the prison walls
Commanding General (@CJTFOIR) Lieutenant General Pat White says in an update on ISIS that the SDF has captured ISIS operatives including emirs in recent operations and have disrupted smuggling networks
Tal Tamr: Turkish rockets pound seven villages under control of government and SDF
US #Syria envoy Jeffrey comments on Rami Makhlouf videos : "It's exposing the dirty laundry in one of the worst governments in the 21st century. We're hoping it indicates that there will be more dislocation and more disintegration of that evil regime."
The United Nations accuses the parties to the conflict in Syria of taking advantage of the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic to launch attacks on civilians
Syrian Air Ilyushin Il-76T (YK-ATA, SYR651) domestic Syria flight from Al-Qamishli to Aleppo, Al-Hasakah, Deir ez-Zor and Palmyra
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE6861 active over Eastern Medititerranean
Syria response coordinators highlights lack justice in the distribution of humanitarian aid in northwestern Syria.1 year ago
Syria response coordinators highlights lack justice in the distribution of humanitarian aid in northwestern Syria.
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