Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
9 month ago
A Tiger Forces Soldier today: "Qamhana Tarmahs lead by brigadier general Suheil Al-Hassan (The Tiger) return to Hama today"
Il-76 from Chkalovsky to Latakia via Turkish airspace9 month ago
Il-76 from Chkalovsky to Latakia via Turkish airspace
Pics showing RuAF raids earlier today on S. Aleppo villages. Many airstrikes also this night on E. Hama countryside.
Homs: video shot inside Khalid Ibn Walid Mosque which is restored by Chechnya's Kadyrov Foundation. Mosque was a symbol for Rebels until they evacuated district in July 2013.
S. Aleppo: a RuAF Su-25 destroyed today a makeshift crude oil refinery near Tell Daman.
SAA captured at least 30 ATGMs(Metis, Fagot, Konkurs, Kornet, TOW) and 7 launchers from IS in Deir ez Zor.
SAA captured at least 30 ATGMs(Metis, Fagot, Konkurs, Kornet, TOW) and 7 launchers from IS in Deir ez Zor.
Government attack on @SyriaCivilDef team by an artillery shell during rescue work in Douma city, Damascus countryside.
Syrian Army captured Umm Khazem and Tell Umm Khazem after control Balil and Tell Balil and reached outskirts of Umm Turaykiyah Idlib
Government managed again to assert control over Tell Bardiyah a week after Rebel counter-offensive.
Captured weapons by SAA from area between Al Mayadin and Al Bukamal
Syrian Army and allies captured Balil and Tell Balil, Idlib
French Foreign Minister said SDF supported by the International Coalition defeated IS, freed 40% of Syria and controlled 60% of the country's oil resources. He pointed out there were about 500 French IS still in Iraq/Syria asserting "Their return to France is very difficult"
The second group of IDPs who were living in the Sede camp are going to return to their homes in the Diban, Sobha and Suwar towns today
9 month ago
Russian Mindef: F-22 allegedly deployed decoy flares and air brakes with permanent maneuvering this simulating and air battle. After the appearance of RuAF Su-35, USAF F-22 retreated into the Iraq airspace.
9 month ago
Russian Mindef: on November 23rd USAF F-22 actively prevented combat action of the RuAF Su-25 pair in Syria over the Mayadin.
Youth in Raqqa call on international community to rebuild Raqqa
A New Military Convoy of #TSK Enters Kafr Lusin Village / Idlib
ISIS from Syria attacks Iraqi Border Guards 2nd Brigade HQ at Waliid border crossing, 7 Iraqi forces killed. ISIS withdraws to Syria.
ISIS claimed they have killed 15 SDF fighters at Al Daranj village in East Deir-ez-Zur
ISIS in Bahrah under siege after SDF seized Gharaneej
Russian Air Force MiG-29 SMT in Syria.
SDF announced control over Grennig village in Deir-ez-Zur province
9 month ago
Turkey Launches Probe after Call for Brett McGurk's Arrest
Iraq: PMU announces the completion of military operations and full control of the Iraqi - Syrian border
SDF took Sheitat tribal region at eastern Euphrates bank from ISIS
[email protected]: Russian/Syrian aircraft crossed deconfliction line into coalition airspace east of the Euphrates River 6-8 times a day in late November, "the greatest concern is that we could shoot down a Russian aircraft because its actions are seen as a threat" to coalition forces
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Violent clashes between the Islamic State Organization and the militias of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the town of Suidan Jezzera
Al-Hasakah: The arrival of a new shipment of American weapons to the city of Al-Malikiyah in the countryside of Al-Hasakah through the crossing of Semelka with the northern province of Iraq
U.S. to Remain in Syria Indefinitely, Pentagon Officials Say
Syria: reports saying leader of SDF al-Bakara tribal battalions Yasser al-Dahle defected to government forces
#TheWhiteHelmets rescuing the wounded after heavy bombing by artillery shells in Harasta city
Footage of one of the Russian @mod_russia warplanes that killed civilians in Zarzoor, Idlib
Footage of one of the Russian @mod_russia warplanes that killed civilians in Zarzoor, Idlib
9 month ago
Turkish President: Putin to visit Turkey on Monday and discuss with Erdogan the two problems of Syria and Jerusalem
SOHR:Yesterday 37 HTS and 23 ISIS members killed during clashes in Northern Hama.
ISIS breaks through HTS defense in northeastern Hama
Media affiliated with Hayyat Tahrir al-Sham reports protests denouncing US Jerusalem announcement in the Idlib Province
9 month ago
Rebels took out group of Pro-Assad-forces at al-Rahjan front in eastern Hama with ATGM
Clashes inside village of Shakusiyah yesterday before government forces was expelled.9 month ago
Clashes inside village of Shakusiyah yesterday before government forces was expelled.
9 month ago
The skill of the Russian military allowed to perform tasks in Syria with small forces — Gerasimov
SAA artillery bombards town of Ein Tarma in the Eastern Ghouta
N. Damascus: sat images show alleged Israel|i strikes (4th Dec.) didn't hit Jamraya Scientific Research Complex but blasted 5 buildings in Jamraya Special Forces HQ.
SW. Damascus: a government ammo depot blew up in Maqrusah, a village on border with Hermon's Rebel pocket used by government for daily shelling.
Muqtada Al-Sadr warns "Israel": "We can reach you through the borders of Syria."
Latest Coalition report declares 5 new anti-ISIS strikes at Abu Kamal Dec 7th
RUAF Il-76 78850 is returning from Latakia Syria9 month ago
RUAF Il-76 78850 is returning from Latakia Syria
Unknown location
Damascus : There's been an explosion at the government's munition depot in the village of Al-Maqrousat in West Ghouta.
Photo: Daesh SVBIED during latest clashes in Deir-ez-Zur countryside
DeirEzZor: Syrian Army Tiger forces, Groups of the Tarmah found a number of warehouses of weapons that belonged to ISIS after taking control of Qouriyah/ AlKouriyeh and Al-Asharah in Deir Ezzor south eastern countryside
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