24 June 2021
2 year ago
Inbound Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL76 RF86906 RFF7341
Iraqi President Barham Salih, PM Adel Abdul Mahdi and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halboussi hold an important meeting discussed completion of Govt cabin and the disturbing terrorist activities on the border between Iraq and Syria
Coalition reconnaissance aircraft monitoring Daesh-controlled area in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur since morning
Syria: tank cemetery near Homs.2 year ago
Syria: tank cemetery near Homs.
Daesh bombed the positions of the Pro-Assad forces in the countryside of Al Bukamal with rocket-propelled grenades
Al-Raqqa: Two members of the Kurdish militia were killed by an explosive device in the town of Al-Khas in the eastern countryside
2 year ago
Nasrallah: To Jublatt and PSP, you said Iran and Syria is obstructing and intervening where is your evidence Before saying we are obstructing you can write down when we refused to give names and wait 4 months but calm down
2 year ago
Nasrallah: First they said Hezbollah wants quick government before sanctions on Iran and they say we are obstructing, make up your mind. I tell you neither Syria or Iran is meddling. The independent minister is Sunni's right
SDF is fortifying Ras al-Ayn/Sere Kaniye
2 year ago
Nasrallah: Even the enemy says, one of the reasons for sanctions against Iran is for its support for Resistance factions. Even in Syria, despite the war continues to resist despite the war. If not for Syria's Army and leadership we would have witnessed Netanyahu in Damascus
2 year ago
Many casualties reported amid clashes between Daesh and pro-Assad forces in Tallul al-Safa in the eastern Swaida countryside
The Health Committee of the Civil Council of Raqqa opened the Al-Akkerashi health clinic in the southern countryside of Raqqa, which serves the villages of the village (the Kasra _ al-Akkirshi _ al Dalha) within four clinics specializing in pediatric diseases, dental clinic, children, internal diseases and a central pharmacy.
One person injured by a motorcycle bomb explosion in a city of Al Bab
A motorcycle explosion in front of the Alikin mosque in the city of Qabasin in the eastern Aleppo countryside without injuries
2 year ago
The Russian Defense Ministry announced that 6 pro-government troops killed, 5 wounded in Aleppo, Hama and Lattakia during the past 24 hours
IS claimed targeted killing of SDF member in northern part of Raqqa city
2 year ago
IS claimed attacks in Safa area today in SE Damascus countryside
2 year ago
Erdogan: Our advisers are working with the American side to coordinate a meeting with Trump in Paris and if we have the opportunity we will meet
Captain Amjad Ali Issa, one of the officers of the 4th Corps of the SAA, was killed during the attack by opposition forces on the al-Tarsale axis north of Hama.
SAA shelling with heavy artillery on the border between Suweida and Damascus governorates
SAA operations on Al Safa plains SE Damascus countryside Heavy artillery strikes on IS positions2 year ago
SAA operations on Al Safa plains SE Damascus countryside Heavy artillery strikes on IS positions
Aleppo: Explosive device exploded in the city of Atareb in the western countryside
US President @realDonaldTrump meets with France President Emmanuel Macron to discuss military relations with Paris, Europe, NATO and the situation in Syria2 year ago
US President @realDonaldTrump meets with France President Emmanuel Macron to discuss military relations with Paris, Europe, NATO and the situation in Syria
HTS "Quwat al-Asa'ib al-Hamra" kills about 20 Assad government militia in a surprise attack on an operations room at the village of al-Tarabia last night in revenge for the FSA Jaysh al-Ezzah dead N Hama
Syria: HTS "Red Unit" carried out last night 1st operation in retaliation for attack on Jaish Izza position. A fortified camp located S. of Helfaya (N. Hama) and report. used for attack vs Jaish Izza was assaulted (25 KIA claimed, some pictured).
The body of a member of SDF was found shot dead on the outskirts of the town of Abu al-Naitel, north of Deir al-Zour
FSA Police forces graduated 74 new members in Jinderes countryside
OIR Spokesman: Yesterday, the Coalition successfully struck and destroyed an ISIS observation post and staging area in Hajin, void of civilians at the time and tracking with surveillance assets. ISIS was first to report alleged civilian casualties, yet outlets picked up this story anyway.
Turkish-backed FSA forces have opened fire on YPG positions in Hamran village northeast of Manbij City.
Security guard was killed in Daraa by an unknown men attack
2 year ago
Sources of the network "Hama now": one of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham fighters detonated himself with explosive vest in a gathering of the government forces inside a building in the barrier of Taraba, north of Hama.
Aleppo: Late last night government forces targeted Layramoun, northern Aleppo with artillery shells. Lattakia: HTS along with other opposition battalions announce the killing of more than 10 government soldiers in an attack on Nahshaba in rural Lattakia.
Idlib: HTS raided and arrested 12 people affiliated to ISIS in Tel Minis, east Idlib.
Russian air force at Hmeymim airbase in Latakia with 8 Su-24, 6 Su-34 and 4 Su-35 (22 Oct 2018)
As result of mine explosion in Rakka city, one civil injured
A Turkish column enters the city of al-Latamna in the northern countryside of Hama and toured the city.
Pro-Assad forces shelling Hajin in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur with rocket launchers
Clashes between rebels and pro-Assad forces at Khalash in Southern Aleppo
Hama: The rebels target the fortifications of the Assad forces in Musayaf, Salhab and Hama airport with rockets
Daesh says 40 civilians killed and dozens injured in raids of the coalition on the Hajin city in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur yesterday
Amaq reports that coalition air force conducted more then 50 air strikes across SE Deir ez-Zur area
Deir Ez-Zor Eastern countryside: Abu Omar Darya, one of the so-called security guards of the so-called Euphrates state, was killed along with six of his guards following an air strike by the international coalition plane near a Hajin city hospital yesterday.
E. Syria: first evidence showing vehicles reportedly used by ISIS to transport E. Suweida abductees in SE. desert. During assault on convoy, 8 IS fighters were killed but also 2 children.2 year ago
E. Syria: first evidence showing vehicles reportedly used by ISIS to transport E. Suweida abductees in SE. desert. During assault on convoy, 8 IS fighters were killed but also 2 children.
Idlib: 2 pro-Assad fighters killed in rebels gun fire on Abu Ad Duhur frontline in Eastern Idlib
Syria: few km away from Zilaqiat front where Jaish Izza position was attacked last night, a Turkish delegation (@ihhinsaniyardim) toured today ghost town of Lataminah to talk about reconstruction (schools etc.).
Mass demonstration in Awijil West Aleppo demanding to remove Assad from power
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discussed with the UN Special Envoy to Syria Stephane De Mistura the developments of the Constitutional Commission
Turkey opens border gate with Afrin, says trade minister
Morek crossing in North Hama closed after multiple SAA violations of ceasefire
The graduation of some 5,000 soldiers in the Self-Defense Forces at the headquarters of the General Staff in Hassakeh
Hama: 6 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed and 10 wounded in the attempted infiltration of regime forces yesterday on the Zilaqiat axis.
Deir Ez-Zor: The International Coalition aircraft launches several raids on the areas under Daesh control in the eastern countryside
Aleppo: "Sultan Murad" faction hand over to the Al-Rai crossing to FSA police
Hama: pro-Assad forces in Maherdis and Souran targeting the city of Muerk and Ma'rkabah with heavy artillery
Idlib: Russian reconnaissance aircrafts flying in the skies of Idlib over Kafrnabal, Sarakib and Hayesh
Syria Idlib: SAA is targeting al-Ghadafa town, de-escalation zone in Southern Idlib.
Special units of SDF carried out a landing in the vicinity of Raqqa last night in partnership with the helicopters of the coalition and arrested prominent commanders of ISIS
Syria: FSA Jaish Izza lost at least 22 fighters and a commander last night during fierce clashes while thwarting a government assault on Zilaqiat front (N. Hama). Biggest attack to date blatantly violating demilitarized zone.
Turkish, US conduct 2nd joint patrols in Manbij, Syria.
SDF militia carried out raids and arrests in the town of Tiyana in the countryside of Diralzur
Pro-Assad bombarded with the Elephant missiles on the area of ​​Al-Rashidin comes from the forces stationed in Al-Zahraa
Pro-Assad forces targeted towns of Mansoura and Khan al-Asal in the western suburb of Aleppo with artillery shells after midnight
23 soldiers of FSA Jaysh al-Ezzah dead and about 15 others wounded as a result of fierce battles that erupted on al-Zilaqiat axis N Hama during the hours of last night following an attempt to infiltrate by the Assad government
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