25 September 2021
NLF targets pro-Assad forces in Tal Khazanah with heavy artillery shells
Warplanes target the town of Karsa'a and its surroundings south of Idlib with several air strikes
Russian helicopters deployed western Kobani just 24 hours after US withdrawal
After SDF and SAA has besieged the village Al-Faisaliah, SDF/SAA has launched fierce attacks on the villages Al-Faisaliah and Al-Arisha. SDF and Syria army are advancing towards "Um Shu'ayfah" axis
1 year ago
SDF advancing in Qasamiye axis, northwest of Tell Tamr city
Dozens of Trucks belonging to Syrian army loaded with military reinforcements has entered Ain Issa 93 Brigade
Syrian President Bashar Assad says the American presence in Syria will lead to armed "resistance" that will eventually force the U.S. troops to leave his country
5 civilians, including 3 children, have been killed in airstrikes in Al-Bara town of Idlib countryside
Violent clashes between SDF and Turkish forces in Daoudia and Arisha axis, Tell tamr and Zarkan (Abu Rasayn) countryside
RuAF double tap strike on rescue service near Bara town /Jebel Zawiyah
RuAF double tap strike on rescue service near Bara town /Jebel Zawiyah
Russian warplanes target with missiles the town of Hazarin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Deir Ezzor: SDF patrols closed all crossings in Shuhail, with SDF deployed with full equipment for all fighters along the Euphrates River in Shuhail
5 Russian helicopters has landed in Sarin air base, former US-base in Kobane countryside
Russian warplanes renew their shelling with missiles on the town of Hass in the southern countryside of Idlib
Russian warplanes target with missiles the town of Hass in the southern countryside of Idlib
Bombing over the hills of Kabani1 year ago
Bombing over the hills of Kabani
Onne dead as a preliminary toll and several injured as a result of the targeting of Russian warplanes in the town of Kafr Ruma in the southern countryside of Idlib
Friday prayer in the cities and towns of southern Idlib canceled due to the continuous aerial and ground shelling in the area
A woman was killed and others were injured due to artillery and rocket shelling by pro-Assad forces on Marj al-Dahr village south of Jisr al-Shughour city of western Idlib countryside
SNA foiled pro-Assad forces attempt to advance on the Tel Damm axis in the southeastern Idlib countryside and claimed casualties among the attackers
A civilian is killed due to artillery shells targeting Kafr Rumah town south of Idlib.
Dead and wounded are trapped under the rubble as a result of Russian air strikes in Bara town of Idlib countryside
Video: Russian warplanes bombard several raids on Bara town south of Idlib
1 year ago
Pro-Assad media: Fierce clashes have taken place between Syrian army forces and ISIS militants in a remote area near the T-3 Pumping Station in eastern Homs, Syria
Russia, in the general, has solved almost all the tasks in Syria that it has set for itself - Putin
Unidentified persons riding a motorcycle targeted an SDF member in al-Mahata neighborhood in Qamishli by throwing a grenade, north-eastern Syria. No direct injuries reported
Pro-Assad forces shell villages of Zammar, Jazraya, Tal Bagir and Bans in Aleppo southern countryside with artillery
1 year ago
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces stationed in Tal Alloush targets the village of Jazraya in Aleppo southern countryside
Marco Rubio: It would be a major slap in the face to the U.S. if Erdogan, just hours/days after his meeting at the @WhiteHouse views the final departure of U.S. troops near Kobane Kobanî as his chance to lay siege to this majority Kurdish city
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery Bedama town of Jasr Al-Shughour countryside in western Idlib countryside
Video of helicopters dropping barrel bombs on Kafr Nabl outskirts. Video by Mohamed Rafea Ja'ar
ANHA: "The sixth secret patrol ended for fear of the reactions of the people between the Russian forces and the Turkish forces in the district, after they toured the western countryside of the district."
SAA deployed until (including) Ayn Diwar north east of Al-Malikiyah on border
Turkish forces have reached the main road north of Tal Tamr following today's advance.
SAA soldiers has begun moving in Dêrik (Al Malikiya) countryside and launched the last phase of the military agreement with Syrian democratic forces
U.S.-backed militia in southern Syria seizes $3.5 million worth of speed on smuggling route used by Iranian-backed fighters. Bust made in late October: statement (Photo: DoD)
Aviation is targeting Idlib
1 year ago
Erdogan on "Safe Zone": We will see the attitude of NATO countries. If we take a positive approach, we can take a step towards a peace corridor in the north in the first place
Russian warplanes target the village of Arinba in the southern countryside of Idlib.
6 helicopters bombed south of Kafr Nabl in just a quarter of an hour, the intensity of the bombing is very violent
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery shells the town of Kafarsjana in the southern countryside of Idlib
Russian warplanes bombard the village of Sheikh Mustafa in the southern countryside of Idlib
Civil defense teams inspected the site of a Russian air force airstrike that targeted civilian houses in the town of Svohen on Thursday afternoon, which caused extensive material damage to civilians' homes and property without causing any casualties
The Turkish forces attack the village of Til Tawil with heavy weapons
Opposition forces have targeted pro-Assad forces with artillery on Wabda axis
Americans heading West over Til Temir. Loitering over the M4 to the West of the city
Two children killed and four wounded due to Russian warplanes shelling with high explosive missiles in Ma'rat Harmah town in the southern countryside of Idlib.
SNA destroys a BMP vehicle of pro-Assad forces on Kafridoun axis in southern Idlib countryside after targeting it with an ATGM
1 year ago
Killed and wounded among pro-Assad forces as they attempted to advance on the axis of Kabana hills in Lattakia northern countryside
Wounded by air strikes in Ma'rat Harmah town of Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Deir Ezzor: International coalition air traffic and military helicopters in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
Turkish Army Bombs in the vicinity of the villages of Daoudia, Arish, Aisha and Gebro Farms in Northern Tal Tamr
Helicopters target the outskirts of Kafranbel city and Hazarin town in the southern Idlib countryside with barrel bombs
Tel Khazna north of Abu Dali was captured by pro-Assad forces
Russian warplanes target Umm al-Khalakhel village in eastern Idlib countryside with high-explosive missiles
The Turkish Army and TFSA have captured Al-Arishah from SDF
Coalition forces have withdrawn completely from the military base in Sarrin in southern of Kobane (ANHA)1 year ago
Coalition forces have withdrawn completely from the military base in Sarrin in southern of Kobane (ANHA)
1 year ago
Turkish Ministry of Defense: "The sixth patrol of the Turkish and Russian military carried out in the Derbesiye region to the east of the Euphrates with the participation of UAVs has been completed."
Russian warplanes target the town of Maaret Harma in the southern countryside of Idlib with high-explosive missiles
Idlib: Russian warplanes target Zarzour town in the southeastern countryside with missiles
Joint Turkish-Russian patrols started in western of Dirbespiye as part of the Sochi agreement (ANHA)
Helicopters have dropped barrel bombs on the perimeter of Hazarin town in the southern countryside of Idlib
Deir Ezzor: Unknown gunmen target one of the SDF military posts in Shaqra village in the western countryside
Pro-Assad forces control the village of Al-Weibdeh, northeast of Al-Khwain in southeastern countryside of Idlib
SNA takes control of al-Arisha village near Tal-Tamr town in Hasaka countrysid
Russia has relocated several combat helicopters from Hmeymim airbase to Kamisli airport, including Mi-35s. They were protected by Pantsir ADS
Unidentified assailants attacked with light weapons and bombs the cultural center checkpoint and the police station building in Jassim city of Daraa northern countryside yesterday evening
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces targets the villages and towns of Zarzour, Musharrafa, Tel Dam and Um Al-Khalakhel in the southern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces launched a military operation southeast of Idlib, attempting to advance on the Mushayrifah axis
1 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense: We started to establish an air base in the city of Qamishli in northern Syria
1 year ago
Russian warplanes target with high-explosive missiles the town of Maaret Harma in the southern countryside of Idlib
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