Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
TAF destroyed a YPG military machines south of Tal Abyad in Raqqa
US Department of State: We share the concern of the @UN on the humanitarian situation in Syria. No excuse for attacks on civilian targets. We continue to call on all to adhere to UNSCR 2401, protect civilians and avoid escalation. Stay focused on defeating ISIS.
6 month ago
Turkish Army denies YPG accusations of attack on 'main hospital' in Afrin city.
Eastern Damascus: Jaish Islam announces the reactivation of its 9K33 Osa system and hit a SyAF chopper with one missile.
Remarkable joint statement from Eastern Ghouta as al-Rahman Corps, Jaysh al-Islam and AhrarAlSham all describe themselves as FSA and emphasize several points including the right to defend their people and the rejection of forced displacement
Jaysh Al Islam spox claims its OSA air defence system is 'operational again' and has damaged a helicopter.
Jaish al Islam announces the downing of a helicopter belonging to the pro-Assad forces in the eastern Ghouta with short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system OSA
6 month ago
President Erdoğan holds phone conversations with NATO Chief Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Poroshenko
The airstrike number 45 on Harasta city by Russian air-forces for today, most of the airstrikes were with 6 missiles, over 45 ground-to-ground missiles also were dropped on the city, in addition to 17 explosive barrels from the helicopters of SyAF. Eastern Ghouta
Dr Joan Shitika, head of Afrin hospital. "Numbers of these killed in Avrin hospital raised to 15."
The moment targeting the cities and towns of the eastern Ghouta with the explosive barrel and the air raids
The moment targeting the cities and towns of the eastern Ghouta with the explosive barrel and the air raids
Syrian Observatory: 9 dead in a Turkish raid on the main hospital in Afrin
National Defence repelled infiltration from Jamrin to Quraya town in Suwayda
Turkish military backed FSA's Sultan Murad Division is at the entrance of Syria's Afrin city after clashes with YPG
JTS fighters tour inside the village of Blanta after repelling the HTS assault rural West Aleppo
AfrinOp: Olive Branch forces captured 5 Konkurs from YPG/J, so far the biggest seizure of ATGMs in Afrin area since start of Offensive.
UN: Families in Afrin are relying on "untreated water and boreholes" after Turkish-led forces destroyed water infrastructure, putting about 250,000 people at risk of waterborne disease.
Nearly 48000 displaced from Afrin in the last few days, as Turkish offensive mount across the region.
UK, France and Germany propose new sanctions on Iran that relate to its ballistic missiles program and to is role in Syria, for keeping Trump in the nuclear deal: document seen by Reuters
6 month ago
After finalizing the establishment of observer points in Syria's Idlib province as part of the Astana process for de-escalation zones, the Turkish army could head to the Manbij region, which is under the control of US backed YPG -Turkish President Erdogan
The Syrian Free Army forces control the villages of Kukali Tahtani and Fawqani, Dar Kare and Ein Hajar in the axis of Maabtali in the countryside of Afrin after fighting with the YPG militia
Damascus countryside: 61 civilians were killed in the town of Kafr Batna as a result of targeting residential areas at night dozens of air raids, including missiles loaded incendiary ammunition
Afrin: Local reports say at least 21 civilians were killed, 30 others injured in intense Turkish bombardment on the city since yesterday. ANHA footage shows aftermath in residential areas.
6 month ago
[email protected]: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of the brave troops lost in the helicopter crash on the Iraq-Syria border yesterday. Their sacrifice in service to our country will never be forgotten.
De Mistura: Ceasefire can not be sustained in Syria
De Mistura: The United Nations is working for the arrival of humanitarian aid to the Ghouta of East Damascus
Jisreen captured by Syrian Army
The French delegate to the Security Council accuses the Syrian government of committing war crimes
[email protected]: Between March 9-March 15, Coalition military forces conducted 23 strikes targeting ISIS in Iraq and Syria, 14 strikes in Iraq and 9 in Syria, first time in a while the number of strikes in Iraq was higher than in Syria
The number of people killed in the Russian incendiary weapon attack on the market in Kafr Batna, eastern Ghouta, had risen to 61 people. Charred bodies are everywhere, Civil Defense unable to assist the injured.
The Syrian Free Army forces control the villages of Khazban Fawqani and Tahani in the Rajo district
Monitoring group says Russian, Syrian government strikes have killed 46 people in Syria's eastern Ghouta enclave
12,500 people exited East Ghouta yesterday Hamouriyah crossing, so far 2,000 people have exited this morning and continuing
US mil official: all personnel aboard HH-60 crash in western Iraq are deceased. 2nd helo reported no signs of hostile fire.
30 airstrikes and 28 bombes barrels with missiles, some of it were loaded with cluster and napalm on Eastern Ghouta yesterday. Resulted the death of 21 civilians in Zemlka and 7 in Haza. WhiteHelmets teams worked to rescue the injured and pull the bodies of the dead people.
Syrian Arab Army takes control of Rayhan town east of Douma and continues its operations to the north to secure al-Farabi school.
Mercenary of Wagner PMC Nikolay Hitev who told about casualties of PMC near Deir-ez-Zur reportedly dead after was detained by security service of organization
The warplanes targeted several air strikes in the town of Ib in Al-Lujat area in the countryside of Daraa, south of Syria
Military representatives from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Russia met at their joint operations HQ in Baghdad yesterday at the invitation of Iraq's Defence Minister to discuss ongoing security cooperation. The HQ was first established in 2014 to coordinate the war against ISIS
Syrian Kurdish forces: Turkish shelling, airstrikes in northern Syrian town of Afrin kill at least 20 civilians
UNICEF has response plans to cope with 50,000 people coming out of Syrian enclave of Eastern Ghouta - spokeswoman
Civilians are fleeing Afrin
6 month ago
Lavrov: Those seeking to sow chaos in Syria want to downplay Astana peace process
Air strikes on Syria's rebel-held Eastern Ghouta enclave kill 42 civilians: monitor
More than 30 killed in Russian airstrikes on Kafar Batna, East Ghouta: Syrian Observatory
U.S. troops who repelled Russian mercenaries prepare for more attacks
SAA Harasi Jumhuri advancing in western part of Jisreen and captured Faylaq Rahman "transport point" with many vehicles, pickups with 23mm gun Heavy clashes in Harasta also. Damascus
Al Hamza brigade in Juwayq village after capture from YPG
Al Hamza brigade in Juwayq village after capture from YPG
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Juwayq in Afrin area
Many civilians killed in bombardment of Afrin
Syrian state TV continues to show the large numbers of civilians leaving Hamouria in Eastern Ghuota
Astana Talks: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says the future of Syria must be secured without outside political interference6 month ago
Astana Talks: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says the future of Syria must be secured "without outside political interference"
Olive Branch forces captured Coban and Kurdan in northern Jinderes.
6 month ago
People are continuing to leave Syria's eastern Ghouta – Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
6 month ago
Astana Talks: Russia's Lavrov says more than 12,000 people left Syria's eastern Ghouta on Thursday
6 month ago
Astana Talks: Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says situation in Syria's eastern Ghouta is heading towards a disaster and urges for an end to clashes
Air strikes on Syria's Ghouta kill 10 civilians: monitor
6 month ago
Lavrov: US threats to strike Damascus are unacceptable
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Jalqam, Shaykh Bilal, Jarkhatli, Qassem, Hill 800, and 1500 hill in the Raju area
. @statedeptspox denies there is agreement on Manbij. "It is not our understanding. We have a lot of conversations that we're having with the Turkish Government at this point."
More US military reinforcements to Omar field
More US military reinforcements to Omar field
Turkish artillery shelling targets the positions of YPG troops in the vicinity of the Afrin city
DeirEzzor: Coalition targeted government forces crossed into SDF militia areas in north of Euphrates River in the eastern countryside
Russian Ruptly tv whole 6 hours from Hamouriyah Ghouta
Russian Ruptly tv whole 6 hours from Hamouriyah Ghouta
Thousands of inhabitants of Afrin city continue to move towards areas under Syrian Gov't / SAA control
Turkey and Euphrates Shield factions prevent a convoy of displaced civilians from Al-Qadam neighborhood (in Damascus) from entering Al-Bab city
SAA captured Hamouriyah and Al-Rayhan in Eastern Ghouta
NW. Hama: the first Panthera F9 taken out (Kernaz front) since FSA got them 2 months ago.
Local health authorities tell Kurdistan 24 TV journalist Hawar Ali that due to Turkish attacks they are forced to empty Afrin main hospital and moved all the equipment and injured people to saver place
Eastern Damascus: Russia|n Su-34 in East Ghouta and airstrike on Harasta-Duma front.
RuAF A-50 AEW aircraft near Al-Lataminah
RuAF A-50 AEW aircraft near Al-Lataminah
Al-Wafedeen camp: for the third consecutive day, @SYRedCrescent teams support sick people and their accompanies with needed services and transport them to Damascus hospitals and makeshift shelters
Eastern Damascus: an aid convoy was allowed to reach Duma today. The way it was unloaded is telling (last convoy was forced to leave partially loaded due to bombardment).
US National Security Adviser: Russia and Iran hamper US efforts in Syria
HR McMaster notes that since the passage of UNSC2401 Russia has conducted at least 20 airstrikes a day in Eastern Ghouta.
NSA HR McMaster addressing Syria at Holocaust museum: We can not stop at remembrance we must also act
"Our interest in Syria is to defeat ISIS" repeats @DeptofDefense's White, re US position on Assad
The European Union announces new sanctions against Syria for chemical attacks
Asked if it is still US policy that Syria's Assad must go, @ChiefPentSpox says only "Our mission in Syria is to defeat ISIS. It is not our intention to be part of a civil warwe are pushing toward the Geneva process"
"It would be ill-advised for the Assad government to use any gas [chemical weapons]" says DoD's Dana White when asked if US prepared to go beyond rhetoric in Syria "This administration has been quite clear"
"We are going to be consistent in that message and we are going to continue to urge them to do that" says @ChiefPentSpox "We will use the @UN. We will use our partners."
"We urge Russia to compel the Assad government to stop killing innocent Syrians and allow much need aid to reach the people of East Ghouta", says Pentagon's Dana White, calling for resumption of Geneva talks
US @DeptofDefense expressing more unhappiness with Russia in Syria "Russia enables the Assad government" says @ChiefPentSpox, adding when it comes to East Ghouta "Their double-dealing is exacerbating the loss of innocent lives Russia is morally complicit and responsible"
Eastern Damascus: biggest forced displacement of civilians by Assad government started. E. Ghouta beginning to be evacuated following unprecedented bombardment campaign (5 weeks) and ground offensive.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces announce capture of key village of Maydanki, meaning whole Reservoir is under their control.
RU AF (presumed) bombed Hubayt in Idlib Rif
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Maidanki in the Sharan axis of rural Afrin
FSA National Army 3rd Legion forces in the village of Ali Jara [علي جارو] on the axis of Shaykh al-Hadid after village was seized
Panthera F9 APC captured from Rebels in Northern Hama by SAA6 month ago
Panthera F9 APC captured from Rebels in Northern Hama by SAA
Syria government controls 70 percent of Ghouta enclave: monitor
SAA Tiger Forces captured Hamouriyah in Damascus
Rebels are withdrawing from Hammouriyeh and Saqba.
Intense Turkish warplanes attack on Afrin. Civilian casualties
Casualties among civilians in Jisr Al-Shoughor city after renewed artillery shelling in the residential neighborhoods in the city.
Syrian TV says up to 10k civilians have crossed or are crossing Hamouriyah corridor leaving East Ghouta towards Syrian Government areas.
6 month ago
TASS: Lavrov says that Russia will try to get the West to implement the UNSC resolution on Syria.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Qutan and Berkshli in the Bulbul area of ​​the Afrin
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Maska Faqani, Tahtani and the surrounding hills in the Jenderes district of the countryside of Afrin
Turkish airstrikes and shellings on the city Afrin still continuing. In the surrounding of Afrin city's westside, YPG destroyed a military vehicle
Observatory: More than 3,000 Syrians left Hamouriyeh in al-Ghouta and headed to the government controlled areas
Shelling on Al Tamenah, North Hama6 month ago
Shelling on Al Tamenah, North Hama
Shelling on Al Tamenah, North Hama
Miske Fawqani has been captured.
Pictures: Afrin's city center after heavy Turkish bombardments today. The bombardments by the Turkish army is still ongoing
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Ali Jaro in the axis of Sheikh El-Hadid in the countryside of Afrin
The Syrian Free Army forces control the villages of Baraka, Gumazanli and Hamorajo in the Shaikh al-Hadid axis
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrike in Afrin moments ago.
E. Ghouta: footage showing government assault on Rayhan front with UR-77, seizing some Jaish Islam's positions in outskirts. Battle ongoing there for 2nd week.
Miske Tahtani has been captured.
100s of Hammouriyeh residents streaming out of town towards SAA points in town, around 1 mile from centre. Loads more opted to go further in towards Irbin and Zamalka. Less than 100 fighters remaining in town, currently mulling withdrawal "after all civilians leave".
Miske Tahtani village was captured by "Al Sharqiya army"
FSA National Army , the Al-Hamzah Brigade captured Julaki village in Bulbul area
Olive Branch forces captured Alicara, Birka, Humuraju in the Hadid area.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Jalaki and Kurseli in the Bulbul area
6 month ago
Russian military claims they extend 'humanitarian pause' for 2 days in part of Syria's embattled eastern Ghouta enclave.
Naz Usagi/Mahabiyah has been captured west of the dam.
Zarka, Galor, Barkasha mountain, hill 1102 were captured by Olive Branch forces in the Raco/Bulbul axis.
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Mahabiya in Bulbul axis
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Zarqa, Galor, Jabal Berkesh and Hill 1102 in the Admanli area of ​​the village of Afrin
Raqqa external affairs official Omar Aloush assassinated in his home in Tal Abyad. I interviewed him short time ago in Ain al Issa on situation in Raqqa. Asayis investigating it
6 month ago
President Erdoğan's spox says new U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not well informed about the issue, will cost 1-2 weeks to Manbij plan
6 month ago
President Erdoğan's spox İbrahim Kalın says U.S-Turkey agreement on Syria's Manbij is binding, deal will not change due to Tillerson's departure
2 NDF fighters from the Christian city of Suqaylabiyah killed while repelling rebel attack in northern Hama
6 month ago
Turkey: Road map agreed with Washington on Manbij on establishment of a safe area there
Clashes in Meydankay at eastern bank of dam in northern Afrin
Syrian Arab Army regained control of Kernaz and al-Hamamiyat in northern Hama countryside after repelling large attack by rebel groups yesterday
Eastern Damascus: non-stop bombardment by government and Russia on East Ghouta towns with all kinds of weapons. Video shows several airstrikes with incendiary ammunition.
ICRC Syria:On our way to Douma Eastern Ghouta to deliver more aid with @SYRedCrescent and @UN. 25 trucks waiting at Wafedin camp to enter. This is just a little of what these families need.
VIDEO of Tonights Russia Russian Air Strikes targeting East Ghouta.
Heavy Bombardment on Hazeh tonight
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