Map. History of Syria conflict

7 May 2021
Russian warplanes launch air strikes with rockets on the outskirts of the city of Taftnaz and the city of Khan Shikhon in rural Idlib
Helicopter has dropped barrel bombs on Khan Shaykhun in Idlib
Sere Kaniye: The warplane which were heard this morning were an International Coalition aircraft, which were patrolling over Serê Kaniyê (Raʾs al-ʿAin) today
Pro-Assad forces target the town of Hazarin south of Idlib with rockets with cluster ammunition
More SDF Reinforcements have arrived to Kobani,Tal Abyad,Sere Kaniye
1 year ago
A German organization suspends the salaries of medical personnel in northern Syria
1 year ago
British Foreign Secretary: We will facilitate the release of the Iranian ship in Gibraltar if we receive assurances not to go to Syria
Pro-Assad forces shelling Kafr Zita in Northern Hama with artillery
1 year ago
Reports of Turkish planes in northern Raqqa airspace - YPG forces on heightened state of alert
Pentagon: "Unilateral military action into NE Syria by any party, particularly as US personnel may be present or in the vicinity, is of grave concern. We would find any such actions unacceptable. Coordination and consultation between the US and Turkey is the only approach"
Russian warplanes targeting the surrounding the village of Hamdiyah rural Idlib countryside with rockets
Pro-Assad forces bombard the towns of the Kafrniji and Murad in the western Idlib countryside
Warplanes target the city of Morek in the northern Hama countryside
A civilian from the town of Dhiban was killed in the eastern Deir ez-Zur countryside by unknown assailants in the Jema market
1 year ago
Turkey continues intensive military shipment to the Syrian border
The warplanes targeted the town of Khan al-Sabeel in the southern countryside of Idlib, with air raids.
Opposition forces have destroyed a tank with an ATGM at Hamamiyah frontline in Northern Hama
Russian warplanes bombard the city of Kafrzita, injuring two people
Russian warplanes bombard the city of Kafrzita, injuring two people
Civilians in Al Jisat village were killed when pro-Assad forces targeted them with Kornet ATGM
SAA brigadier was killed with an improvised explosive device targeted his car east of the city of Basra Hariri in the countryside of Daraa, where the region is witnessing a heavy security alert along the main road between the city and the province of Suweida.
The warplanes launched several air strikes targeting the ICARDA area south of Aleppo.
Two civilians were killed and others wounded in the vicinity of the village of al-Jaysat in the northern Hama countryside after being targeted by pro-Assad forces with missile
Woman killed, others killed by artillery shelling of pro-Assad forces on the perimeter of the village of Zakat in the northern Hama countryside
Child killed in airstrike on Kafriya in the northern Idlib countryside
Warplanes launch air strikes with on the town of Kfrouma in the southern Idlib countryside
Russian warplanes launch an air strike targeting farms surrounding Khan Sheikhun, killing nine civilians, mostly women and children, in the southern countryside of Idlib
The warplanes targeting the agricultural lands surrounding the town of Fo'a north of Idlib by air strike
The bodies of two Iranian militants were found near Tharada Mountain, south of Deir ez-Zur Airport in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour.
US intelligence is showing a buildup of Turkish armor units in recent days that may be planning cross border combat operations
The US military is closely watching the Syria-Turkish border due to growing concerns US troops in NE Syria will be caught up in a potential cross border Turkish military operation targeting Kurds in the coming days, defense officials tell @barbarastarrcnn
1 year ago
Turkish warplanes are patrolling Tel Abyad on the border of Sanliurfa.
ISIS claimed SVBIED attack against SDF base in Tayanah in Deir-ez-Zur
1 year ago
Per Turkey, DefMin Akar and @EsperDoD "agreed during the phone call that the communication lines should be maintained" and "a US military team should urgently be dispatched to Ankara next week to further the discussions on the safe zone in Syria"
1 year ago
Hezbollah's Nasrallah: "The Syrian Army has recovered greatly and as of today does not need us. We are still there [in Syria], but there is no purpose for us to be present in large numbers as it is no longer a practical necessity."
The rebels are targeting the positions of pro-Assad forces and the Russian militias in Silhab
Operation room "Wahid Al Muminin" claims killing of 5 pro-Assad fighters, including officers on the axis of Harisha in the southern countryside of Aleppo.
Pro-Assad forces bombard the city of Latamna in the northern Hama countryside with heavy artillery
1 year ago
Akar and Esper have discussed developments in Syria and S-400
Russian Ministry of Defense confirms last night attack with 3 UAVs on Hmeimim airbase, - no damage says general-mayor Alexey Bakin
1 year ago
Nasrallah says Israeli strikes in Syria won't expel Iran from the country. Says it's troops are "well-prepared for the invasion of Galilee," and has "several scenarios" planned
Ansar al Tawheed destroyed SAA position at North Hama frontline
Four dead after Russian airstrike targets home of displaced people in Maart Horma, Idlib
Four dead after Russian airstrike targets home of displaced people in Maart Horma, Idlib
Russian envoy to the OPCW: Rebels plan provocation using chemical weapons in Syria’s Idlib
Su-22 planes targeted Kafr Sajnah and Rakaya in southern Idlib with 6 air raids
American forces met with the MMC at the Sagur line north of Manbij and helped conduct patrols along the line of contact.
The International Coalition and the United States have sent another batch of Military and Logistical support to SDF and Coalition Forces in Syria
The rebel forces announced the destruction of a car loaded with pro-Assad fighters after it was targeted by a missile at the axis of Hamamiyah in the countryside of Hama
Wa Harid al Muminin operation room captured large amount of weapons and ammunition in recent Jabal al Turkman raid
Air raids launched by the Russian warplanes on the city of Kafr Zita
HTS tageting SAA positions at Hamamiyat with captured Iranian "Fath Safir" M40
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelled the village of Hawija in the western Hama countryside
Warplanes bombard the village of Tal al-Askar in the northern Hama
The warplanes bombarded the village of Al-Arbaeen in the northern Hama
The death toll of the air strikes on the city of Jericho south of Idlib rises to five civilians
Airforce Intelligence (Tiger Forces) during the fighting for Hamamiyat yesteday
Airforce Intelligence (Tiger Forces) during the fighting for Hamamiyat yesteday
The warplanes bombard the town of Kafrzita
The warplanes bombard the town of Kafrzita
SAA pictures from Al-Hamamyat and its hill
Airstrikes on Idlib city
2 victims and 20 wounded in the bombing of the SyAF on the city of Ariha, south of Idlib
1 year ago
Prime Minister of Gibraltar: "Grace 1" carries 2.1 million barrels of crude oil
Russians on the Hemamiat hill
1 year ago
Warplanes bombing Jabain town in Northern Hama
One dead and more than 10 civilians injured by the bombing by a SU24 aircraft on al Qasr district in Idlib city
Renewed raids from the warplanes on the outskirts of the city of Ma'ra - Al - Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside
Russian Air Forces Tu-134AK RA-65729 from Ankara tracking over Syria1 year ago
Russian Air Forces Tu-134AK RA-65729 from Ankara tracking over Syria
3 killed, including two children and 4 civilians wounded with an air strike on the city of Ma'arat al-Nu'man south of Idlib
The warplanes targeted the outskirts of the town of Ma'arat al-Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside, with air raids.
Al Khair bakery destroyed in Maarat Al Numan in airstrike
A woman was killed in airstrike on the town of Kafr Zita in northern Hama.
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