15 June 2021
Civilians are wounded due to artillery shelling in Maaret Al-Nouman city of Idlib Southern countryside
Four warplanes bombarded several air strikes on the outskirts of Ma'aret al-Nu'man city and the outskirts of the towns of Sarjeh-Has-Benin south of Idlib
ISIS claimed two grenades attacks in Raqqa city and its suburbs in the last 24 hours
Pentagon is denying the NYTimes story that it is sending 150 additional troops to Syria. CNN piece saying decision not final
Sukhoi 22 warplanes target Shannan town of southern Idlib countryside with three raids
Syrians in Idlib came out into the streets to demand the downfall of the Assad government despite ongoing shelling & airstrikes. Photos from Binnish, Maarat al-Numan, Saraqeb
A demonstration occurs in the city of Binnish in Idlib countryside
Syria: since few minutes SyAF warplanes are also spotted over Greater Idlib. Mig-21 & 23s carried out first airstrikes on Maaret Numan area, for 1st time since 2 weeks
1 year ago
Erdogan: We will focus our discussions at the Ankara tripartite summit with Iran and Russia on developments in Idlib, including Turkish checkpoints and fighting terrorist organizations there
Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham security apparatus confirms it arrested media activist Ahmad Rahal, accusing him of trying to split 'ranks of the mujahideen' etc
1 year ago
Putin on September 16 will hold bilateral meetings with Erdogan and Rouhani in the framework of the tripartite summit on Syria - the Kremlin
After the bomb attack in Afrin, two mortars were reportedly fired from YPG in Tel Rifat
Two unknown artillery shells have landed in Afrin city, north of Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces target the town of Hayesh in the southern countryside of Idlib with artillery shells
Syrian-Turkish journalist Hüsnü Mahalli has been sentenced to 5 months in prison for insult to the Republic of Turkey. Mahalli said the crime is 'criticizing Turkey's policy on Syria'.1 year ago
Syrian-Turkish journalist Hüsnü Mahalli has been sentenced to 5 months in prison for "insult to the Republic of Turkey". Mahalli said "the crime is 'criticizing Turkey's policy on Syria'.
Pro-Assad forces stationed in Khan Sheikhoun city target Kansfra town of Jabal Al-Zawiya south of Idlib with rockets
Civilians were injured as result of artillery shelling on Kansafrah in southern Idlib
A car bomb explodes near the popular market of Afrin city in Aleppo northern countryside, number of civilian casualties reported
Pro-Assad forces shells Ma'rzita town of southern Idlib countryside with artillery and rocket launchers
Pro-Assad forces artillery targeting Kansafrah city in southern Idlib
Two dead and a number of wounded as a result of rocket shelling from pro-Assad forces positions targeting Kafr Nabl city in southern Idlib countryside
Pro-Assad forces target the perimeter of Kafranbel city in the southern countryside of Idlib with missiles carrying cluster ammunition
1 year ago
Civilians were injured when pro-Assad forces target with rockets around the city of Kafr Nabl south of Idlib.
Netanyahu-Putin meeting is over after three hours
Putin and Netanyahu agreed to continue the dialogue on a military line, it is developing well - Lavrov
Lavrov: Talks between Russian President Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu were focused on the Syrian issue
US plans to send 150 soldiers to northeast Syria to conduct joint patrols with Turkey as part of the Safe Zone Agreement
Intense shelling by pro-Assad forces with rocket launchers targets the towns of Telmens and Ma'rshmarin east of Idlib
Syrian warplanes attack targeting Bzabur village in southern Idlib countryside with air strikes
Activists: HTS arrests media activist Mohammad Jadaan after he was shot and wounded while passing through one of their military checkpoints west of Idlib
Netanyahu: We will not tolerate the threats of Iran, which uses Syria to attack us
A civilian was killed in Kafr Rouma town of Idlib southern countryside due to artillery shelling from pro-Assad forces positions
Israeli PM Netanyahu meets Russia's president Putin in Sochi
Shelling by pro-Assad forces positions is reported on Kafr Rumah town of Idlib countryside
An air strike by SyAF fighter jets targets the farms of Hass town south of Idlib
A civilian was wounded due to rocket shelling from pro-Assad forces positions targeting Hass town of southern Idlib countryside
Pro-Assad forces shell with heavy artillery Kafranbel, Jirnaz, Ma'ar Shamsheh, Deir Al-Sharqi and Telmens in southern Idlib countryside
United States is offering a reward of up to $5 million each for information leading to the identification or location of three senior Hurras al-Din leaders: Faruq al-Suri, Abu Abd al-Karim al-Masri, and Sami al-Uraydi.
Idlib: Warplanes raided the town of Zabor in the southern countryside
Civilians injured due to an air strike targeting the outskirts of Sarjeh village south of Idlib
Idlib: Warplanes target with rockets the towns of Jabala, Dar Al-Kabira, Sufohen and Kfroma in the southern countryside
Warplanes bombard Jabal al-Arbeen, Sarjah and Sufohen in the southern countryside of Idlib
Warplanes target the vicinity of Sarjeh town south of Idlib with rockets
Syria: RuAF just resumed aerial bombardment striking S. & SE. Idlib countryside after pause of 12 days
USAF Lockheed U-2S (80-1073) making surveillance over eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Warplanes targeted the perimeter of Maarat Al-Numan city in southern Idlib with rockets
Turkey's Defense Ministry releases video of the US-Turkish military flights over northeast Syria, aerial patrols that are part of the "security mechanism" or "safe zone"
Su-24 warplanes target the vicinity of Hazarin town in the southern countryside of Idlib with missiles
Su-24 warplanes have targeted Maar Zaytah in Southern Idlib
Images of the fourth helicopter patrol carried out by Turkish and US troops today
Pictures of the Russia'n base in Til Rifat. Russian soldiers began patrolling in the area
Turkish AA: YPG continues to present on the border line in the eastern Euphrates cities
Syria: remains of a BM-30 Smerch rocket in a village located in outskirts of MaaretNuman (S. Idlib)
The convoy sent by the Turkish army reached temporary observation point at Maar Hattat
South Syria: Lt Colonel Adham Karad, Daraa reconciliation symbol, was targeted today with an IED (attack failed). He's known for the sentence "Moscow may fall before Daraa" (he accepted surrender of Daraa a week later)
1 year ago
UN: Yesterday, the UN and Syrian Arab Red Crescent finalized the delivery of much-needed humanitarian assistance to 15,000 internally displaced Syrians in Rukban in south-eastern Syria. (last time aid delivered was in February)
New helicopter patrol as part of U.S.-Turkey joint mechanism on safe zone in Northern Syria, east to Euphrates river
Turkish military reinforcements consisting of 20 vehicles, including heavy vehicles, enter Kafrlusin crossing and went to the Turkish forces gathering in Maar Hatat in the southern countryside of Idlib
Two US helicopters flew over the city of Tall Abyad in the northern Raqqa countryside, as part of joint sorties in the framework of joint patrols to establish the safe area
Syrian Observatory: Turkish military reinforcements went to the southeastern countryside of Idlib and Ma'aret al-Nu'man
Pro-Assad forces shelling Kafr Rumah city in southern Idlib with rockets
YK-ATA Il-76T Syrian Air Force from Tehran to T4 Air Base to Damascus
An explosive device explodes in a commercial store in Saraqeb city of eastern Idlib countryside, only material damage caused
Several raids by Russian warplanes on the outskirts of the village of al-Shugr in Jisr al-Shughour countryside, west of Idlib
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