Map. History of Syria conflict

17 April 2021
Pro-Assad forces targeted the town of Habait in the southern countryside of Idlib with artillery
2 year ago
KCNA: "Kim Jong Unsent a message of greeting to Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab RepublicThe message congratulated the presidenton the 73rd anniversary of its independence. It wished the Syrian governmentsuccesses in the struggle for defendingsovereignty."
HTS prevents oil contraband to the government controlled area
The number of suspected foreign ISIS fighters being detained by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces has surpassed 2,000, with a small number claiming to be US citizens, US officials tell CNN. The foreigners are among 9000 ISIS fighters held by the SDF
FSA Ahrar al-Sharqiya prevented all fuel tankers passing through the Abu al-Zainuddin crossing into the occupied areas of Aleppo and its surroundings, while the Assad government is facing the greatest economic hardships and fuel crisis since the Syrian Revolution began
Artillery shelling targeting Hourati and Shahranaz in Mount Shashbo, West Hama
2 year ago
ISIS claims the attack in Eastern Homs, with 15 of the pro-Assad militia killed, including four officers, in an attack on the town of Kawm North to Sokhna
Al-Tabqa: The seventh turbine in the Euphrates dam (Tabqa Dam), begins its work again and produces of the dam has increased to 300 MW. It´s ready to generate hydroelectric power
ISIS cells planted cluster bomb with a detonator exploded on April 17th it was placed at the northern vegetable market in Tabqa
France to try uncle of Syrian President Assad on graft charges: legal sources
#SS26 Iskander SSM practice in Hmeimim, the Russian airbase in Syria. SnapTasking and high-revisit advantage
2 year ago
Turkey's President Erdogan meets FM of Iran Zarif over Syria, after Zarif meeting with Assad yesterday
Idlib: pro-Assad forces in the village of Sarja targeting the towns of Talmans and Jarganaz in the south-eastern countryside with heavy artillery
Massive convoy of Syrian Army reinforcements arrive near the T-2 Pumping Station in eastern Syria. This coincides with the recent influx of Hashd Al-Shaabi fighters on the border. Looks like the international highway is about to be opened.
Pro-Assad forces bombard the villages of Jarjanaz, Umm Jalal, Al-Majjah and Tahtaya in the eastern countryside of Idlib, Syria
Hama: Pro-Assad forces in the village of Tal Bazam bombard the agricultural land of Morak with mortars
Idlib: A young man from Damascus was killed by unidentified gunmen in Idlib
SANA: A new batch of displaced people arrives from the refugee camps in Jordan via the Nisif border crossing
Idlib: Two civilians, including a woman, were killed and others wounded by artillery bombardment of pro-Assad forces on the village of Abu Habbah in the south-eastern countryside
Bashar Al-Assad accepted the credentials of the Brazilian and Indian ambassadors to Syria. With these recent appointments, officially all member states of the BRICS countries have ambassadors in Syria.
Iranian foreign minister to submit report to Turkish president about his meeting with Syria's Bashar al-Assad
Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Jaish al-Thewar, Ahmad al-Sultan (Abu Arraj), says they want "liberation of Afrin" and go to Idlib too, and called on SDF to recruit more people from Idlib
Video: In Damascus, the fuel crisis continues.
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces with heavy artillery targeting the village of Huwaija west of Hama
Step News claiming that HTS has begun allowing exports of fuel to government-held areas.
Step News claiming that HTS has begun allowing exports of fuel to government-held areas.
Daraa insurgency: Popular resistance blew up Shia militia commander who was evacuated from Foua
Syria: Damascus witnessed today the 1st (documented) insurgency action by Rebels. Newly formed group "Saraya Qasioun" announced targeting a government Security officer in Qudsaya with an IED. Reports he's seriously wounded.
Group calling itself "Saraya Kasayoun" says it targeted the officer of political security "Abu al-Majd" with improvised explosive device planted in his car in Qadsiya, Damascus countryside
Scenes from the deserted Baghouz tent camp. Destroyed vehicles (including a technical), tunnels, along with a few explosives and light weaponry
Idlib: One person was killed by unidentified gunmen in the town of Sarmin in the eastern countryside
Assad receives Zarif, Foreign Minister of of Iran and his accompanying delegation.
2 year ago
One wounded by an explosive device blast in the village of Sheikh Idris in the southern Idlib countryside
ISIS claimed attack on SDF yesterday at Al Sabkhah, Deir ez-Zur with 2 killed and 3 injured
FSA Qama Katibat Ta'ir Muhassan announces an attack that targeted pro-Assad troops on the DeirEzZor-Damascus road in the region of Kobajjep, with a Brigadier General, a Major and a 1st Lieutenant killed and dozens wounded2 year ago
FSA Qama Katibat Ta'ir Muhassan announces an attack that targeted pro-Assad troops on the DeirEzZor-Damascus road in the region of Kobajjep, with a Brigadier General, a Major and a 1st Lieutenant killed and dozens wounded
ISIS claims that it killed up to 7 SAA-IRGC troops near the entrance of a road which runs parallel to the desert area in Deir ez-Zur, when it attacked their convoy, first through planted roadside IEDs, followed by an assault with mix of weapons.
Intensive flight of international coalition aircraft over the western town of Salsabiyah, Raqqa2 year ago
Intensive flight of international coalition aircraft over the western town of Salsabiyah, Raqqa
Pro-Assad forces bombard the town of Khulasah in the countryside of southern Aleppo, Syria
A woman was killed as a result of a rocket attack by the pro-Assad forces on the village of Karakat, west of Hama
Two civilians were wounded in a rocket attack on the village of Al-Karkat in Jabal Shahshbo in the western Hama countryside
Clashes between the Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham and a cell belonging to "Daesh" in the city of Binnish
2 year ago
Heavy weapons clashes between pro-Assad forces and the cells of a ISIS in the desert of the western countryside of Deir ez-Zur
Pro-Assad forces shelling Karakat village in Western Hama with rocket launchers
2 year ago
Meeting on Syria in Nur-Sultan(Astana) will be held on April 25-26 - Kazakh Foreign Ministry
Pro-Assad forces targeted the residential areas of the Qalaat Al Madiq in rural Hama with heavy artillery.
Hama: Armed opposition target sites of pro-Assad forces in the town of Salhab and the villages of Al Jadida and Azizia with rockets
The second Turkish patrol was launched from the observation post at Toukan Hill, east of Idlib, towards the observation post in Sarman, south of Idlib
One patrol was launched from the Turkish observation post at Morek in the northern countryside of Hama towards the observation point in the Al Rashidi neighborhood in western Aleppo
2 year ago
Armed opposition forces targeted mortar positions of the pro-Assad forces in the villages of Aziziyah and Al-Rasif in the Al-Ghab plain in the western countryside of Hama.
Hama: An artillery bombardment of the pro-Assad forces on Al-Musthira village in Jabal Shashabo in the western countryside
Zarif landed in Syria and the only one welcomed and met him so far is Syrian deputy-foreign minister, Faisal Mekdad.
2 year ago
The Syrian Arab army and Allied forces began a new combing process (Raqqa - Homs - DeZ). SyAAF is participating.
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Haweez village in western Hama with mortar shells
An artillery bombardment by the government forces targets the village of Al-Musthira in Jabal Shahshbo in the northern Hama
Clashes broke out after midnight between the Turkish-backed FSA and YPG/pro-Assad forces on the axis of Maranaz south of the city of Azaz north of Aleppo.
2 year ago
Russia asked Malta for clearance to fly two military, Ilyushin Il-62, and a cargo plane, An-124-100 Ruslan between April 16 and 19, from Syria to Caracas, and back. But Malta refused
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