Map. History of Syria conflict

23 September 2018
Turkish officer in Morek (Northern Hama) told civilians that SAA will not attack Idlib, that Turkey won't withdraw from Idlib region and that anti-air weapon systems were deployed.
An Explosion reported in Manbij City.
Syria: several families decided to live in tents close to Turkish Observation post (Sarman Silos, SE. Idlib) to avoid bombardment.
Trucks loaded with supplies/equipment from the @Coalition driving through Qamishlo city in Northern Syria Kurdistan today, accompanied by a military vehicle for protection.
The government's flag was raised in the town of Jubatha al-Khashab, Quneitra today. This was delayed due to opposition of rebels formerly backed by Israel who've surrendered to the government but did not complete handing off of heavy weapons.1 month ago
The government's flag was raised in the town of Jubatha al-Khashab, Quneitra today. This was delayed due to opposition of rebels formerly backed by Israel who've surrendered to the government but did not complete handing off of heavy weapons.
U.S army target ISIS positions in the last remaining ISIS pocket in DeirEzzor Hajin
The International Coalition is expanding the Shaddadi Airbase and is intending to build a new military base in Manbij countryside
Heavy explosion reported in Bughayliah village to the west of Deir-ez-Zur city
Monitoring Centers in the Ground documented the deaths of 150 civilians in Idlib and Western Aleppo from 8-14 Aug, 83 due to Russian/government airstrikes and 67 due to Sarmada Explosion, 35+ wounded some of them in critical conditions due to Airstrikes, IEDs, assassinations attempts
Syria: Turkey's trucks loaded with prefabricated cabins arrived today in Greater Idlib.
The WhiteHelmets firefighters team extinguished forest fires in Kordan forests, in Jendiris city in Afrin countryside. Syria Aleppo
ISIS claimed Attack on SDF patrol in eastern DeirEzzor
Syria: barrel bomb dropped over Tamanah. Aerial bombardment on SE. Idlib killed one child and wounded several people
Abdullatif Khaled and Muhanad Radhwan, were killed after the helicopters of the Syrian government dropped explosive barrels on the city of al-Tamanea in Southern countryside of Idlib, Syria.
Syrian government forces killed the child Hana al Marra in al Tamanea town in Idlib suburbs, Aug 15. Syria
Three people were killed, including a child in pro-Assad forces shelling on Al Tamaniyah
Alaa Mansi al-Ayed died of wounds sustained two days ago in attack by unknown assailants in the town of Al-Tayana east of Deir al-Zour
Russian Ministry of Defense: operation to evacuate those who has rejected to surrender in Southern Syria is concluded
According to military source in Sweida, the ISIS launched a large attack at the northern slope of the al Safa Canyon this morning
HTS arrests about 18 supporters of reconciliation in south-west Idlib.
Syria: renewed SyAF airstrikes this morning on SE. Idlib countryside.
A military column of the pro-Assad forces, consisting of dozens of mechanisms left the village of Kafr Ra near Hama city towards the northern countryside
1 month ago
PYD/YPG withdrawing from Manbij, surrounding area. We expect it to withdraw completely to east of Euphrates: Turkish Presidential aide
1 month ago
Astana talks on Syria are scheduled for September in Tehran, Iran - Erdogan's spox
1 month ago
Syrian Opposition Fighters Form Military Brigade in Northern Syria's Aleppo And Join National Liberation Front
A child was killed and others wounded in barrel bomb attack on Al Tamaniyah in South Idlib
Local reports say about airstrikes on Tamanea town in southern countryside of Idlib
Helicopters dropped off barrel bombs over al-Tamanea town, unknown casualties among civilians so far. Southern Idlib countryside
Russian military police have been spotted on the Jordan and Syria border
A ceasefire by the SAA was issued from 12:00 AM Syria/n time in Idlib and west Aleppo countryside and north Hama countryside To allow the civilians to cross to the government controlled areas through Murek and Abu Al Duhor corridors.
Nasrallah: The United States is putting a lot of pressure on the Lebanon government for its sea and land borders, for the benefit of Israel. They can no longer push Lebanon or Syria.
Nasrallah on the Syria and Israel conflict, Israel is heavily involved in the world war against Syria, heavily aiding the militants in Southern Syria, and were propagating that Assad will be brought down in a number of months.
Photos:Rebels shelling Assad positions in Hama with Grad
The National Liberation Front (NLF) announces the targeting of pro-Assad positions in Magat school in Hama with MLRS Grad
South Syria: multiple fatalities in SEastern Damascus desert following clashes around Tell Safa where ISIS is besieged.1 month ago
South Syria: multiple fatalities in SEastern Damascus desert following clashes around Tell Safa where ISIS is besieged.
Syria: heavy explosion heard tonight in Eastern Damascus is a failed controlled detonation of a tunnel Jobar, which killed at least 2 among engineering unit.
ERT is removing the rubble,, in front of Hamida school, Raqqa city
Some dancing during opening of Women Council in Raqqa
The Civil Councils of Tabqa and Deir Ez Zor that are part of SDF are adding the Kurdish Language as a required language to learn for students in the new school curriculum,also they have replaced religion subject with the beliefs of the people,also Assyrian Language is a required
Heavy explosion heard in Damascus, likely blast of underground tunnel in Jobar
Syrian Army tightened the siege on Tell Al-Safa -army control Rujm Al-Mughrabah north east Tell Al-Safa-army control Ard Al-Amirah south of tell Al-Safa - Daesh counterattack on Al-Rahba repelled
The Syrian army is targeting agricultural land of Kafr Zeita and the village of Sakhr in northern Hama with artillery
The General Directorate of the Lebanese General Security start to deport new batch of Syrian refugees from the Shaba area and the Bekaa to the areas controlled by the Syrian Assad government.
In Syria, SDF continuing with prep for final assault on ISIS in Hajin area, per @OIRSpox "There has been a constant stream of civilians fleeing the town ahead of the operations. The SDF has provided safe passage" while vetting for fleeing ISIS
ISIS claims assassination of 3 YPG members in Raqqa with explosive device
A civilian was killed by a missile attack on the village of Badama in the western Idlib
The town of Al-Tamanah, south of Idlib is being shelled with rockets
Intensive bombardment on Khawin town, south of Idlib.
Civilian casualties in Bdama, west Idlib as pro-Assad forces shelled the town with MLRS
New development today, after the new point of the Russian MP around Mourk Hama few days back, today tiger forces the Tank division started deploying few of its Tank in the same area
Syria: residents from SE. Idlib started to move towards Turkish border fleeing increased bombardment and anticipated Offensive.
Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and officials of Syrian Ministry of Local Administrations discussing on the details of a possible joint administration model in north of country in Damascus for the first time.
Displacement from some villages southeast of Idlib (Umm al-Khalakhil) towards the Turkish base (Serman)
2nd corps of FSA on graduation from Military Academy
Civilians wounded as a result of continuous heavy shelling on the villages of Al-Khwain and Sukayk, southeast of Idlib.
The forces of the government bombard the village of Tall as Sakhr north of Hama
Pro-Assad forces bombard the villages of al-Wubaida, al-Tina and al-Mashirfa in the Idlib countryside
DeirEzzor: Coalition targeted al-Baghooz town and wounded many civilians some of suffer from fatal wounds
The Maghawir al-Thowra captured 1 ISIS fighter in the 55km area Aug 13. The ISIS fighter fled Suwayda and attempted to escape justice. This brings the total number of ISIS captured by the @MaghaweirThowra to 6 this month.
Syria: SyAF airstrikes resumed on SE. Idlib. Area targeted is around Um Khalakhil, also bombed with heavy artillery and MLRS.
1 month ago
Lavrov: we have to eliminate Jahbat Nusra Front in Idlib, with isnt part of ceasefire
1 month ago
Turkish FM said that Turkey and Russia will continue to discuss Idlib and what they can do together.
A delegation from the "Syrian Democratic Forces" is holding new talks with the government in Damascus
1 month ago
The units of the Syrian Arab Army, which encircle Tula al-Safa in the northern countryside of Suweida, target a group of Daesh who tried to sneak out of the area and eliminate a number of them.
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