18 September 2020
Unidentified aircraft carried out several strikes on the headquarters of the Assad's forces in AlSuwaiyah bridge area on the outskirts of Al-Bukamal city east of Deir ez-Zur.
Photos of the crude oil refineries in the northern Deir ez-Zur countryside.1 year ago
Photos of the crude oil refineries in the northern Deir ez-Zur countryside.
Lilwa al-'Abdullah, the official spokeswoman of SDFs Jazirah Storm campaign against IS survived an assassination attempt on the road between Dayr az-Zawr and Hesîçe/Hasakah.1 year ago
Lilwa al-'Abdullah, the official spokeswoman of SDFs Jazirah Storm campaign against IS survived an assassination attempt on the road between Dayr az-Zawr and Hesîçe/Hasakah.
1 year ago
Turkey: 52 Syrians detained over links to ISIS
South Syria: a member belonging to Military Security and right hand of the Daraa's Security commander was shot dead today by gunmen on Tafas-Daraa road.
Artillery shelling on Tall Al Sakhr village in Northern Hama
Artillery shelling from the positions of the Russian forces southeast of Tel Bazam on the city of Kafr Zeita in the northern Hama.
RPG launch failure in clashes today. No casualties
Inherent Resolve:Members of SDF conduct clearance operations prior to a drill and ceremony presentation during a final combat assessment in the Dayr Az Zawr Province, Syria.
Gen. Thomas on next phase of the ISIS fight post Syria withdrawal: "I am concerned that we are not overly restricted in the end state and I don't honestly know what that is, there's several planning efforts ongoing with a focus on maintaining what we've gained so far."
The fierce fighting and the violent clashes that broke out between Syria's Democratic Forces and Daesh organization in the Baguoz Deir al-Zour
The SDF are bringing special demining and medical teams in for the clearing of the Al Baghuz camp
UN ambassadors of Russia, Syria, Iran, China, NK, Nicaragua, Palestinian observer, and ForMin of Venezuela preparing to brief the press
Poland's Foreign Minister: Iran's interventions in Syria are negatively affecting the region
Turkey-Russia-Iran Joint declaration: leaders have agreed to coordinate the security and stability of the northeast of Syria
Rohani: The United States may continue its air attacks in Syria even after withdrawing
Putin on the withdrawal of American troops from Syria: We know that Trump is quite actively working to fulfill his campaign promises. What rarely happens in US politics in practice
Erdogan: The formation of a terrorist corridor on our border with Syria is incompatible with the security of Turkey and will not allow it
Erdogan on the US decision to withdraw from Syria: what will happen at this time, unknown. We are taking the measures on relation to this issue.
Erdogan: I call for a new summit in Istanbul in the next phase of cooperation between Turkey, Russia and Iran
Putin: The Syrians are only authorized to determine the political fate of their country
Erdogan: The Assad regime must maintain a cease-fire.
Erdogan: US withdrawal from Syria is undoubtedly important and we emphasize the need to combat terrorist organizations after the withdrawal
Erdogan: We call on the United Nations to end the war in Syria
Erdoğan: "The end of terror is the final. The terrorist organisations targeting both our country and Iran are doomed to lose eventually. "
Putin: We have secured guarantees from the Assad to secure the return of 1.5 million refugees
Rouhani: We are surprised at the silence of the United Nations on the repeated Israeli attacks on Syria
Putin: We call on the United Nations and all countries to restore stability to Syria and support its economy
Putin at The Sochi summit says that the pro-Assad forces should extend control over all areas from which Washington will withdraw
Rouhani: This phase of counterterrorism must continue
Rouhani: Turkey should not feel any threat from Syria and relations with it should be brotherly
Putin: the establishment of a demilitarized zone in Idlib was "a temporary solution"
Putin: "The provision of peace in Syria and the need for the reconstruction of Syria has been agreed by Russia, Turkey and Iran"
Putin: "Intensive coordination we are working to solve the Syrian crisis. Today we have identified important work areas for the solution of the crisis "
Photo's posted/taken from inside Al-Bagouz
Acting SecDef @DepSecDef Shanahan: "The military mission is complete, or nearly complete. It's the next phase that's very critical," Shanahan said while speaking at NATO
Erdogan: We stood by the people of Syria and maintained its territorial integrity
Erdogan: 4 million Syrian refugees in Turkey are waiting to return home
Erdogan: We need to protect civilians from any attack on Idlib
Russia President Putin to the Presidents of Iran and Turkey: We should not tolerate militants in Idlib
Erdogan: The withdrawal of arms from "terrorist organizations" will be discussed in Idlib
Iranian President Rouhani: The United States, unfortunately, protects terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.
Rouhani: Guarantor countries to maintain Syrian territorial integrity
Putin at the opening of the Sochi summit Tripartite: It is important that the work of the Constitutional Commission in Syria begin as soon as possible
Putin: we need to agree on the reduction of tension. This does not mean that we have to agree to the presence of terrorists in Idlib
Putin: Russia, Turkey and Iran is trying to return Syria to normal life
Putin: Astana is a tool of a lasting political solution for Syria
1 year ago
The Arab Nationalist Guard takes part in combing procession through the Khabajb Axis up to 50 km deep in the Homs Desert.
Putin and Rouhani emphasize the importance of cooperation between their two countries in Syria
Coalition helicopter transferring injured SDF fighters on the outskirts of ISIS enclave in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zur
Pence: We are ready to deter any use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime
US Vice President: The decision to withdraw from Syria is a change in tactics but not a strategic change
US Vice President: ISIS's alleged caliphate will soon be a thing of history
A boy coming from an ISIS family refuses to look at a Kurdish female fighter because "That's what they taught us".
Erdogan and Putin meeting before the pre-triple summit talks ended.
Image from inside the Al-Baghoz camp were ISIS and families reside
Erdogan: We must overcome the blockage regarding the constitutional committee in Syria
Russian President Putin: "Work carried by Turkey in Syria made significant progress"
President Erdoğan: "The territorial integrity of Syria cannot be achieved unless the PYD and the YPG are cleared from Manbij and the east of the Euphrates."
Russian President Putin: "We can reach the targets in Syria through active, comprehensive work and consensus"
President Erdoğan on Syria: We support the idea of a safe-zone as much as it serves to address our national security concerns.
SDF also screening, detaining those fleeing Shajalah and Baghuz. "Amongst those arriving to be screened are the wives of ISIS fighters, some of whom sustained gunshot wounds while fleeing" per @oirdcom
As of the moment, @CJTFOIR says it cannot confirm either the mass surrender of about 240 ISIS fighters to the SDF or claims that what is left of the force protecting ISIS' physical has fled Baghuz to a few hundred meters of fortified ground by the Eurphrates River
Turkish-Russian joint patrol on the borders of the villages of Mar'anaz, Ain Dukneh and Kafr Khashr and Minakh controlled by the Kurdish units in the countryside Aleppo
President Erdoğan meets with Iranian President Rouhani in Sochi
A meeting between Erdogan and Rohani began ahead of the Sochi summit
Local sources say around 100 ISIS have surrendered themselves to SDF with most of them European nationals.
Eastern Idlib: Major General in the SAA fifth corps "Khairat Kahala" shot by a sniper on the Tuwayl Al Halib front
Artillery shelling on Tamana'a, Southern Idlib
An artillery and missile shelling on on Khan Shaykhun south of Idlib
A car loaded with narcotic pills and ammunition was found at the entrance to the city of Afrin
Kurdish-led SDF captured a warehouse of armaments belonging to ISIS in al-Baguz Foqani village. Deir ez-Zur
Casualties among YPG/YPJ in the clashes with Daesh
Coalition launched 179 strikes vs ISIS in Syria from Jan27-Feb9, per @CJTFOIR. Locations of the strikes was not given, though focus would seem to be in area around Baghuz - ISIS' last stronghold Most prominent targets: tactical units, supply routes, fighting positions, etc
Syria's Democratic Forces captured a group of 27 Daesh elements from different countries and captured over 425 Civilians from Baghuz Fawqani last 24 hours.
SDF has finished combing Sheikh Hamad,The remnants of ISIS are stuck in a few meters of territory,ISIS no longer has territorial control
International Coalition helicopters flying over Raqqa city, according to the source, they are targeting ISIS-cells in Raqqa.
4 of the Hamzah brigade wounded by a landmine near the village of Daghilyash in the countryside of Aleppo
Video from Al-Baghouz
PM says Iraq to repatriate Iraqi IS fighters held in Syria
Again shelling on Qaalat Al Madiq in Western Hama
SDF forces control the town of Al-Bagouz Faqani, east of Deir Al-Zour, with the exception of the orchard area that houses camps.
A number of families were displaced from the village of Al-Tuwainah, west of Hama, because of the shelling
1 year ago
Germany has detained two officers from Syrian intelligence agency for suspected involvement in crimes against humanity
PMF and Border Guards back on high alert after reports that SDF withdrew from Baghuz Faqani and Tahtani following a series of suicide attacks by ISIS.
Deir ez-Zur: Dozens of civilians came out today of the small piece of territory still controlled by the IS in Baghuz.
One civilian killed, another wounded in shelling on Al Tawayniyah village in West Hama
Two civilians were killed and others were wounded by artillery shelling on the Khan Shaykhun
Two dead and several wounded civilians as the result of the bombing on the city of Khan Sheikun
Pro-Assad militia bombarded Khan Sheikhan, south of Idlib with at least 20 rockets
Massive artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on Khan Shaykhun city, southern Idlib countryside.
Civilians were wounded in the shelling on city of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib
1 year ago
Mortar shelling of the village of Al Huwiz in the northern countryside of Hama kills a child and injures three others
1 year ago
A woman was injured when mortar shells hit the village of Al-Hawiz, west of Hama, Syria
Pro-Assad forces using machine guns at Lahaya and Markabah in North Hama
Mortart shelling targeted the outskirts of the village of Tuba in the north-western Hama countryside
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to #Syria from #Tehran towards T4 Air Base
The United Nations says that the number of civilians in need of humanitarian assistance in northwestern Syria amounted to about 2.7 million people
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to Syria from Tehran1 year ago
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to Syria from Tehran
SAA shelling Qal'at al-Maqiq, west of Hama
1 year ago
SANA: Army units thwart attempt to infiltrate of a militant group in the outskirts of the town of Tel Hwash in the northern suburb of Hama and eliminate two of its members
Artillery shelling of the regime on the Sharia West Hama
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