Map. History of Syria conflict

23 September 2018
9 civilians were killed and 25 others injured by an unknown explosion so far in the neighborhood of Alkasseh in the province of Idlib, White Helmets search and rescue operation continue.
4 killed and 10 wounded in an explosion in Idlib city
Huge explosion rocks the city of Idlib. Reports of many dead and injured. Source of the explosion is uncertain but may have been an IED.
VBIED explosion in front of the Governorate Hospital resulting in casualties among civilians including 4 killed, 20+ wounded and destruction. Idlib city Syria
S. Damascus: Al-Quds Brigade announces takeover from ISIS of several blocks in N. part of Hajr Aswad.
SAA and allied militants shelled heavy artillery targeting Hariytan town, unknown casualties among civilians so far.
#CizireStorm: YPG and Iraq|i soldiers together along Iraq-Syria border in order to accelerate the deafeat of Isis.
More than 100 buses enter west of al-Salamiyah
Rebels continue to destroy their ammunition depots before leave north homs/south hama pocket from Qantara west of al-Salamiyah
Syria: part of base NW. of Kiswah (S. of Damascus) reporterdly used by Iran was also largely destroyed by Israel airstrikes according to fresh sat imagery.
South east of 30th street under Syrian army inc. UNRWA school and Labor Office , south west of Yarmouk camp
Syria: 1st sat imagery available confirms Israel|i destroyed buildings inside Damascus Intl Airport and Mezzeh Airbase (besides the Pantsir S-1).
Picture of the explosion of the car bomb in Raqqa city
Masked gunmen opened fire against a checkpoint in Ariha town, killing one and injured two others rebels. South Idlib countryside
Heavy rains and floods in Tartous
#CizireStorm Another footage of SDF this afternoon in Eastern Syria.
Russian Navy RV Yantar (MMSI:273546520), as predicted, was over the RuAF Su-30 crash site today (per AIS-T data, 2018-05-11 imagery) exactly where the oil sheen was seen on Planet Labs s 3 meter imagery on 2018-05-03 after the crash.
Local Police in Afrin being trained by Turkish Armed Forces and FSA Elements.
#EuphratesShield: commanders of Faylaq Rahman (Capt. Shamir) and Jaish Islam (I. Buydani) pictured with leader of Mutassem Brigade "to discuss cooperation".
SDF has reached the East bank of the Euphrates River and has besieged the village of Baghuz
4 month ago
Alert level in the Golan returns to normal, bomb shelters to be closed and all restrictions lifted
#CizireStorm SDF reached al-Baghuz on the Euphrates river.
Maghaweir Al-Thawrah continue to provide medical assistance to ppl n the 55km DCZ.
#CizireStorm: YPJ fighting against Isis.
Syria PM's advisor to Al-Manar: Syrian air defense systems are ready to repel any aggression
From the new SN4HR report on Douma, details of what the Russians who visited the site got up to.
Sandstorm in Deir-Ez-Zor desert at the frontline against ISIS.
S. Damascus: pro-Assad forces storming Basel School in Hajr Aswad.
S. Damascus: pro-Assad forces storming Basel School in Hajr Aswad.
Syrian woman wounded by gunfire in Bekaa home
Aerial bombardment on Ltamenah city in Northern Hama
Units of the SAA raise flag on the district building of Babbila south of Damascus after its reestablishing control
Fields on fire near Al Tamenah northern Hama as result of shellin
Fields on fire near Al Tamenah northern Hama as result of shellin
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) 29th Brigade fires artillery into Syria on ISIS assembly area in village.
Israel defence minister to Syria's Assad: "throw Iranians out"
N. Idlib: Syria|n Hezbollah fighter killed in clashes with Rebels in outskirts of Fuah and Kefraya.
US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces "returned fire at an unidentified aggressor near Dayr Az Zawr, Syria" Thurs. according to @CJTFOIR. The attacking force fired artillery at the SDF which returned fire, destroying an enemy artillery piece. No reports of casualties on either side
4 month ago
S300 deliveries to Syria not announced, Russia can do everything necessary amid latest Syria Strikes - Peskov
Turkish delegation enters Badama and Najia in the western suburb of Idlib
The arrival of the last seventh batch of the displaced people from south of Damascus to the Qalaat al Madiq west of Hama
Idlib: The lions of SRG, special task forces, lead by Alaa el Deen alBarhoum are heading to South Idlib Countryside
Israeli army releases satellite images of the Iran|ian-tied facilities targeted during latest strikes in Syria
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