Map. History of Syria conflict

14 April 2021
Aftermath of an SVBIED attack on an SDF position in Hajin today.
Pentagon responds to Turkish threats of a military incursion into NE Syria: "Unilateral military action into northeast Syria by any party, particularly as US personnel may be present or in the vicinity, is of grave concern. We would find any such actions unacceptable"
Since the evening hours reconnaissance jets are flying over the border crossing with Ras al Ayn
SDF continue to advance in Hajin Town in Deir ez-Zor. According to ANHA they control 50 per cent of Hajin now. K24 reporters on the ground narrowly escaped a Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) attack in Hajin today.
2 year ago
Amaq reports about IS attack in Judaydat area, east of Karamah Raqqa countryside
SDF has fully captured Hajin town from ISIS,capturing an important ISIS HQ
Photos of a daesh SVIED that was destroyed before it could hit SDF none SDF were injured
Video of explosion today in Al Rai
The military police of the National Army announce their readiness in the areas of Euphrates Shield and the Olive Branch and raise readiness to the maximum level
FSA-led Syrian National Army Spox: "The battle of the East Euphrates against the PKK will extend to the entire area controlled by them ," states they will not attack US observation points while rejecting the justification for them to exist
The Self-Administration in North and East of Syria has announced a General Mobilization,and has called upon the Assad Government to take an official position on Erdogan's threats.
Syria: Abu Bahr ex-FSA commander of Damascus 1st Brigade who helped to hand over Barzah to SAA in 2017 was reportedly executed with other leaders by Assad's Mukhabarat. He was awarded for his contribution to the Nation and also went to Sochi.
Pro-Assad forces artillery shelling Lahaya, Markabah and Al-Buwaydah villages in North Hama
Russian delegation, Assad discussed Syria political process
The moment the motorcycle explodes in the city of Al-Bab
Defense Minister Akar (on US' support for YPG): Training militants is unacceptable; we will never allow a terror corridor to be formed in any way in the south of Turkey, including the east of the Euphrates River2 year ago
Defense Minister Akar (on US' support for YPG): Training militants is unacceptable; we will never allow a "terror corridor" to be formed in any way in the south of Turkey, including the east of the Euphrates River
Heavy flooding due to rains in the Yiriya, Hasaka countryside
2 year ago
Per @brett_mcgurk, "A couple of thousand.of the most hardened ISIS fighters" remain holed up in the Hajin and DeirEzZor area On October 2, when asked how many ISIS were in the area, @OIRSpox told Pentagon reporters, "We always said around between, you know, 1,000 and 2,000"
2 year ago
[email protected]'s @brett_mcgurk called the SDF incursion into Hajin "a pretty significant achievement" while talking to reporters Tuesday but cautioned retaking the last 1% of the so-called caliphate from ISIS would require "a period of months"
US forces set up an observation post near the town of Tel-Halaf west of Ras al-Ain
SDF captured area around the Firdaws mosque in Hajin.
Military police in the city of Al-Bab dismantled a motorcycle bomb that was parked near the Grand Mosque
Inherent Resolve: Between Dec. 2 and Dec. 8, CJTF-OIR conducted 251 strikes consisting of 494 engagements in Syria and Iraq.
IS claims stabbing attack south of Shaddadi yesterday Hasakah province
IS claims 3 attacks in Raqqa and near Karamah. At least (IED and armed assult on SDF CP in Raqqa) were previously reported by other sources as well
New Video inside of Hajin town by SDF fighters
3 civilians killed and others wounded in a motorcycle bomb explosion in the center of the city of Al-Bab
Reports that SDF has reached the Health center in Hajin town
2 year ago
EU: We call on Iran to stop its destabilizing activities in the region
A civilian was killed and others wounded in a motorcycle explosion in Al-Bab city
Mortar shells targeted the villages of Tal al-Sakhr and al-Jaysat, north of Hama.
An explosion in the city Al Bab, Aleppo. Multiple casualties reported
Syria: US helicopters patrolling the front NW. of Manbij. Yesterday sporadic clashes erupted between EuphratesShield forces and Manbij Military Council (MMC).
Clashes at Sultan Mosque and 20th street in Hajin
2 year ago
The IDF delegation to #Moscow: The Israeli army will continue operating to prevent Iranian entrenchment and the arming of Hezbollah in Syria. The delegations reached an understanding and agreed to continue in their joint work.
Hajin: Heavy Clashes between SDF and ISIS near Al-Sultan Mosque,at the 20th street
Azaz City: A 12 year old girl Nour Jablawi was killed, and more than 20 others were injured so far, after an unknown explosion in the center of Azaz City in the northern countryside of Aleppo this afternoon.
An explosion device blasted in the city of Manbij, it was planted on the side road of the village of Haj Abdin, southwest of the city center. Manbij
A motorcycle rigged with explosives also set off in market area in Al-Rai (N. Aleppo, Turkish border), wounding at least 5 more people.
Motorcycle bomb exploded at Al Rai town in Northern Aleppo
Turkish army removing border walls east and west to the city of Ras Al Ayn in Northern Syria
Armored SVBIED conducted near Hajin's hospital.
2 year ago
Russia, Israel army discuss direct communication in Syria
Nasr al-Hariri, chief negotiator for Turkey-backed Syria opposition accused Russia of thwarting the establishment of a constitutional committee which would be a key step for political settlement of crisis.2 year ago
Nasr al-Hariri, chief negotiator for Turkey-backed Syria opposition accused Russia of thwarting the establishment of a constitutional committee which would be a key step for political settlement of crisis.
New Turkish Army reinforcements continue to arrive on the Syria n border after the announcement that the operation to the East of Euphrates will start in a few days2 year ago
New Turkish Army reinforcements continue to arrive on the Syria n border after the announcement that the operation to the East of Euphrates will start in a few days
SDF reached Hajin town hall and control the street still intense clashes on either side
Girl killed and about 30 other civilians wounded in car bomb blast in Azaz, Northern Aleppo
SDF advancing in Hajin. Grand Bazar and the General Hospital just controlled
ISIS targeted pro-Assad forces positions in Sukariya, west to Al Bukamal in east Deir Ez-Zor Governorate with mortars
In #Haseka southern village of Ziyanat, a YPG fighter was found dead.
Explosion in Azaz near by the hospitals. Possible with rigged cars. Civilian casualties reported no details yet.
2 year ago
Erdogan said: We are talking about an area of ​​150 square kilometers where it is still active. If this is the case, we are ready to immediately neutralize the elements of Daesh
2 year ago
Erdogan on Operation to the east of the Euphrates: Our goal is never U.S. soldiers, but the members of the terrorist organization operating in the region.
2 year ago
Erdogan: In few days we would start new campaign in Syria to clear areas east of Euphrates river from separatist and terrorist organizations
2 year ago
President Erdoğan: "There is no threat of ISIS in Syria anymore. This is a fairy tale for us. "
2 year ago
President Erdoğan: While we were making our warnings about the east of the Euphrates, we also completed our preparations.
2 year ago
Erdogan: Our military operations in East Euphrates will not target US forces there
US Navy P8 Poseidon 168764 patrolling Eastren Mediterranean
2 year ago
Erdogan said: a diversion tactic has been implemented in Manbij. It is still being implemented at the moment.
2 year ago
Erdogan: "We have passed a major humanitarian crisis in Idlib. The time has come to implement our decision to disperse the terror cells in the east of the Euphrates."
Car bomb exploded near hospital in Azaz, North Aleppo
ISIS claimed attack on SDF in Manbij city, Eastern Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces shoot at Al Latamenah with heavy machine guns
A civilian was killed by a mine explosion in the village of Nafasha, east of Hasaka
Pentagon: "At the direction of Secretary Mattis, the US established observation posts in the NE Syria border region to address the security concerns of our NATO ally Turkey. We take Turkish security concerns seriously and we are committed to coordinating our efforts with Turkey"
2 year ago
3 HIMARS from the Omar oilfied and coaltion strikes in last hour on the Hajin town
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Al-Assad's forces launched raids and arrests in the town of Subikhan today, targeting a number of civilians for forced conscription.
2 year ago
"We have managed, thanks to the great work our folks are doing out there, to target and capture and detain some of his closest associates" per @brett_mcgurk on ISIS leader Baghdadi "If he's still with us, I don't think it will be for too much longer"
2 year ago
ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, "He is in deep, deep hiding at best" per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk "There have been times we thought he was no longer around and he would issue an audio tape, so it's hard to say" if he's alive "Know for sure, he was in very very deep hiding"
2 year ago
"Ballpark we're talking a period of months" to defeat ISIS in Hajin stronghold, per @brett_mcgurk
2 year ago
"There is a significant concentration of the most hardened ISIS fighters in that little splotch of territory" @brett_mcgurk says of Hajin Syria "A couple of thousand hardened fighters remain in that area"
2 year ago
"I just try to stay away from numbers" @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk says when asked about how ISIS fighters are left "The numbers have been all over the place.It's not numbers. It's capabilities," which he says are "significantly degraded"
2 year ago
"I think it's fair to say Americans will remain on the ground after the defeat of the caliphate, until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeat is enduring" per @brett_mcgurk re Syria
2 year ago
"Areas we have cleared of ISIS, they have not returned to claim physical space" per @brett_mcgurk "There are clandestine cells. No one is saying they are going to disappear. Nobody is that naive"
2 year ago
"You have to make sure the internal security forces are in place to ensure that those gains, security gains are enduring" per @brett_mcgurk when asked how long coalition will stay in Syria "So that will take some time"
2 year ago
"The military objective is the enduring defeat of ISIS" per @brett_mcgurk "And if we've learned one thing over the years, the enduring defeat of a group like ISIS means you can't just defeat their physical space and then leave"
2 year ago
"It's going to take time but it will get done. It's a very difficult campaign" @brett_mcgurk says of effort to oust ISIS from its last Syria stronghold
Department of State:Special Presidential Envoy for the Global @Coalition to Defeat ISIS @Brett_McGurk provides an update on the campaign to defeat ISIS.
2 year ago
"We got it to a point where almost every ISIS fighter is wearing a suicide bomb, a suicide vest, the extent of IED emplacements, it's very very difficult fighting, so it's taking some time" per @brett_mcgurk Adds almost 1400 civilians have fled Hajin in last week or so
2 year ago
"We're down to the last 1% in the conventional military fight" @brett_mcgurk says of ISIS in Syria "We are preparing ourselves for the longer term and we feel pretty confident those pieces are getting into place"
2 year ago
"We're at a point in the campaign where we're really looking ahead to make sure we can endure, sustain all these gains" per @brett_mcgurk "The big focus of that is stabilization.this will really take a period of years" Notes 4 million Iraq is have returned to their homes
2 year ago
US-backed Syria n Democratic Forces "have pushed into the town of Hajin" - the last ISIS stronghold in Syria - in the past 48 hours, per @StateDept's @brett_mcgurk, adding "The end of ISIS will be a much more long term endeavor.No on is declaring mission accomplished."
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on the outskirts of the village of Sakhr in the countryside of Hama
Iraqi, French and U.S. 3d Cavalry Regiment artillery units on Firebase Saham conducted strikes to stop ISIS fleeing Syria into Iraq.2 year ago
Iraqi, French and U.S. 3d Cavalry Regiment artillery units on Firebase Saham conducted strikes to stop ISIS fleeing Syria into Iraq.
Iraqi artillery units worked side-by-side with 3d Cavalry Regiment Troopers to conduct fire missions against ISIS.
Iraq's air force announced their fighter jets destroyed two ISIS targets in Syria, where a total of 44 militants were present
RuAF RFF7333 RA85155 Tu154M from Chkalovsky - Latakia, Syria.
SAA is shelling again Jarjanaz town, Southern Idlib region
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard with the heavy artillery the village of Janahara in the northern Hama countryside
Baghuz Tahtani is controlled by SDF.
A Daesh tunnel in the Hajin
A renewed artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces on the town of Jarjanaz in the south-eastern Idlib countryside
De Mistura: Stability in Syria needs a credible political process
SAA shooting at Al Tamenah outskirts with machine guns
Austria's President after meeting Lebanese President Michel Aoun: We want to take part in Syria's reconstruction when the war is over
UN: Some 5.6 million Syria refugees are currently registered across the region with around one million newly born in exile since war began
Many Syrian refugees face problems with documentation and property that hinder their return and the Syrian government must help resolve this - UNHCR
SDF advancing in Hajin
SDF advancing in Hajin
It's propaganda
This recent video from IS near one of their last strongholds of Hajin, eastern Syria. Video presumably shows IS attack on SDF forces. Even IS fighter who misses leg joins in attack.
OIR Spokesman: An ISIS fighter caught on video 9 Dec. using a window from a hospital in Hajin to fire at Coalition fighters. SDF forces took full control of the hospital the next day.
US envoy to Syria James Jeffrey visits Jordan and meets with his foreign minister to discuss the Syrian file
Some recording of coalition averaging at least 5 airstrikes an hour around Al-Bukhater, Abu-Hassan, Hajin and other surrounding villages
Confirmed SDF completely controls Jabal Baghuz and control is constant.
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