Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
Report from Deir-ez-Zur: 12 buses with Hezbollah fighters left Deir-ez-Zur today and went to Aleppo
Two children wounded by a cluster munition in Hayan north of Aleppo
Syria: 1st group belonging to Tiger Forces reportedly heading to (Greater) Idlib.
AL-Tarmah groups - Al Haydar regiment Tiger Forces get instructions for a new mission.
Syria: explosion few ago above Jablah as Russia n Air Defense shot down a suicide drone targeting the Airbase. Last attack was 10 days ago but 1st time it happened at daylight.
According to the US Department of Defense, 4,000 to 6,000 IS fighters are still present in North-East Syria and 13,100 to 14,500 in the rest of Syria (Report of the DOD General Inspection to the Congress on the Inherent Resolve operation @CJTFOIR)
Turkish Army and US CENTCOM had its 27th coordinated, independent patrol at the frontlines between Euphrates Shiedl and Manbij.
1 month ago
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will arrive in Ankara for talks on Syria on August 13th
2 YPG militants have been neutralized in the ongoing security operations in Barad mountain in the countryside of Afrin.
1 month ago
United Nations: We will ask Turkey to continue to open its borders to civilians if a battle breaks out in Idlib
The Pentagon has denied that there was conflict between SDF and US marines
Deir-ez-Zur A SDF member was killed by US marines after he shot a marines after a verbal dispute
The Future Syria Party opened its office in the city of Manbij. The party has already opened offices in Qamishli and Hasakah and plans to expand to areas under Syrian Government control.
1 month ago
UN Syria humanitarian adviser Egeland says Russia, Turkey and Iran told UN humanitarian meeting that they will do their utmost to avoid a battle for Idlib
YPG giving an account of all the bombings and killings it has carried out against Turkish-backed forces
1 month ago
South Syria: a second captive (taken by ISIS in E. Suweida on 25th July) died due to "bad health conditions". Several reports suggest negotiations for release of ~30 ppl abducted fell apart.
Firefighters teams in Afrin area responded to a huge fire in the forest.
SAA advanced 30kms against Daesh in Eastern Suweida
3 TIP fighters were killed in SAA shelling on Mansoura village in Western Hama
Swaida: units of the Syrian army advancing in the areas of Rizema East and Ramiya and direction of Mahra Rashid and Tal Salim Al-Luf and Tall Al Safa and destroy cars, warehouses, and Daesh field hospitals
SAA drops leaflets in Idlib and its countryside
Between 3,000 and 5,000 Refugees have gone back from Lebanon under reconciliation deals this year. "These deals are relatively insignificant in number, but they send a message to the press and public that it is safe to return," said @nasseryassin @ifi_aub @refugeesdeeply
Government forces and SSNP are advancing in eastern Sweida desert backed by air and artillery bombardment. Daesh left the controlled areas to avoid direct clashes with SAA and allies
Armaments captured from ISIS by Kurdish-led SDF in DeirEzzor.
Daesh launched an attack on the positions of the Assad forces in the town of Hamdan near the city of Al-Bokamal east of Deir ez-Zur
Artillery shelling targeted agricultural lands near Khan Sheikhun last night
Unknown gunmen assassinate last night Mohamed Mohsen Hassan, the father of one of the military leaders of the Jabhat Tahrir Suriya in the town of Kafr al-Nahha west of Aleppo.
HTS continues crackdown and arrests in villages southeast of Idlib on charges of "planning for reconciliation with the Assad regime" and Daesh cells
Artillery shelling on Zammar village in Southern Aleppo
Two civilians were injured by a rocket attack by the government forces on the city of Hraytan North to Aleppo
FSA National Liberation Front raids in Maarrat al-Nu'man and some surrounding villages arrested a number of cells belonging to the Assad government and a number of advocates promoting reconciliation with the criminal government Idlib
The civil council RCC have started the restoration project of "The Old Bridge" in Raqqa one of the two important bridges that connects both sides of city.
3 members of the YPG forces were killed by an unknown assailant at the checkpoint of Hawaij village east of Deir al-Zour
Two civilians were wounded by snipers in the village of Atshan north of Hama
N. Syria: important deployment of forces by HTS in S. Idlib to arrest ppl suspected to have links with government and/or promoting reconciliation. NLF carried out similar operation today in E. MaaretNuman. Around 48 ppl arrested in total.
HTS announces the arrest of about 30 people from the "advocates of reconciliation" south of Idlib.
Four members of the Euphrates Shield factions were killed by Kurdish units in the village of Qarata, north of the city of Manbaj, east of Aleppo.
South Syria: tons of ammo and weapons uncovered in underground bunker in Harra (NW. Daraa), including 6 Fagot ATGM s and 10s of armor piercing shells.
Yesterday, the Commander of the IAF awarded the Northern "Yahalom" (Patriot) Battalion with a certificate for intercepting the Syrian "Su-22" fighter aircraft that infiltrated Israel's territory on July 24th
Assad's wife Asma Al-Assad began treatment of breast cancer on the early stage
Kurdish YPG claimed and published video of attack on 4 Turkish-backed forces fighters north to Manbij
Syria: Mount Akawi overlooking Bidama hit by incendiary rockets, 2 km from Turkey.
Turkish artillery units bombing YPG militias hiding in Afrin/Shaykh Hadid mountain.
The US continues to establish military infrastructure in the territories controlled by SDF. The US servicemen are currently setting up a new military facility a few kilometers north of al Tabni town
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