15 June 2021
The TFSA is currently shelling Harbul with mortars and light rockets
Raqqa: Anti-terror units belonging to Syrian democratic forces has raided the village "Al-Mustariha", east of Raqqa. At least three militants were captured and charged on communicating with the Free Syrian Army.
1 year ago
"We've got to have some focused priorities & alHol is really critical" per @brett_mcgurk speaking at @BrookingsInst, adding SDF doesn't have the resources to deal with this "I hope the US steps up to this bcs it's very serious. It's central to our national security interests"
1 year ago
alHol "is a problem" per McGurk [alQaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-] Zarqawi was in a Jordan ian prison. He was in a US military prison facility. [ISIS leader Abu Bakr al] Baghdai was in a US military prison facility. We know what happens in these prisons"
1 year ago
"We have this camp in alHol in which truly the next generation, the current generation & the future generation of militants are there & it's getting very little attention" per @brett_mcgurk
1 year ago
"That mission alone is going to be extremely challenging" @brett_mcgurk says of dealing ISIS a lasting defeat "You have a camp like alHol with 70,000 people part of which is like Jihad-land" per @brett_mcgurk "We're putting very little resources into that"
1 year ago
"We want to see all Iran ian commando forces leave.see the Assad government fundamentally change the way he governs his country. We want to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS" per @brett_mcgurk "You got to got to really resource a campaign like that & it's not resourced"
1 year ago
"Those are some big objectives & we have our hands full just in NE Syria" @brett_mcgurk told @BrookingsInst
Today, the State Department designated Hurras al-Din, an alQaida-affiliated group in Syria, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT)
1 year ago
Departure of @AmbJohnBolton from Trump administration, "I don't think it fundamentally changes that much," says former US anti-ISIS envoy @brett_mcgurk, adding even under ex Nat'l Security Adviser HR McMaster "the level of connection to the Oval Office was always questionable"
A clear warning by Israeli army Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi: The Israeli army will not allow Iran to entrench itself in Syria or develop accurate missiles in Lebanon."
1 year ago
The Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab says it is clear that Iran has broken its assurance that the tanker Adrian Darya 1 (formerly Grace 1) would not deliver its oil to Syria. He has summoned the Iranian ambassador to the FCO in protest
1 year ago
Britain: Iran reneged on its promises on the tanker Adrian Daraya, which was transferred to Syria
The Shahid Ammar Sheikh Academy has graduated its third class for the Raqqa Military Council. The course consisted of 185 members and lasted for 60 days
The Shahid Ammar Sheikh Academy has graduated its third class for the Raqqa Military Council. The course consisted of 185 members and lasted for 60 days
Hasakah: After months of monitoring and surveillance, H.A.T anti-terror units with support of Asayîş ISF carried out an operation targeting one of ISIS terror leaders named "Abu Harith al-Iraqi". The terrorist tried to flee but H.A.T were able to eliminate him
John Bolton:that we're two weeks from UNGA, you can be sure Iran is working overtime on deception. Let's review the greatest hits, starting with the most recent. Iran denied the Adrian Darya-1 was headed to Syria, then confirmed today its oil was offloaded there
A civilian was killed due to artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces targeting Jarjnaz town of Idlib countryside
Shelling targeting Kafr Nabl town in southern Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish army: Negotiations with the US military delegation will continue tomorrow at the Joint Joint Operations Center in Akcakale
1 year ago
Meeting of Turkish General staff with U.S. Deputy Commander of European Forces Twitty and U.S. Deputy Central Command Commander Bergeson has finished
Manbij Military Council spox: "It is important to understand the fact that ISIS has been not ended, for it can thrive and organize itself at any moment. The battle with ISIS has not yet ended. Thus, we must maintain stability and create conditions for political solutions"
1 year ago
Erdogan: sending of 50 thousands of trucks of equipment and ammunition to militant groups in Syria seriously disturbs Turkey
1 year ago
Turkish President Erdogan: Turkey can not afford a new wave of refugees from Syria
Pro-Assad forces stationed in Khan Shaykhoun targeting Rakaya village with artillery
1 year ago
Turkish Vice President Aktay: The belief that Turkey will embrace a new wave of immigration if it starts is a completely wrong approach
1 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense called reports that Russia violated the ceasefire in Idlib as fake news
1 year ago
Trukish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu: The US did not keep its promise because of its engagement with this terrorist organization (YPG), especially on the Manbij roadmap.
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We want to work with Washington, but we are not satisfied with its approach in Syria
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu on US position on the east of the Euphrates issue: The steps taken or said to be taken are cosmetic steps
1 year ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: U.S. seeks to disrupt the agreement on the safe area in Syria
Israel PM Netanyahu and Russia's president Putin will meet Thursday in Sochi
1 year ago
Lattakia: Russian air raids on the Kabina axis in the northern countryside
Pro-Assad forces target the town of Hazarin south of Idlib with artillery shells
US Navy P8 Poseidon 169332 patrolling off the coast of Syria
Pentagon says Syria safe zone is 'on time' after joint Turkish patrol. But the US and Turkey still can't agree on the size of the zone, what to call it, or what to do with Kurdish units
Afrin: Violent explosion has shaked afrin city now.
A Syrian official confirm to al-Mayadeen that an "under construction base" near al-Bukamal was targeted by Israel on September 8
Pro-Assad forces shell Kafranbel city in southern Idlib countryside with rockets, causing fires and destruction in several houses
New images by @ImageSatIntl show the aftermath of an alleged Israeli air strike against Iranian military base in AlBukamal. At least 8 storehouses completely destroyed
Syria, Albukamal: the new Iranian military compound - aftermath of attack
The new military base, revealed by ISI and FoxNews (3 Sept) as an Iran ian storehouses compound, was attacked between 8-9 Sept. Here's the aftermath. before and after
Syria, Albukamal: the new Iranian military compound - aftermath last night attack
An unknown explosion is heard inside Idlib city
A number of fuel tanks have been burned following an explosion in Mazout market in Azaz city
An unknown explosion hits Mazout market in Azaz city of Aleppo northern countryside
A new video of the Turkish - American forces at Tel Abyad
Deir ez-Zur Medical sources: 21 killed and 36 wounded as a result of airstrikes on alHashed and the Iranian militias locations in Al Bukamal last night, and Iranian militias seized all the blood bags from city's hospitals for the wounded
Pro-Assad forces target Hass town south of Idlib with rockets
Five surface-to-surface missiles landed on civilian homes in the town of Kafranbel last night
Opposition factions shell pro-Assad forces positions near Sinjar town in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Israeli army in Arabic spokesperson(tweet with a cartoon): We warn the Bashar-Assad regime that it will pay a heavy price for allowing the Iranians and Shiite militias to operate from within its territory, turning a blind eye and even cooperating with them1 year ago
Israeli army in Arabic spokesperson(tweet with a cartoon): We warn the Bashar-Assad regime that it will pay a heavy price for allowing the Iranians and Shiite militias to operate from within its territory, turning a blind eye and even cooperating with them
A pro-Iranian militia under the command of the Quds force fired rockets at Israel from Syria this morning. The attack failed and the rockets landed in Syrian territory, Israeli army says
SDF commander Mazloum Abdi: We deal flexibly with US efforts to stop escalation with Turkey and things are going well if not counting Turkey's provocative statements
Pro-Assad forces target the city of Kafranbel, the villages of Rakaya, Ma'arzita and Maaret Mater in the southern countryside of Idlib with artillery shells
Pro-Assad forces stationed in al-Hbeit town and Tal 'Aas target dozens of rockets and artillery shells at Kafr Sanjeh village in the southern countryside of Idlib in conjunction with the flight of Russian reconnaissance aircraft overhead
A Russian reconnaissance aircraft was shot down near al-Tamana town in the southern countryside of Idlib
At least 18 fighters killed in the attack in Syria-Iraq border: Syria n Observatory
3 explosions in the Al Bukamal area of Syria targeted the headquarters of Iraqi militias
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