20 September 2021
Five dead from one family: father and his four children and his wife wounded as a result of the targeting by Russian warplanes town of the Furaykah village
Five civilians were killed by Russian air strike on the town of al-Furaykah in Idlib
Syrian Civil Defense Teams @SyriaCivilDefe save five people from one family from the rubble as a result of the bombing of Al-Faqeeq village in Idlib
2 year ago
Casualties in a Russian air strike targeted the village of Qusaybiyah in Mount Chashbou southwest of Idlib.
Air raids targeting the village of Sheikh Mustafa and the surrounding town of Habit in south of Idlib.
Russian warplanes raid on Tell As village in Southern Idlib
One killed and a number of wounded in Russian air raids on the village of Al Furayqah in Idlib
Civilians wounded in Al Furayqah village in Western Idlib as result of Russian air strike
Mazlum Kobane, the commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces: Turkish intervention could trigger Syria's 'second great war'
Russian Air Force launches air strikes with thermobaric rockets on the outskirts of Talas village in the southern Idlib
Russian planes launched raids on the towns of Kafr Rumah, Basida and Sheikh Mustafa in Southern Idlib.
A group of Kurdish political parties called on the Syrian goverment to stop launching threats against the peoples of North and East Syria and to start dialogue to resolve the Syrian crisis
Heavy bombardment by Russian aircraft on the countryside of Idlib
Russian warplane making rounds over Maarat Al-Numan in eastern Idlib
Russian warplanes targeted the outskirt of Kafr Rumah town, rural Idlib.
Russian planes flying in the skies over Greater Idlib and carrying out air raids on the Ghab Plains, and Jabal Shahshbow in the countryside of Hama and the city of Jisr al-Shughour in the countryside of Idlib. There are four Russian planes in the sky at this moment
Now the Russian warplanes targeting the town of Sheikh Mustafa in Southern Idlib
Russian air strikes with rockets targeting the village of Freika near Jisr al-Shughour west of Idlib.
In photos shared by YPG, it's fighters celebrate Kurdish New Year Newroz in Baghouz
Russian warplane flying over Jabal Zawiyah to North-Western direction
Russian aviation active over western Idlib: one plane making rounds over Jisr Ash-Shughur, and more take-offs reported at Hmeimim
Fighters of the Self-Defense Forces are being deployed to Syria-Turkish border after graduation and leave to prepare for sorting on points and military centers.
Intense US coalition planes cruising over Tabqa and Raqqa after Syrian army threatened to capture SDF area.
2 year ago
[email protected]: ISIS Caliphate two years ago in red vs. ISIS Caliphate TODAY. (Was even worse in November 2016 before I took office).
Deir Ez-Zor Eastern countryside: An unidentified aircraft targeted an army post belonging to the SDF at the al-Shayaf hostel in the town of Abu Hammam, causing material damage.
Deir Ez-Zor Eastern countryside: SDF set fires at the Al-Bagouz area in celebration of Nowruz.
Syria: 2 Assad's fighters killed by Rebels past 24 hours, respectively on NE. Latakia and N. Hama fronts.
2 year ago
RFF7334 climbing out from Latakia Air Base, Syria. Russian Air Force Tu154 RA85559
Shelling on Ltamenah with artillery from pro-Assad forces checkpoints
Shelling on Ltamenah with artillery from pro-Assad forces checkpoints
Syria: report ex-Rebel leader turned 5th Corps commander after surrender of Daraa last Summer was arrested in Damascus by Assad's Intelligence.
@POTUS - US and anti-ISIS coalition in Syria will defeat ISIS in its last stronghold tonight, he says.
[email protected] hold a map showing the number of ISIS fighters in 2017 vs 2019 in Iraq / Syria. (ISIS in red)
President Trump says U.S. will leave 400 U.S. soldiers in Syria
Netanyahu: We call on the international community to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights
Egypt's Foreign Minister: "Egypt has no terms for the return of Syria to the Arab League, Cairo and Damascus have strong ties and relations".
Asayis security forces were able to dismantle a number of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the area of Merkdeh in the countryside of Al-Shaddadi city.
Internal security forces managed to dismantle a remote-controlled mine planted on the side of the road in the al-Kasri line in the eastern countryside of Deir al-Zour. Suspected who planted it arrested
Rocket and artillery bombardments from the positions of the pro-Assad forces targeting the cities of Souran, Hasaraya, Kafr Zita, Al Latamenah, Latmen, Arbain
Opposition forces targeted pro-Assad forces positions on outskirts of Muhradah city in Northern Hama with heavy artillery
A civilian was killed as pro-Assad forces launched ATGM on agricultural lands near Kindah village in western Idlib
Artillery shelling from pro-Assad forces positions targeting the city of Latamna in the northern Hama
Opposition forces targeted Muhradah town with artillery
Pro-Assad forces shelling Zakah village in northern Hama with rocket launchers
Approximately 200 trucks sent by the @coalition carrying supplies/equipment reached #Kobane town.
Clearing operations are underway in parts of Baghuz - US-backed forces starting to go through the ISIS tunnels, trenches, half destroyed buildings, makeshift tents, etc., per YPG media official @zana_med
7 Yazidis have been freed by SDF from ISIS
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Haweez village in western Hama
VBIED parked in the main street dismantled in Shuhail city of Deir Ez-Zor province
Russian warplanes flying in the southern countryside of Aleppo.
President Aoun to UN envoy to Syria: Lebanon has no more ability to bear burden of Syrian refugees
Pro-Assad forces with tanks and artillery shells village of Sharia west of Hama and Ltamenah in North Hama
Russian and Turkish military officials met at Menazh military airport South to Azaz in North Aleppo
Hama: Two children killed by artillery bombardment of pro-Assad forces on al-Ankawi village in the western countryside
US-backed Syria n Democratic Forces say 1,000-1,5000 people, including hundreds of fighters, had surrendered as they took over ISIS' tent city in Baghuz Tuesday. But some fighters still holding out on a slip of land by the Euphrates And more may still be in the tunnels
Artillery shelling from the positions of the pro-Assad forces in Tel Bazam targeting the city of Murek in the northern countryside of Hama
OCHA: Over 70,000 displaced people – the vast majority of them women and young children – are   staying at Al Hol camp in Syria. @UNinSyria and partners are responding but needs remain high as people continue to arrive at the site.2 year ago
OCHA: Over 70,000 displaced people – the vast majority of them women and young children – are staying at Al Hol camp in Syria. @UNinSyria and partners are responding but needs remain high as people continue to arrive at the site.
SAA is shelling al-Ghab plain and towns in Northern Hama. Till now: - 3 civilians killed (1 woman and 2 children). - 6 civilians wounded.
Civilians were wounded by artillery shelling on the Anqawi village in the western Hama countryside
Details of clashes that went on today during the afternoon and into the evening -Daesh tried to counterattack but failed, 1 suicide bomber was able to come into contact with the SDF and wounded a fighter -An armored bulldozer was damaged and abandoned by the driver
RuAF Il-76  78778 from Mozdok to Latakia2 year ago
RuAF Il-76 78778 from Mozdok to Latakia
2 year ago
Syrian media reports, the sounds of explosions near Damascus are a result of Syrian military drills.
Su-35s from Hmeymim followed the plane of Russian minister Shoigu during his visit to Syria2 year ago
Su-35s from Hmeymim followed the plane of Russian minister Shoigu during his visit to Syria
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu held talks with Bashar Al-Assad in Damascus
US defense officials say they are NOT sure if the 5 ISIS fighters caught and interrogated in Syria by SDF were the main perpetrators in the attack that killed 4 Americans in Syria on Jan 16.
2 year ago
Explosions heard near Qadsiya in western Damascus,
The remainder of the camp.
Photos of Russian military police with Tigr-M and a Typhoon-K MRAP in the Golan Heights.
"In the coming days borders between Syria and Iraq will be reopened and trade between the two countries will resume." The Chief of Staff of Iraqi forces Othman al Ghanimi said, speaking after a meeting with the Syrian Defense Minister, Ayoub, and Iranian Chief of Staff Baqri
SDF has warned that it will defend its areas from an Assad government Axis attack,if the Assad government Axis decides to attack
Pro-Assad stationed in the village of Zallaqiyat launched ATGM Kornet on the outskirts of the city of Latamna, north of Hama
ANHA released images of surrendering Daesh
A civilian and a child injured by an explosive device planted in a car in the city of Saraqib
UN special envoy to Syria Geir Pedersen meets during his visit to the Syrian capital Damascus with a delegation from the "National Coordinating Body" of the Higher Negotiating Body
US defense official: SDF in Syria have captured ISIS members linked to the January suicide attack in Manbij that killed four Americans
Here's the progress made vs ISIS Tuesday, per SDF's @mustefabali
The developments of the SDF offensive against ISIS in Baghouz
US-led coalition warns ISIS using human shields, dressing like women in last defense of Baghuz. "The enemy is still using civilians as shields as well as dressing up in female attire to either try to escape or cause death by employing suicide vests" @OIRSpox tells @VOANews
ISIS fighters tied to killing of 4 Americans in Syria captured: U.S. official
Clashes between members of the Hayʼat Tahrir al-Sham and unknown gunmen in the town of Hass, south of Idlib.
Scenes from the fifth Turkish surveillance patrol from the point of Morek north of Hama towards the point of Sarman southeast of Idlib
2 year ago
President Erdoğan: "They took the necessary lessons in Afrin and Jarablus. and we'll give them the lesson on March 31st.
Hundreds of injured/sick Daesh militants were captured following SDF's control over Baghouz camp site and have been evacuated to nearby military hospitals for treatment today.
SDF is in control of Daesh encampment area in Baghouz. This is not a victory announcement, but a significant progress in the fight against Daesh. Clashes are continuing as a group of ISIS militants who are confined into a tiny area still fight back.
Syria's Democratic forces: we have taken full control of the Baguz, but operations against ISIS not yet finished
Syria's Democratic forces: operation against ISIS not finished and some elements of the organization have not surrendered yet
SDF is in control over a camp in Baguoz, but ISIS still holed up
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