Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
Pro-SAA militants in Al-Raqqa targets a security meeting of the coalition forces with its militias in the Taj Al-Taj Hotel with an improvised explosive device inside the city of Al-Raqqa2 month ago
Pro-SAA militants in Al-Raqqa targets a security meeting of the coalition forces with its militias in the Taj Al-Taj Hotel with an improvised explosive device inside the city of Al-Raqqa
International coalition aircrafts targeted Hajin city in Deir-ez-Zur with several raids
Isis released the pics of the destruction of an HTS HQ in Sarmada.
An Explosion heard in Raqqa city .
Statement about Al Tanf: claims about "Eastern Lions" are false
2 month ago
Erdogan to Putin: The essence of the Astana agreement could collapse if the Syrian army targets Idlib
Postponement of the cease-fire agreement between the rebels and the Russians in the city of Al Harrah countryside Daraa
HTS dismantled a rock IED near Salwa, N. Idlib countryside
2 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan had a phone call with Putin of Russia
Internal security forces RICF in Raqqa arrested a distribution terrorist cell delivering weapons and ammunition to sleeper cells.
240 fighters graduated from training and joined the ranks of the SDF in Kobane.
Turkmeni Brigade detained 2 YPG militants in Hamsheli village in Rajo mountains
VBIED was detected and dismantled in Jarabulus city, North Aleppo
2 month ago
Reuters citing Elysee Palace source: France's Macron and Russia's Putin will hold talks on Sunday over Syria, Iran and Ukraine
South Syria: probably to avoid ISIS mines, government created new paths to advance in E. Suweida desert. Some are clearly visible by satellite (Safa Volcanic area).
Turkish Army confirms that US and Turkish Military completed 13th round of patrolling across of the boarder of northern Syrian city of Manbij as part of a deal between them.
Both Tell Mutawwaq al-Kabir and Tell Mutawwaq al-Saghir under Syrian army control at east of Jasim
SDF has captured Al-Dali village in Al-Rawdah Badiyah
2 month ago
SDF has began the campaign to capture Al-Rawdah Badiyah and has reached Akarkak area
Major SDF advance at Afrah Axis,SDF has captured Ghadir Mazal Al-Marouf and Al-Watifa and Sabaya Al-Hajj Salem and is centered at Ghuraf Mahmeyat Al-Raghal
17 ISIS members escape from Faylaq Al-Sham prison in Afrin, putting forces in area on high alert.
Inkhil and Jasim cities in Daraa north western CS, start today handing over their heavy and meduim weapons to the SAA forces.
Syria Democratic Council holds it's 3rd general conference on July 16, in Tabqa city of Raqqa. Very important and critical desicions are expected to be made on northern east and Syria level.
Northern Deir-ez-Zur: large reinforcement of SDF and coalition forces has arrived in prepation to control the remaining parts of desert
More than 30 soldiers and officers of the pro-Assad forces, including 13 officers, were killed by aerial bombardment in attempt to seize Hajin
E. Syria: new border crossing with Iraq near AbuKemal under construction. Previous one was razed by ISIS.
South Syria: ISIS launched a raid yesterday on a position belonging to 10th Division near Zelaf Reservoir in E. Suweida desert, claiming some spoils.2 month ago
South Syria: ISIS launched a raid yesterday on a position belonging to 10th Division near Zelaf Reservoir in E. Suweida desert, claiming some spoils.
Isis claims to have detonated an IED at the HTS HQ in Sarmada.
(Likely HTS) BVP-1 AMB-S SVBIED captured and dismantled by Syrian loyalists allegedly near Nasib border crossing with Jordan in Daraa. Payload of ~225 AT mines First SVBIED seen in this offensive
Isis claims to have killed an high ranking opposition militant in al-Dana.
ISIS attack on Subaykhan oil complex of Saban oil field in North Deir-ez-Zur, and reports of control over it
Armenia has sent 94 tons of humanitarian aid to Syria, which landed at Hmeymim airbase. Syrian Red Crescent was present to take in the supplies. This is at least the 5th batch of humanitarian aid sent from Armenia to Syrians.
Confirmation from Tartus first 12 bodies of soldiers killed by US-led Coalition N. of AbuKemal reached Tartus Military Hospital (waiting for burial). Syria.
Government Axis Forces have crossed the Euphrates River and captured Hajin's Marketplace,but SDF fired warning shots telling them to retreat,The International Coalition responded by bombing government Axis Forces that crossed the river through a military bridge,forcing them to retreat
Hajin: government Forces consisting of Jaysh Al-Ashair and Shiite Militias have crossed the Euphrates River and tried to capture ISIS-Held Hajin,with SDF and the Coalition intercepting them
E. Syria: preliminary list of (pro-)government soldiers killed (around 40) in suspected US-led Coalition airstrikes near AbuKemal. Includes 2 Generals and several (Lt) Colonels.
Syrian Army takes control of dam north west of Tafas and Nahaj and Khirbet Qais west of Muzayrib in Daraa countryside
SDF is sending reinforcements to the vicinity of Abu Naytal village
Rally in Sanamein city in rural Daraa in support of SAA
[email protected]"The Coalition or our partner forces may have conducted strikes in the vicinity of Al Soussa and Baghour FukhaniJuly 12th. We are forwarding the report to our Civilian Casualty Cell for further assessment on this allegation. We have no further information at this time"
Israeli army says the drone wasn't shot down because it was approaching Israeli airspace, but because it was operating in the demilitarized zone along the border, in what the army says is a violation of the 1974 ceasefire agreement
Syria, Ukraine and nuclear proliferation among issues he'll discuss with Putin, says @POTUS.
HTS captured Abu Baraa, an Isis militant active in western Idlib.
2 month ago
Patriot missile fired against drone on Syrian border
Israeli army: Patriot was launched against drone approaching Israeli airspace from Syria
Likely another Patriot missile launched from northern Israel
Photo taken by a Syrian activist in Quneitra very close to the fence in the town of Ain al-Abd after drone shootdown. Israeli media reporting that the Israeli army fired a Patriot missile from Safed.
2 month ago
Two explosions heard in the Golan.
A Patriot anti-missile missile was just launched in Northen Israel2 month ago
A Patriot anti-missile missile was just launched in Northen Israel
2 month ago
Israel just shot down a drone over Quneitra. Local in Syria are reporting a loud explosion.
Residents of the Upper Galilee report a Patriot missile fired near the Syrian border.
2 month ago
A Patriot anti-missile missile was just launched in Israel's north. Target as yet unknown.
2 month ago
Patriot missile launched from Tzefat
Heavy SDF artillery shelling targeting cities of Ash Shafah and As Susah in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur countryside
DeirEzzor: 55 Civilian killed, most of them Iraqi displaced caused by Coalition airstrikes targeted al-Baghooz town near of al-Bokamal
2 month ago
A girl was killed by a mine explosion in the village of Saida north of Raqqa
Iran will leave Syria, Iraq only if Baghdad, Damascus want it, aide to Khamenei says
SDF have arrested number of woman in Raqqa for unknown reason
Recent satellite image of the Turkish military base near Morek
Lebanon: Reportedly Israeli aircraft flying in the areas of Arqoub, Hasbaya and Bekaa.
The International coalition says that its planes or aircraft of partner forces may have launched strikes near the area, where the Syrian Observatory says dozens were killed by the raids, including civilians
Brett McGurk: @SecPompeo convened our @coalition yesterday in Brussels together with @jensstoltenberg and @HaiderAlAbadi. Full support for next phase of our campaign against ISIS. In last month alone, nearly $1B pledged to support stabilization in captured areas of Iraq and Syria.
Operation of liberating Last ISIS stronghold town Hajin in Deirzzor countryside have started by SDF forces JazeeraStorm with support of @coalition partners
Syria: IEDs dismantled/seized in Idlib province amidst increasing attacks, mostly by ISIS. 1: Atmeh Refugee Camp - 2: Idlib - 3: Jisr Shoghur.
2 month ago
In Russia, Vilayati said that Iran will not leave Syria due to US pressure.
SDF fighters have reportedly turned a few civilian houses into their HQs in al Karamah village of DeirEzzor province
2 month ago
Heavy lift climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force An124 RA82035 RFF8064
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] Generals, Funk, Jarrard and Chiya meet and discuss SDF DefeatDaesh operations in the Middle Euphrates Valley Syria as OperationRoundup continues and the Coalition works to bring peace and stability to the region.
RuAF An-124 form Mozdok to Hmeimim
Syria: destruction of a 5th Corps' ammo warehouse in Muhardah (N. Hama) led to significant damage in residential area in S. part of town. Artillery shells visible in remains. Area impacted
Syrian Observatory: 28 civilians killed in an air strike in Deir al-Zour
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