Map. History of Syria conflict

21 September 2018
IS shelled SAA positions in Al Siyal village from the eastern bank of Euphrates SE DeirEzzor
YPGSDF decided to close Armenian school in its held areas because it refused to teach SDF curriculum and the heads of Christian Churches in north-east Syria issued statement refusing to close Churches' schools and calling it "a threat against Christian existence"
John Bolton: Israel, Russia and U.S. all agree Iran must leave Syria
Local Councils in Idlib are asking for increased Turkish protection in south Idlib. Multiple councils have stamped the bill
1 month ago
Su-57 passed all tests in Syria and contract for supply it to the army will be signed until the end of the year - Head of committee on defense
Russian military police steps in to control Deir al-Zor river crossings after tit-for-tat violence between Tehran- and Damascus-backed militias unable to agree on how to divide "fees" imposed on traders, reports al-Modon's Nouras al-Orfi.
Syria: on Friday, unknown gunmen shot Abdellhaleq Wahbe in Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta, Abdulkhaleq was the right hand of Bassam al-Dhefda'a who flipped sides and helped government attacking rebels
YPG made DIY Armored Personnel Carrier allegedly transported to Russia to be displayed in Patriot Park.
Rolling into Homs, where the government says 70,000 refugees have returned since it was captured despite the widespread destruction. That's still probably less than 10% of those who left
SDF arrest relatives of the Free Syrian Army fighter who have taken Eid al-Adha holiday from Turkey to the city of Manbij.
Warehouse previously belonging to IS discovered in Yarmouk Basin containing large number of C4
5 people were killed in an explosion in the east of Suwaida
Syrian official in Hasakah province "Mohammad Dawoud al-Sattam" died in a car accident last night on Hasakah - Tell Batak last night, laid to rest this morning
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] and @Sputnik reports of Daesh attacks on CJTFOIR bases and personnel are false. Coalition SDF partners continue Operation Roundup to Defeat Daesh and build Hope for NE Syria After Daesh
Daesh spreading leaflets threatened those who working with SDF and oil wells at Eastern Deir-Ez-Zur1 month ago
Daesh spreading leaflets threatened those who working with SDF and oil wells at Eastern Deir-Ez-Zur
1 month ago
105 armed men were killed during clashes with the Syrian army at the administrative border of the province of Suwayda in the far north-eastern countryside, during the last 26 days.
SOHR: 5 consecutive days of Turkish – Russian truce witnessed daily violations by the government forces in Idlib, Hama, and Latakia and includes a call from local councils for "Turkish guardianship" over the area
Explosion in Hasakah occurred near Sawaqa School in south of Hasakah. Two civillians injured.
The security forces launched a campaign of raids and arrests north of Daraa
SAA operations against remaining IS continues on Al Safa plains SE Damascus
Manbij - the last SDF checkpoint on the way to Turkish controlled Jarablus.
Ahmed Habib killed yesterday near Masyaf was an Intelligence officer who operated in infamous Palestine Branch in Damascus (detention and torture center), then worked for Mil. Security in Hama prov. Syria.
People of Hajin call on the SDF to save them from ISIS: "We call on the SDF to urgently start an operation to capture Hajin from ISIS. Those claiming the residents of Hajin to be ISIS members are telling a lie. We are ready to fight the mercenaries."
Blast hits the center of Hasakah, Syria.
Syria: Russian airstrikes targeted Rebels strengthening Idlib defenses, killing 2.
Merkel and Putin talked about Ukraine, Syria and North Stream 2 more than 3 hours1 month ago
Merkel and Putin talked about Ukraine, Syria and North Stream 2 more than 3 hours
3 explosions sounded in Al- Farous neighborhood of the coastal city of Lattakia, no further details so far.
ISIS ' Amaq News Agency reports that three American soldiers "were injured in an IED [attack] in Nurr St in Raqqa today"
Leaders and priests of Christian churches in Syria's Hasakah issued a statement today on the attacks of YPG/PYD on schools, churches and confiscating properties of Christians in Qamishli
1 month ago
[email protected]: The United States has ended the ridiculous 230 Million Dollar yearly development payment to Syria. Saudi Arabia and other rich countries in the Middle East will start making payments instead of the U.S. I want to develop the U.S., our military and countries that help us.
1 month ago
Syrian Army killed several ISIS fighters and captured five others, including two minors, during a special operation in northern al-Suwayda
Video: utter devastation in Homs, Syria
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Air strikes killed 18 Daesh in the town of Sousse east of Deir al-Zour, mostly non-Syrians, including a leader from Iraq. It should be noted that the deaths occurred the same night, which hit the Iraqi forces operating room for the same in the same area.
Coalition and ambassador also visited Kobani's Civil Council and meet with cochair Anwer Muslim
SOHR: After about 2 weeks of the assassination of the Syrian missiles development scientist in the western countryside of Hama, a new assassination targets one of the military intelligence members in the countryside of Masyaf
Raqqa: An explosive device exploded as a military convoy of SDF militia passed through al-Nour Street.
Isis claims to have killed an SDF member near Raqqa1 month ago
Isis claims to have killed an SDF member near Raqqa
Construction of the first Turkish army post at the Morak crossing in the northern suburbs of Hama.
U.S delegation + Coalition advisors visited Kobane today.
Car bomb targeted National Liberation Front HQ in al-Arba'ayn Mountain near Ariha in Idlib, casualties confirmed
US-backed forces have repelled a raid by the IS group targeting barracks housing American and French troops in eastern Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Saturday.
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