17 April 2021
Four dead and a number of wounded civilians as a result of the 7 consecutive raids on the city of Kafr Nabl in Southern Idlib
Mariam Maternity Hospital in southern Idlib countryside is out of service as a result of bombing by the Russian air in several raids.
Video: Russian raid on Kafr Nabl in Southern Idlib
Intensive Russian air raids on Kafr Nabl in Southern Idlib
A woman and her child killed as a result of rocket fire from the camp of Joreen, which targeted the village of Qastoun in Al-Ghab plain west of Hama.
Idlib: A civilian was killed and several wounded as a result of artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on the city of Al-Habit.
Violent clashes between unknown persons and elements of pro-Assad forces in the city of Sanaim in rural Daraa.
Idlib: Russian warplanes raids on the city of Kafr Nabl and the outskirts of the town of Hazarin in Suthern Idlib
1 year ago
Two pro-Assad forces fighters were killed and others injured when they were targeted by mortar shells at the axis of the Kabanah north of Lattakia by the opposition forces.
Three people were killed as a result of the shelling of the town of Khan Shikhun south of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces with heavy artillery shelled areas around the city of Jisr al-Shughour in the western Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Tank of pro-Assad forces was targeted with an ATGM at Hawaiz front
Free Syrian Army sends military reinforcements to Idlib
1 year ago
Lattakia: New attempt of pro-Assad forces to advance at Kabanah axis now
One person was killed by a landmine explosion in the town of al-Shafa in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelling Jub Suleiman and Huwaijah villages in western Hama
Idlib: Three pro-Assad forces fighters, including an officer were killed on the Tel-Sultan axis, while trying to plant mines
1 year ago
Latakia: Reports of shells loaded with toxic substances used at Kabanah hills by pro-Assad forces
Turkish UCAV Bayraktar TB2 tracking over Idlib Syria
West Hama: Warplanes launch raids on the village of Jub Suleiman
Pro-Assad forces shelling Zakat village in Northern Hama with rockets
E. Syria: multiple explosions rocked the government-held locations around Marat located E. of Euphrates. Reportedly artillery strikes by SDF or US-led Coalition.
Three people were injured in an explosion near the "Dallah Circle" in the city of Raqqa
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces artillery and mortar shelling targeting several axes at Kurdish mount
Pro-Assad forces artillery and missile shelling targeting Tall Al Sakhr and Arbain villages in Northern Hama
Pro-Assad forces heavy artillery targeting Kafr Ayn and Habit towns in Southern Idlib
SANA: Syrian air defenses are responding to strange objects over the southern region from Golan Heights
The rebels destroy a tank of pro-Assad forces with an ATGM on the front of Sheikh Idris in the northern Hama countryside
Pro-Assad forces published video of consequences of ATGM hit on their vehicles at Huwayz village in Hama1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces published video of consequences of ATGM hit on their vehicles at Huwayz village in Hama
TIP has targeted pro-Assad forces BMP with ATGM at Mustariha frontline in Northern Hama
Destruction as a result of air and land bombardment on the town of Kafr Sajnah south of Idlib
Destruction as a result of air and land bombardment on the town of Kafr Sajnah south of Idlib
1 year ago
Lattakia: Clashes between the opposition factions and pro-Assad forces in the mountain of Kurds amid heavy artillery shelling
Pro-Assad forces targeted the village of Sakhr in the northern Hama.
Iraqi Airways resume flights to Damascus postponed until further notice.
A civilian was killed and 2 others injured when a roadside bomb exploded near the town of Atmeh on the Syrian-Turkish border in Idlib countryside.
A civilian was killed and several injured by an explosive device on the road between the towns of Ahsam and al-Bara in Jabal al-Zawia in Southern Idlib.
Idlib: A missile bombardment of pro-Assad forces on the outskirts of the town of Badama in the western countryside
Syrian democratic forces announced to have killed a whole ISIS terrorist cell made of 6 members including cell-commander in asch-Schaddadi, Deir ez-Zor. The units seized quantities of weapons and ammunition, including AK-74, handguns, grenades and explosives belts.
Casualties as ammunition depot of opposition factions was blown up near Idlib city
1 year ago
Opposition forces have targeted a group of pro-Assad forces and a BMP on Huwayz front in Western Hama with ATGM
Sana news agency reported one civilian killed and others wounded in rocket fire on the villages of Al-Sharashir and Al-Hawiz in rural Lattakia
1 year ago
Turkish Defense ministry: In a bid to bring calm, a working group on Syria has been set up by Russia and Turkey, taking place in Ankara on May 16-17 to discuss the most recent situation in Idlib, and other issues in the region.
1 year ago
Turkey Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: Assad regime is not keeping its promises of a ceasefire despite the agreement and is violating the ceasefire. Defense Minister Hulusi Akar: The Sochi agreement requires a ceasefire and that is what we want from the Russians.
The air defenses at the Hameimim base dealt with rockets and UAVs
Turkish artillery bombardment targets the positions of YPG forces in Tel Rifaat, Menag and Ain Dikneh in northern Aleppo countryside
Military source of the government: The hostilities stopped on the fronts of Idlib, Hama and Latakia for 72 hours as of midnight last night.
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