23 September 2021
Syrian Telecommunications & Post Regulatory Authority announces it's ready to take all legal measures to collect dues from Rami Makhlouf's SyriaTel, adding that telecom firm has refused to settle its dues to the state almost two weeks after May 5 deadline
4 hours ago Hayat Tahrir a-Sham launched an offensive on Hurras a-Deen (AQ) in Sheikh Saad, Idlib. The sides offer different explanations for the clashes. HTS says due to Hurras' theft from other rebels & criminality. Hurras says due to defection of an HTS group into their ranks
Kurdish parties [ENKS & PYD] in Syrian Kurdistan reach an agreement on forming a Kurdish unity after their meeting at a US base in Hasaka. US and France are sponsoring the talks
William Roebuck, U.S. Special Envoy to Syria and deputy to Ambassador James Jeffrey, convened the high-level talks between SDF commander Mazloum Abdi, and the political leadership of the opposition-aligned KNC (ENKS)
1 year ago
Khamenei: Odious people in the US govt aren't the only source of hatred for the US. US's long-term performance, aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria, their blatantly saying they send troops to Syria for its oil & their support for ISIS & the Zionist government have led to hatred for the US
Syria: last night pro-Assad forces tried to infiltrate Rebel positions in SE. Idlib (Ruwayha front). A Republican Guard fighter is documented killed during the clashes
Images of SNA at the Al-Zawiya mountainous axis in the southern countryside of Idlib
SOHR on Makhlouf Purge: Nearly 60 employees arrested since recent campaign against Makhlouf's business started
1 year ago
Three civilians have been killed by Turkish border guards since last night, while one other was shot dead by Turkish forces in northern Syria
Syria: Ghaith Boustani, prominent businessman & close ally of Maher Assad, died from "heart attack" on Friday night (32 y. old). He's considered one of main financial supports of Maher's war machine, whose 4th Division was firstly used in violent crackdown of protests in 2011
Damascus countryside: authorities decided to lift the complete isolation applied to the Sayyeda Zainab area
Deir Ezzor: unknown explosion near Dawar Al-Atal in the city of Al-Shuhail in the eastern countryside
Syrian government announces the registration of 7 new infections with the Coronavirus among those coming from the State of Kuwait, raising the number of infections recorded in Syria to 58
Ayatollah Khamenei says Americans will be expelled from Iraq, Syria
International Coalition against ISIS carried out an airdrop in the city of Busaira, 33 km east of Deir Al-Zor, east of Syria, accompanied by a raid and arrest campaign carried out by elements of the "Syrian Democratic Forces" (SDF) in the city
1 year ago
Khamenei: The Americans won't stay in Iraq and Syria; they'll be expelled
The Syrian Lira exchange rate has broke the 1800 barrier in Idlib
Al Bab: Assassination attempt against the leader of the "Military Police Akhtarin" named "Abdullah Al-Hamad" in Al-Bab countryside
Seven fighters from Iran ian militias killed yesterday in eastern Syria, when unidentified aircraft attacked a base near Iraq border: Syrian Observatory
Deir Ezzor Al-Hawaij unknown persons riding a motorcycle targeted two people riding a motorcycle in Al-Hawaij town, killing Mujahid Hamidi Maasar Al-Assaf and wounding another person who was with him
US forces killed two senior ISIS commanders in eastern Syria: Syrian Observatory
Syria: how SAA 4th Division imposes its rule in pro-Assad heartland. Video shows village of Wajah Hajar on Lebanese border (W. Homs). Reason is dispute over smuggling. Houses looted & then burned down, some destroyed too1 year ago
Syria: how SAA 4th Division imposes its rule in pro-Assad heartland. Video shows village of Wajah Hajar on Lebanese border (W. Homs). Reason is dispute over smuggling. Houses looted & then burned down, some destroyed too
The third video of Rami Makhlouf, some points he has mentioned: 1. Indirect mentioning the Martyrs Fund's attitude with the Syrian business men. 2. His brother Ihab is important bcz he is the one who has the authority to sign instead of Rami
Ankara opposes talks between Kurdish ruling and opposition parties in NE Syria: Turkish FM
Clashes between the opposition factions are taking place with the pro-Assad forces that are trying to advance on the axis of the village of Rweiha in Idlib countryside
A massive fire devastated hundreds of dunums of land between the villages of Laban, Al Jaryn, and Arika in the countryside of As-Suwayda
Easter Deir Ezzor countryside: an unidentified body was found in Hawi al-Hawaij, killed by a gunshot.
Prisoners swap being conducted between HTS and SAA in Darat Azza, west of Aleppo
Opposition forces targeted a weapons depot in the village of Kafr Dael in western Aleppo countryside, probably belonging to Iranian forces present in the area, causing physical damage to the warehouse building.
Raqqa: Russia is sending a convoy of weapons and logistical equipment to its forces in the town of Ain Issa in the northern countryside
1 year ago
Syria: a major blast was heard last night in whole Aleppo-city. Reason & precise spot remain unknown (South-West countryside), local sources deny any airstrike was carried out
After explosion heard in Aleppo city, rumors that warplanes believed to be Israeli hit Iranian sites In Faculty of Artillery, from the southwestern side
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