Map. History of Syria conflict

23 September 2018
IS fighters being evacuated from south Damascus: monitor
Syria Daraa: Clashes between the FSA and ISIS affiliates at the perimeter of Hit, Sheikh Saad and Jellin towns amidst mutual rocket shelling.
Syrian Observatory: Islamic State fighters leaving last Damascus enclave
SDF reporters said that the SDF has deployed into Hajjein town for the 1st time since the begging of #RoundUpOperation, Footage showing SDF fighters coordinating with @CJTFOIR for air-support on RuO fronts today
Civil Defense employee, Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud, was killed today by Assad government shelling on Jubatha al-Khashab, Quneitra.4 month ago
Civil Defense employee, Ahmad Muhammad Mahmoud, was killed today by Assad government shelling on Jubatha al-Khashab, Quneitra.
"Open source reports on the SDF's capture of ISIS propagandist/spokesman Abu Hasan al-Muhajir are incorrect. The person SDF captured has a similar name, but is not the ISIS figure reported," Colonel Thomas F. Veale
Syrian army has entered Houla city in Northern Homs
Group named "Saraya Jihad" claims yesterday's Hama Airport explosions.
Coalition aircrafts flying in Manbij area
HTS executed 4 people belonging to a pro Assad cell of assassinations in Idlib city today
Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Tu154M leaving Latakia, Syria heading northwest 1121z
4 month ago
This from Russia's Lavrentiev on Putin's comment to Assad: "It's about all foreign military units including Americans, Turks and Hezbollah, of course, and Iranians." (But not Russia.)
US to withdraw assistance from northwest Syria - US officials
Reports of temporary ceasefire from 12pm until 5am Sunday in southern Damascus, will be followed with start of evacuation of IS from Hajar Aswad and Yarmouk Camp
Abu Hassan al-Muhajir is said to have been captured in an airborne operation against the village of Kathwain in Eastern Syria. US helicopters involved
New security checkpoints deployed in Raqqa, U.S troops on alert in the city. High helicopters activity
U.S Officials and Military met with SDF's Manbij Military Council (MMC) earlier today.
Field Source reports that the US Forces and SDF have arissted Abu Hassan Al-Muhajer, the spox of ISIS, after an airdrop on Khatuniyah village.
The massive explosions which occurred earlier today in Hama AB happened due to a technical failure while welding a local-made free fall aerial bomb. 3 ammo depots completely vanished, heavy losses in equipment. No dead, because the first explosion forced everyone to shelters.
4 month ago
Lavrov: Russia will remain in Syria until Damascus needs it
SAA forces continue their advance in Hajar Al-Aswad south of Damascus and capture number of buildings toward Uroba street and Wassim mosque.
Battle for southern Syria is brewing. Republicans Guard and 4th Division being sent down to Izra'a after southern Damascus.
Self-Administration in Manbij (SDF/SDC) release statement apologising for earlier statement by "Center for Religious Affairs in Manbij" for imprisonment of people who break fast during Ramadan.
[email protected]: Between May 11-May 17, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 59 strikes targeting ISIS in Syria and 7 strikes in Iraq
Activists: The Syrian government forces are transporting a number of helicopters from Hama Airport
Dozens of Iranian militia and Syrian government forces killed by explosions at Hama military airport
Putin says if Europe wants refugees to return to Syria, Syria needs help to rebuild
Putin says question of Syria reconstruction needs to be depoliticized
Opposition activists: Syria govt helicopters dropped leaflets over rebel held areas in Deraa demanding rebels lay down their arms and reconcile with state. Pro-govt media says the govt plans to launch military operation to recapture whole province
Heavy lift climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force An124
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