28 September 2021
Al Bab now shut down by Firqat al Hamza as both sides mobilize in the city
Syria: heavy fighting between army and IS group in central desert region9 month ago
Syria: heavy fighting between army and IS group in central desert region
Turkish Armed Forces hit SDF in Ayn Isa line with artillery shots
Firqat al Hamza and the military police in Al Bab have arrested one of the commanders of Jabhat al Shamiyah alongside his wife. Name reported by rebel telegram is Abu Mahmoud
Gunfire reported in al Bab. There's tension in the city and a large police presence alongside various factions
A local source told North Press that groups of the Second Corps pushed reinforcements to the vicinity of the Bab region to reinforce security along with police and security forces
The AANES made a decision to form a committee to amend its charter and change it into a social contract
The TFSA has again tried to attack Mu'alaq village just northwest of Ayn Issa tonight. The attempt on the village has been repulsed as of this tweet
The Turkish army is currently shelling Mu'alaq and Sayda villages near Ayn Issa with artillery. Whilst the TFSA are hitting them with mortars
Residents of Kobani talk about a shortage of diesel and gas in the city
Residents of Kobani talk about a shortage of diesel and gas in the city
Clashes tonight between the Afrin Liberation Forces and TFSA near Azaz. With heavy machine guns being used
In a statement, the Syriac Union Party accused Syrian president Bashar Assad of not recognizing the Syriac identity
9 month ago
Unknown persons assassinated a prominent military leader in the Ahrar al-Sharqiya opposition group, along with two of his companions, in the Suluk area north of Syria's Raqqa
Powerful explosion in the city of al_Bab, Syria, with no information yet about human or material losses
Residents of Suwayda, Southern Syria, accuse military bodies affiliated with the Syrian government of continuously looting archaeological and historical sites in the region for decades.
9 month ago
SDF thwarted an attempt by Turkish-backed Syrian opposition groups to infiltrate a village near Tel Tamr, after inflicting casualties on the attacking party
Northwest Syria tops the list of Syrian regions in terms of coronavirus infections, with the number of infections recorded in Idlib and Aleppo governorates exceeding 18,000
The Autonomous Administration in northern Syria criticizes Al-Assad's statements ignoring the Kurdish population
Syria: last night a mine-clearance expert belonging to Republican Guard was killed by a mine/IED in ex-Rebel area in South-West Aleppo province. He was from W. Aleppo. A RG Commando from Latakia CS was also killed by Rebels this morning on Idlib front
3 people dead and 10 wounded in Jinderes. Clashes erupted because a group of civilians asked TFSA to release a civilian who was arrested 2 days ago
Aleppo Correspondent today: The government forces bombard the axes of Jabal al-Turkman in the northern countryside of Latakia with heavy artillery
Two members of the SDF were killed in clashes with unknown persons after an explosive device exploded in a military vehicle in the town of Theban, east of Deir Ezzor
South Syria: last night three 4th Division elements were shot dead by gunmen in Daraa province: - ex-Rebel who took part in attack on Karak last month. He was with another member, also killed (in E. Ghariyah) - 3rd one shot dead in Jassem (no pic)
9 month ago
The Syrian Observatory: 22 ISIS and government forces were killed in violent battles in the Syrian desert
Clashes in Jinderes between 2 families affiliated to different groups (one is linked to al-Zenki movement). Reports of civilian causalities (dead and wounded)
Casualties among fighters of Turkish-backed groups amid infighting in Jandaris. RPG-7 was used
Syrian government forces hit Turkmen Mountain with artillery shots
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the town of Al-Fateera, south of Idlib
Syrian government (SAA) reinforced its forces in southeastern the city of Idlib, northwestern Syria, in conjunction with a military escalation in the de_escalation zone
HTS Jolani visited a camp for displaced people in Idlib today
Unidentified persons assassinated Ibrahim Borru, Abu Ahed, the security investigator, at HTS in Jisr AlShughour, west of Idlib
United States Military and SDF are conducting Military Exercises at Al-Omar Base
Kurdish media: pro-Turkish factions bomb locations around Ain Issa
TFSA currently shelling Sayda, Mu'alaq, and the dirt berms in front of Ayn Issa with mortars
The Turkish-backed armed groups target the Ain-Issa area in the Raqqa countryside with a number of artillery shells
The Monitoring Committee of the National Conference for peoples of Jazira and Euphrates regions urged the Municipality of Raqqa, northern Syria, to implement the outputs of the conference seriously
Starting 45 minutes ago and lasting for a short period Soghanaka village in Shewara district was shelled by Turkish artillery. Civilian homes suffered material damage. No word of any casualties
Turkish Armed Forces and National Army Forces hit SDF targets in Ayn Isa line with artillery shots
Turkish forces begin dismantling the Surman observation post, east of Idlib, in preparation for its evacuation
Iraqi Hashd is sending Forces from Al-Bukamal to West Deir Ez Zor Countryside,north of Deir Ez Zor City
The arrival of trucks carrying military equipment for the Turkish army to Zawiya mountain coming from the observation point in Surman village, east of Idlib, northwestern Syria
The Health Board of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) announced on Thursday 80 new coronavirus infections and two deaths
Pro-Assad forces bombed with heavy artillery the village of Al-Fateera in Idlib countryside
Lebanese newspaper al-Modon published information saying the Syrian military made changes to its First Corps leadership due to threats by Israel against the 1st Corps via leaflets recently dropped in S. Syria. Israel has accused the First Corps of working for Hezbollah & IRGC
The Fuel Crisis returns fiercely after slight relief in Syria's capital city of Damascus
Syria: 2 soldiers were reported hit by Rebel snipers yesterday on Idlib front. One of them is confirmed killed (Air Force Intelligence). He was from E. Qalamoun (NEastern Damascus)
9 month ago
Russian military police conducted a military patrol in the countryside of Derik, northeast Syria
Ain Issa: The people of Ain Issa town demonstrate in front of the Russian base to denounce the Russian silence regarding the repeated violations by Turkey
Former HDP member arrested in Turkish probe into Kobane protests
9 month ago
Lattakia: Russian warplanes target the Al-Kobina area in the northern countryside
Russian warplanes target with missiles the Tilal al-Kabina area in the Lattakia Mountains. Syria Latakia9 month ago
Russian warplanes target with missiles the Tilal al-Kabina area in the Lattakia Mountains. Syria Latakia
The assassination of journalist Hussein Khattab, @hussinkhattab. He was targeted with several bullets by unidentified gunmen in the city of Al-Bab in the eastern countryside of Aleppo
The Autonomous Administration received diplomatic delegations from EU and Asia countries, including Belgium, Uzbekistan, Sweden, and Tajikistan.
The Syrian opposition factions target with artillery shells the sites of the Syrian government forces in the city of Maarat al-Numan and the village of al-Malaja in the southern countryside of Idlib
9 month ago
Out from Latakia Air Base, Syria 30,000ft heading over Turkey flag-ruflag-ru Russian Air Force IL76 RA78830 RFF7012
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