23 October 2021
1 year ago
Explosion at arsenal near Suluk town in Tell Abiad/Gire Spi district, there are casualties
1 year ago
Ras al-Ain/Serêkaniyê: there are injured after tensions in Aluq Ash Sharqi village
A riots act in(ISIS) Sina'a prison in Al-Hasakah, as reinforcements and ambulances arrived in the vicinity of the prison
After two hours in Latakia (fm Moscow), Russian AF il62 ra-86496 airborne
The Syrian MOFA: Netherlands is the last to have the right to talk about the human rights.
Qamishli: An armored vehicle of American soldiers and a civilian car collided on the main road near the village of Atshen in the east of the city. Only material damage
Several members of the government forces were wounded by a landmine explosion on the Horsh Benin axis in the southern Idlib countryside
The death of a young man who drowned while swimming in a water canal near the Mahmoudiya neighborhood in Afrin city in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
Child reportedly shot and killed in Afrin after random shooting by security forces
[email protected] Syria: Construction of new camps in Idlib continues, following the displacement of nearly a million people earlier this year Syria has more internally displaced people than any other country. Over 2.7 million are in Idlib & other parts of NW Syria
1 year ago
On Thursday, Turkish intelligence summoned the commanders of all the Turkish-backed factions ("Syrian National Army") to a meeting in Gaziantep, following the publication of a damning UN report about the grave human rights abuses carried out by SNA
Syria: past ~24 hours Rebels killed several government fighters on Greater Idlib fronts. They were respectively from Tartus & Homs provinces
Those on boat had to drop the bodies in the sea; parents didn't know they would be saved days later by UN boat; not clear if this is the body of Sufian or Mohammed Lebanon - UN says at least 21 boats attempted the illegal sea crossing since July
Child body washed to shore; taken to hospital- 2 children (3 yr old Sufian & 2 yr old Mohammed) among 12 who died or are missing at sea -boat had no food & water &drifted at sea for week; dozens of Lebanese &Syrian refugees tried to reach EU member Cyprus in recent weeks Lebanon
Miscode USNavy Boeing P-8A Poseidon (ICAO: BA686F) operating over the East Med near Syria's coast
Unknown aircraft Iranian ICAO Hex Code 734066 tracking over Sirya1 year ago
Unknown aircraft Iranian ICAO Hex Code 734066 tracking over Sirya
1 year ago
US Central Command: Washington does not seek a conflict with any country in Syria, but it will defend the coalition if necessary
Inherent Resolve:M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles have arrived in North East Syria. The Bradley's enable continued force protection for @Coalition partners in their ongoing defeatdaesh mission
The US has also deployed the Sentinel radar system which is used to help counter enemy drones and missiles and increased the frequency of U.S. fighter jet patrols over U.S. forces in Syria, according to @CENTCOM
Deir Ezzor, Dahleh: a large explosion targeted SDF checkpoint in the town of Dahleh, east of Deir Ezzor, and ambulances were heading to the site of the explosion.
The U.S. military is sending Bradley fighting vehicles, advanced radar and more fighter jet patrols to northeast Syria three weeks after a Russian armored vehicle rammed a U.S. ground patrol there, injuring 7 U.S. troops
1 year ago
Sada Al-Sharqiya correspondent from Deir Ezzor: 5 members of the Russian-backed militia of the Al-Quds Brigade were killed during a search operation in the Badia region extending from the Homs Badia to the Deir Ezzor desert
Deir Ezzor: a military convoy of the SDF, backed by the international coalition forces, entered the city of Al-Shuhail from the side of Al-Zor, and the SDF forces reinforced the points on the bank of the Euphrates River with the closure of the river crossings
Syria: another soldier was killed today in Deir ez-Zur desert. He was from Tartus CS. 2nd pic is the NDF fighter killed yesterday by an ISIS mine/IED in NE. Hama province. This one was from Jisr Shoghur area1 year ago
Syria: another soldier was killed today in Deir ez-Zur desert. He was from Tartus CS. 2nd pic is the NDF fighter killed yesterday by an ISIS mine/IED in NE. Hama province. This one was from Jisr Shoghur area
Pro-Assad forces bombed with heavy artillery the towns of Kansafra and Bayloun in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib
1 year ago
There is information that there is a conflict between the Syrian government forces and ISIS groups in the desert of Al Masrab village, west of Deir ez-Zor.
Ras al-Ain/Serekaniye: Turkish forces claimed to have seized 50 kg of handmade bombs in Sinai neighborhood and detonated outside the city
A bomb exploded inside a tent in Al Bab Bizaa (بزاعة) camp, injuring many people1 year ago
A bomb exploded inside a tent in Al Bab Bizaa (بزاعة) camp, injuring many people
The UN envoy for Syria: The opportunity must be given to start the work of the constitutional committee in Syria immediately
Deir Ezzor this morning: the Russian militia transported four bodies of Russian soldiers from the city of Deir Ezzor, a Russian plane towards the Hmeimim base.
Iranian Revolutionary Guards confirmed 10 army commanders were killed in the Syrian war
An explosion occurred in the district of Bulbil in Afrin
One person was killed in a quarrel over water bottling houses in Lattakia
1 year ago
A protest stand by the people of the city of Al-Harak, east of Daraa, demanding the overthrow of the government and holding it responsible for the shortage of fuel and the fabrication of crises
Two members of the YPG forces of the SDF were killed by an explosive device near the sugar factory, north of Raqqa
The Netherlands holds Assad government liable for gross human rights violations and torture in particular. Minister Blok has sent a diplomatic note, stating that the country must stop this and offer victims full legal redress. He threatens to go to an international court
Dead and wounded among pro-Assad forces on the Horsh Benin axis in Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib, after they went in a minefield
The Netherlands: International Court of Justice opened case against Syria for human rights violations
Demonstrations in several areas in the rebels-controlled north of Syria in support of the Turkish presence and to demand the return of the displaced and the overthrow of the Assad regime
Al-Shuhail: The SDF members stationed at the Al-Hassan crossing opened fire on one of the boats crossing between the banks of Al-Shamiya and Al-Jazeera. Shots were fired at one of the boats, wounding two women, who were in critical condition, and they were transferred to Al-Shuhail Surgical Hospital.
1 year ago
Activity of warplanes in Tall Tamr area in Hasakah
Pro-Assad forces stationed in the town of Kafr Bateikh, east of Idlib, target with artillery shells two armored vehicles of the Turkish army located in the Marzaf area, south of Idlib, without causing casualties
1 year ago
Hasakah, Al Hol camp - The bodies of a man and a woman who were shot in the head were found in the eighth section of Iraqi ISIS families.
Pro-Assad forces target with artillery area near Turkish military convoy in the village of Marzaf in the southern countryside of Idlib
A large TAF convoy entered from the Kafr Lusin border gate to the Jabal Zaviye line
Iranian militia members stationed west of the Euphrates shot the fishermen in the Euphrates River on Friday morning, the fishermen left the fishing boat and fled towards the Hajin water station, and the SDF elements stationed on the beach responded to the shooting sites towards the Iranian militia-controlled areas
Clashes reported between SDF and Turkish forces on the frontlines between Manbij and Al Bab
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