Map. History of Syria conflict

22 September 2018
7 month ago
Moscow expects US to close its unilaterally established zone of de-escalation in northern Syria, Russian FM Lavrov said From the very beginning of US presence in Syria, the Americans have relied on the PKK group he said.
Turkish artillery shelling targets the village of Juwaiq in the countryside of Afrin
ISIS by reporting on the killings of HTS elements and reclaiming of al-Milyun and al-Mashru neighborhoods in the Yarmoukh Camp south of Damascus.
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in the outskirts of Afrin moments ago.
YPG at Deir-ez-Zur front
Video: Turkmen Hamza Division operations today in Rajo area
6 people suffered and were hospitalized after inhalation of toxic substances at Arinde village of Afrin amid clashes
A demonstration today in Rastan town in Homs demanded HTS (Jabhat Al-Nusra) fighters to withdraw from all Homs's countryside.
Pro-Assad sources report a "SAA reconnaissance force" reached Afrin.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Reports by Syrian Reporters including Hussien Mortada that SAA Forces have entered Afrin Afrin
Turkish military send special sniper units to OliveBranch Op. in Syria's Afrin against YPG
E. Syria: large ISIS tunnel uncovered near Mayadin, leading to a weapons cache.
Raids of anti-Daesh coalition on locations of Daesh in Sha'afa Town East DeirEzzor
7 month ago
Lavrov: The US is trying to build a quasi-state in Syria with the support of the Kurds
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Those commandeering the air-defence systems are the officers and soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army
7 month ago
Nasrallah: For years there has been distortion for news coming from Syria. The decision was not Iranian or Russian, it was Syria leadership
7 month ago
Nasrallah: It has set a precedent. Syrian leadership had already taken decision to shoot down any plane or missile
7 month ago
Nasrallah: Syria defends itself. What happened last weak was a unique military accomplishment. For Israelis they are no longer comfortable
7 month ago
Nasrallah: In the east, after IS defeat, (US) presence is still there spending millions $ for what? Democracy in Syria? Protecting Kurds?
7 month ago
Nasrallah: This is one of their main reasons for their role in Syria, beyond Hezb/SAA, it will be a bigger issue in time
Joint Statement on Turkey-U.S. Strategic Partnership just got released7 month ago
Joint Statement on Turkey-U.S. Strategic Partnership just got released
7 month ago
27-year-old Aidan James who has spoken publicly about fighting with the Kurdish People's Protection Units against Islamic State in Syria has been charged with three terror offences
7 undefined bodies were pulled from under rubbles in Raqqa city last Monday.
Amaq: US fighters accidentally hit SDF near Al Bukamal
2 civilians were killed, and 5 injured after artillery shelling targeted Jisr Al Shoghor city in the Idlib countryside, Civil Defense teams rushed in to help the wounded, and continue their rescue operations.
Between Feb. 9 and Feb. 15, the US-led Coalition conducted 39 strikes targeting in Syria and 4 in Iraq
16 YPG fighters were buried today in Efrin
7 month ago
Turkey and US will show a firm stance on the attempts to change the demographic in Syria - US/Turkey joint statement
TSK/FSA took control of villages "Hassan Kalkawi and Jalma" near Raju in the western countryside of Afrin
#AfrinOp: OLiveBranch Operation Room announce control over 2 villages SW. of Rajo (Hamza Division front): Hassan Kalkawi and Jalmah.
7 month ago
Mayadin: Syrian SAMs fired last Saturday (which resulted in downing an F16) passed over Tel Aviv and Haifa before falling in the Mediterranean sea
7 month ago
U.S Secretary of State Tillerson says Department of Defense budget includes only sufficient funds to continue to supply SDF primarily with ammunition in the fight against DAESH, Manbij is going to be tackled first, it is strategcally important city
7 month ago
Tillerson: Manbij should remain under our control.
7 month ago
Tillerson says people will roll their sleeves and get to business quickly, we still have a serious situation in Syria. We are going to address that together
7 month ago
FM Cavusoglu: US-Turkey coordination will start with Manbij. The US has promised the YPG will leave the Manbij region. Once the YPG leave, based on trust we can take steps forward with the USA
7 month ago
Turkish FM says U.S promises to Turkey in 2016 have not been fulfilled, we have to be sure that YPG will withdraw to the East of Euphrates, YPG has to leave Manbij first. This is a U.S promise to Turkey
7 month ago
US Secretary Rex Tillerson says in joint presser that they will first address issue of Manbij.
7 month ago
Tillerson says "There is no daylight between Turkey and U.S on Syria, we share same objectives. We are going to address Manbij first, will continue to work on Northern Syria"
7 month ago
Tillerson says weapons provided to SDF would be limited, mission specific and provided on incremental basis to achieve military objectives only
7 month ago
Tillerson says US recognizes legitimate right of Turkey to secure its borders
7 month ago
U.S Secretary of State Tillerson says relations with Turkey are not an alliance of convenience but a time-tested alliance, we share the same objectives in Syria
7 month ago
Tillerson: We call on Turkey for self-restraint in Afrin.
7 month ago
Tillerson: Turkey is a strong ally in defeating of ISIS
7 month ago
Çavuşoğlu: From now on, we will not care about promises, but about the steps that are being taken on the ground
7 month ago
Turkish Foreign Minister: We agreed with the American side to form a mechanism to confront terrorism in northern Syria
7 month ago
The Kremlin denies knowing any new information about Russian military casualties in Syria
YPG to welcome Syrian army to protect the city against Turkish comperhensive attack - YPG official
7 month ago
Turkish official tells Reuters Turkey proposed to U.S that YPG withdraw to east of Euphrates and Turkish, U.S troops station together in Syria's Manbij. Official says U.S considering Turkish proposal
7 month ago
Turkish army says 1551 militants were killed in Olive Branch operation
AfrinOp: tour inside a huge tunnel system built by YPG around Rajo, taken by OliveBranch forces.
7 month ago
Amid escalating tensions over US support to YPG, critical Erdogan-Tillerson meeting ends in Ankara after 3 hours and 15 minutes
7 month ago
Turkish army on Olive Branch today: 7 soldiers were wounded
Russian raids on the city of Latamna in the northern countryside of Hama
No meetings held between SAA / Russians with YPG in TalRafat - YPG commander
7 month ago
Netanyahu says he will present proof of Iranian involvement in recent Syria flare-up during his speech in Munich.
A meeting today between Russian, Assad government and YPG commanders in Tal Rifaat town North Aleppo. No information yet about the discussions or agreements
Russian toll in Syria battle was 300 killed and wounded: sources
Afrin: FSA Forces seized one Konkurs ATGM from YPG
7 civilians dead, including two children and a woman and about 19 wounded in air raids and artillery shelling on the city of Duma in the East Ghouta
Mayadeen says deal reached for deployment of SAA in Afrin
Oleg Tereshenko From Krasnodar Krai of Russia was killed on 7 February near Deir-ez-Zur
7 month ago
Erdogan-Tillerson meeting started
Syria: public call to Turkey to implement de-escalation zone in N. Homs and S. Hama with observation points (Idlib model) to protect civilians from government and Russia.
Syria: public call to Turkey to implement de-escalation zone in N. Homs and S. Hama with  observation points (Idlib model) to protect civilians from government and Russia.
Five civilians were killed including two children, and many others injured including 2 White Helmet volunteer, after warplanes airstrikes on residential neighborhoods in Douma city in Eastern Ghouta
RT reporter in Afrin asks YPGSDF why he is wearing civilian clothes he answered:to protect myself from Turkish shelling, Turkish army shells anyone wearing uniform even in civilian areas #OliveBranch
Turkish army is shelling Tal Rifat now.
Unknown location
YPG hit Turkish/FSA vehicle with ATGM
TuAF continues air raids in the areas of South Hadid, Jinderes, Rajo and northern Afrin
Eastern Damascus: a child extracted alive after SyAF airstrike collasped his house in town of Duma.
Kremlin: Meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan: Russia-Jordan cooperation, the situation in Syria7 month ago
Kremlin: Meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordan: Russia-Jordan cooperation, the situation in Syria
US troops mobilize to CONOCO fields after receiving information about imminent attack by pro-Assad militias
Russian aviation strikes on Kafr Zita, North Hama
Russian aviation strikes on Kafr Zita, North Hama
The number of victims in Tarmala town was increased to 6 civilians killed (including a White Helmet volunteer) after warplanes airstrikes targeting the town. The #CivilDefense teams worked to retrieve the dead, and continue the rescue operation.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says US has never given heavy arms to the YPG group.
US has 'never given heavy arms' to YPG Syrian Kurdish militia: Tillerson
FSA captured Khara Suluq or Harab Sumaq village from the YPG.
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Khara Suluq village from the YPG militants
7 month ago
US with its Kurdish allies entered into an open confrontation with the army of Syria - Russian MFA spokeswoman Zakharova
7 month ago
Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman says US actions in Syria probably designed to undermine its territorial integrity
7 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: there were no Russian servicemen in the area of ​​US air strikes in Syria
Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman says up to five Russian mercenaries died in a US air strike last week. This is the first time Russia's confirmed losing citizens - but it insists they had nothing to do with the government7 month ago
Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman says "up to five" Russian mercenaries died in a US air strike last week. This is the first time Russia's confirmed losing citizens - but it insists they had nothing to do with the government
Jaish Nasr on its way to take Diwan Fowqani and nearby hills from YPG, using at least one Panthera F9
Kurdish official: Turkey transferred M60 US-made tanks to the area of Afrin after previously using German tanks.
Aerial photo from the Diwan Fawqani village that was captured from the YPG
The #OperationOliveBranch says they captured and linked the road between Sheikh Hadid and Raco.
SecState Tillerson told @michelghandour that the US is "quite concerned" not only about the use of chlorine bombs but also "reports of sarin being used again" in Syria; the use of sarin prompted US air strikes last April
The YPG announced the deaths of 7 more of its fighters in operations vs. #OliveBranch forces in Afrin
4 Russian airstrikes on Al Latamaniah in Northern Hama
4 Russian airstrikes on Al Latamaniah in Northern Hama
FSA with Turkish army support captured Diwan village from YPG
Al Nasr army captured Diwan Al Fawqani(and joined Olive Branch)
The German-supported hospital in Haas after destructive Russian air strikes last night
The German-supported hospital in Haas after destructive Russian air strikes last night
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announces the capturing Jugali Al Tahtani village from the YPG
N. Hama: important artillery position (so called Russia|n Battalion) S. of Helfaya. Set up in April 2017 following takeover of the town from Rebels.7 month ago
N. Hama: important artillery position (so called "Russia|n Battalion") S. of Helfaya. Set up in April 2017 following takeover of the town from Rebels.
US Defense Secretary Mattis to Al Arabiya: Syria should be for Syrians, Iraq should be for Iraqis
Turkey's defense minister said he had told his US counterpart that the YPG should be removed from the SDF
Air force start hit Eastern Ghouta in Damascus
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says NATO and America stand with Turkey on legitimate security concerns; says Syrian crisis must be resolved within the UN framework
FSA Ahrar al-Sharqiya announced the control over Karri, Sharbanli and Shadiya villages from YPG. Afrin
Turkey "has an insurgency inside its own borders" and US stands with Turkey, says US Defence Secretary Mattis, and says "we are finding common ground" in northern Syria. Says it's among most complicated fight he's ever seen, but communications are marked by honesty, transparency
US Defence Secretary Mattis says he didn't expect to solve disagreements in 24 hours, but expects reluctant European governments to take back foreign fighters detained in Syria
Turkish Defense Minister: Washington did not ask us to end the military operations in Afrin
Also the village of Sharbanli/Kum Reçe is under control of Olive Branch Forces.
HTS news agency claims new TSK convoy is entering Sarmin town, between Idlib city and Saraqeb
Sadiya and Kari villages were captured
Protest in Jinderes. People shouting: "We are here, we will resist" and "Long live Afrin resistance"
Sadiya, Kavala, Kari villages and mount was captured by FSA
2 more villages captured today by FSA and Turkish Army: Shadiya and Karri, SW of Raju township.
Large Turkish column entered Syria and arrived in Sarman (SE. Idlib) to set up a new observation point in the Granaries area.
Governor of Deir al-Zor says local authorities welcome returnees from east of the Euphrates (i.e. areas under SDF or current/former IS control), promising to set up new crossings and help them legally clear their names
Convoy of residents from Afrin city on the way to Jindires frontline town, the "olive branches" in their hands as a symbol for peace
Heavy clashes between FSA and YPG at Diwan village near Atmeh
US Led Coalition warplanes launch airstrikes over Hajin town in eastern Deir Ezzor
The official statement on control of Durakili village from FSA
National army(FSA) fighters inside Sheikh Cuqali/Cakalli/Soldujuk.
FSA Fighters Brigade/Liwa Rejal al-Harb shot down a YPG drone near Bulbul township in Northern Afrin.
Two civilians killed by landmine explosion in Raqqa
Syrian government warplanes launched Airstrikes over Arbin city in Damascus countryside
23 killed as result of warehouse explosion in Tabiyah Jazeera
OliveBranch forces captured Durakli village this morning.
Turkish military convoy arrived to east of Maarat al-Nu'man in Idlib, Syria. Will establish another observation point.
Separately from the Russians killed in the US attack, 15 Russian "security staff" are said to have been killed in an explosion at a weapons depot in Syria.
ISIS try to advance from Yarmouk Valley toward Nawa town in southern Daraa province
Turkish Army convoy headed to al-Sarman village to constitute an observation point in accordance with Astana deals.
In the Russian State Duma, a minute of silence to those who were killed in Syria7 month ago
In the Russian State Duma, a minute of silence to those who were killed in Syria
US asks Turkey to focus on fighting ISIS, while US defense secretary Mattis met with his Turkish counterpart.
7 month ago
TSK announced: 1528 militants killed in Afrin campaign
Free Army controls the village of Durga near Jabal Sheikh Khrouz in the area of ​​Bulbul north Afrin
Turkish T129 ATAK helicopter audible in the night with 20mm machinegun
Large Turkish military convoy entered Idlib countryside this morning to set up 'observation points' east of Ma'ret Nu'man
Funeral of one of ISIS Hunters Abdel-Maseeh Dergham Razzouk in Suqalabiyah
Tartous: Assassination attempt on commander of Tiger Forces Hawarith Regiment. Commanders Abu Al Harith, Raed Zeenah, and Major Duraid Awad were inside the car, but all safe
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