Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
Several missiles were fired from the base at Omar oil field in the direction of Hajin city just before, two of them fell in the Euphrates river and two fell near the village of Abu Hassan.
1 month ago
SAA artillery shelling on the Tall Othman in Hama
Russian military shot down 2 drones near Hmeimim tonight
Turkey has sent a large number of military reinforcements to Shaykh al-Hadid, Afrin.
A number of people were wounded by artillery shelling on the Ltamenah city in Northern Hama
A group of Abu Haia forces that used to part of Al-Tawhid army in northern Homs an ex Opposition faction Who choose reconciliation with the government, and they are side by side with the Republicans guards bragging about an upcoming battle against the Opposition in Idlib
HTS arrested ISIS members in Abian Sama'an, Western Aleppo
Two civilians were injured by heavy machine-gun fire on Hawash village, west of Hama
Syria: Russian Air Defenses destroyed another weaponized drone over Jablah moments ago. 7th attack this month.
North Hama: pro-Assad forces closing Qalaat al-Madiq and Morek crossings with earth berms
1 month ago
Erdogan: We will soon clear new area in Syria. We continue to work to return original people of the region to Manbij. We have accelerated diplomatic and military efforts to prevent disaster in Idlib.
White Helmets volunteers managed to rescue 10 people alive from under the rubbles so far, after the unknown explosion in the city of Sarmada earlier today. The search and rescue operations continue for the missing. Idlibs
1 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan says the number of people who returned to safe zones in Syria has reached a quarter of a million
Syrian Democratic Forces conduct a live-fire training exercise at a range near Dawr as Zawr,Syria. This training is part @CJTFOIR building partner capacity mission, which aims to enhance the capabilities of Partnered Forces fighting ISIS.
1 month ago
Entire Sweida desert is under Syrian army control
1 month ago
Eastern Sweida cs-Damascus administrative border under army as operations toward Tell al-Safa
Kurdish forces published video of another attack in Afrin, in which 2 killed
3 wounded when an explosive device hit a car at al-Qaqa checkpoint in the city of Raqqa
The west-east road from Daraa to Muzayrib town has been opened for civilian use
Deir Ezzor: Coalition throw leaflets over al-Sousah town in eastern countryside ask civilians to leave ISIS territories
"National Army" factions from north of Aleppo # confirms its readiness to merge with the opposition factions in Idlib
White Helmets @SyriaCivilDef recovered the bodies of at least 18 people killed in an arms depot blast in Sarmada in the north-western province of Idlib, a major rebel stronghold in Syria near the border with Turkey
White Helmets  @SyriaCivilDef recovered the bodies of at least 18 people killed in an arms depot blast in Sarmada in the north-western province of Idlib, a major rebel stronghold in Syria near the border with Turkey
1 month ago
Russia to establish a humanitarian corridor in Murek North Hama countryside for the civilians to cross from Idlib to the government controlled areas.
1 month ago
A girl killed and other five civilians injured as result of the artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces on the village of Zezoun in Ghab plains, West Hama on Saturday night. #Syria
Several members of the Syrian Democratic Forces were injured when a landmine exploded near their car in Al-Shanan village, east of Deyr ez-Zour
1 month ago
Several Turkish trucks carrying concrete walls entered through the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the Syrian-Turkish border in the northern Idlib countryside towards the Turkish checkpoints in Idlib.
Swaida: units of the Syrian Arab Army extend control over the road between the Zulf and Rahba Dam and cut off the supply route of the militants there.
Syria: a powerful explosion collapsed last night multi-storey building in Sarmada. Scores of casualites feared, many ppl buried under rubble (so far 7 extracted alive).
Many casualties reported as an ammo depot under a building belonging to the arm dealer Abu Yazin al Homsi exploded in Sarmada Idlib
1 month ago
Syrian Army entered Bariqah and Bir Ajam. Whole Quneitra under control
Explosive devices targeted MMC yesterday night near the electricity building in Manbij, no injuries.
The displaced people camped between the villages of Makhach and Takihi in the northern coutryside of Deir ez-Zur
Killed and wounded, mostly from the city of Homs as a result of an explosion in the city of Sarmada countryside Idlib led to collapse of two buildings
SDF are building and manning border posts on the border with Iraq,with cooperation with the Iraqi Forces,and are looking for ISIS hideouts and tunnels
Syrian air-force intelligence carried out arrests today in the town of Dael, southwestern Daraa, which recently "reconciled" with the government.
Civil Defense: The death toll of the bombing of Umm Al Kubra rise to 37 dead
Delegation of US-led coalition visits Manbij on second anniversary of it's liberation. Seems includes William V. Roebuck again, former US amb to Bahrain.
Isis released the footage of the destruction of a SAA tank near Abu Kamal.
248 fighters of "Shahid Idris Academy" completed their military training for internal security in Kurdish-controlled areas of North Syria
The Assad government has started striking Turkmen Mountain - which falls within a network of de-escalation zones - in Syria's northwestern Latakia province
1 month ago
Syrian Army controls Rasm Tahtmuni, Khirbat Umbashi, Tulul Haybariyah, Rasm Murush, Suh Naemat, Zuharat Rashid, Zaribiatan, Khirbat Shahriyat, Wadi Ramlyan, Wadi Sharjat, Zamlat Naser, Nahyan, Tal Daab, Tal Dabieiat, Qabr Sheik Husain in Suwayda
Pro-Assad forces arrest 10 people from the convoys of the displaced people to the north of Syria at the checkpoint of the town of Jabba north of Daraa.
Turkish Anatolia agency says Assad and his allies are launching a military operation in the "Mount Turkoman" in Latakia to control it completely
Approximately 1300 YPG militants came to Aleppo to support the operation of the Assad government against Idlib.
11 civilians including 4 children were rescued from under the rubble alive by the White Helmets as their search and rescue operations continue following the massacre on Urem Alkubra city yesterday. The number of dead civilians so far is 22
Syria: multiple OTR-21 Tochka launchers (9P129) spotted on highway heading to Idlib.
Islamic State Claims Its 5-Member Suicide Squad Raid On SAA In Abu Kamal Of DeirezZor Governorate.
Bus accident carried children of IDP wanted to visit Maydanki lake in Afrin injuries were brought to Azaz hospital.
Pro-Assad forces have closed the road between Qaalat al Madiq and As Suqaylabiyah in Western Hama countryside without providing a reason
Plane flying north-east to Saraqib, Idlib
Syria: aftermath of Russian airstrikes on Urem Kubra which killed 22 people including 6 children yesterday. 11 ppl extracted alive from rubble during overnight rescue operation
Russian Navy Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from its fifth deployment to Syria in 2018 after 12 days and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 07:15Z.1 month ago
Russian Navy Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from its fifth deployment to Syria in 2018 after 12 days and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 07:15Z.
Heavy clashes occurred last night between YPG and Hamza Brigade near Afrin city
1 month ago
Syrian Army capturde Ard Al-Kura SW of Al-Safa with this advance, Al-Safa surrounded from west-southwest and south
Syria: unperturbed by yesterday's wave of airstrikes by RuAF and SyAF on Greater Idlib, Turkey still bringing in concrete slabs to reinforce its observation posts.
Civilians wounded by artillery shelling of by pro-Assad forces stationed in the towns of Nabul and Zahra on the city of Anadan countryside in north Aleppo last night
Swaida: The units of the Syrian Arab Army in the Eastern Axis advance 60 kms in the eastern desert of Suweida and control the Zulf Dam, the Old Citadel, Tal Al Qantara, Sawah Al-Anamah, Dhahra Rashid and Al-Karaa Land Area.
Moment when Russia n Air Defenses neutralized a weaponized drone last night above Jablah. Syria.
1 month ago
Russian Transport An-124 RA82010 from Engels to Mozdok to Latakia
1 injured in "National Liberation Front" when a roadside bomb exploded in the village Atarib of Aleppo
The French presidency announced that the French and American presidents discussed the situation in Syria by phone.
YPG and government Axis Forces are amassing at Al-Rashideen Neighborhood also,which is odd,because YPG has no frontline there,YPG is amassing at areas with a frontline with Syrian Opposition Forces at Al-Layramoun
Syrian Air Defense responded to "hostile target" that penetrated Syrian air space near Dayr al Af Ayer, in Damascus
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